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I'm currently hooked on these things! Just finished watching The Blue Planet and have The Life of Mammals on order. I've also got The Power of Nightmares heading my way thanks to linkster (thanks again, mate), and will probably watch Deep Blue tonight.

What other documentaries would you guys recommend? What are your favourites?

They can be about anything really.

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Spellbound, which is excellent. It's about kids. American kids. Doing a spelling test. It's not as bad as it sounds, really.

Capturing the Friedmans is supposed to be great. I haven't watched it yet; it was delivered today. About £4-ish on DVD Soon.

Microcosmos. Stunning close-up footage of ants, spiders, and ladybirds!

It's also worth 'checking out' Louis Theroux's DVDs. They're brilliant.

These probably aren't what you were after, but they've great anyway.

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Capturing the Friedmans is supposed to be great.  I haven't watched it yet; it was delivered today.  About £4-ish on DVD Soon.

It's very good indeed, a tough watch though.

I'd also recommend (as plugged recently) Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine, which is cheap as chips from Play and absolutely fucking brilliant.

I also saw on channel 4 a while back the Nick Broomfield doc about that woman Eileen somebody (Charlize Theron played her in Monster) which is very interesting indeed.

Very pricey, but People's Century by the BBC is an amazing piece of work. The bit where the old guy's describing being at the 1936 Olympics is an extraordinary piece of television.

also recommend Michael Moore's finest hour and a half, Roger & Me, which is simply brilliant.

randomly, the feature on Jurassic Park that comes with the DVD is also superb.

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I would recommend a documentary about the 'Rumble in the Jungle' boxing fight, Ali vs Foreman - its called 'When We Were Kings' and it is absolutely outstanding.

The documentary centres on the chaotic pre fight build up and then goes on to conclude with the now famous fight. As extras it also has the full fight, as televised, and also throws in the brutal 'Thrilla in Manilla' fight between Ali and Joe Frazier. That is pretty hard to watch though, I’ve never seen people in such pain.

I believe you can get it pretty cheap if you look at Amazon or Play.

I am currently watching the Simon Schama's History of Britain DVDs - the amount I’ve learnt so far after 4 episodes is incredible. I'd recommend them, however they were expensive.

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My personal favourites:

The corporation.


Bowling for Columbine.


Capturing the friedmans.


I can't iterate enough how this isn't just for Metallica fans:

Metallica: Some kind of monster.


and I really want to see this, Venezuela is one of the most interesting countries in the world politically but almost nothing is known:

The revolution will not be televised.


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In my collection at home:

David Attenborough's stuff

Louis Theroux's stuff

Nick Broomfield's stuff

Roger and Me (>Bowling for Columbine >Fahrenheit 9/11)

When We Were Kings

Easy Riders, Raging Bulls (because it complimented the excellent book)

Recent Stuff that I thought was good:

Etre et Avoir

Capturing the Friedmans


Super Size Me

Dogtown and Z-boys

Fog of War (I recommend watching 'Dr Strangelove' straight afterwards!)

Touching the Void (not a documentary but a docu-drama.. well a film actually, but it's an amazing story and a great book as well)

Now because of this thread I'm got some more to look forward to!

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Spellbound, Roger & Me, Microcosms and Capturing the Friedmans are going on the list. ;)

I've seen Super Size Me, and I'm renting out the Metallica DVD this weekend.

£35 for History of Britain isn't too bad so that might be going in as well. Can't find People's Century on Amazon, though.

Thanks guys.

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Buy the Micheal Palin boxset (Pole to Pole, Sahara, etc)

Koyanisquakti/Powataqski (see play.com for a good price on both) - there are no spoken parts in these films, just sound and music, but they're fantastic. Theres a third (Nogayatqski) due later this year to complete the trology (also available to play).

I've also got some nuclear age (if you like nuclear bomb facts, etc) boxsets from movietyme.com - narrated by William Shatner.

Also check....

The War game (1967 BBC documentary - very scary)

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I would recommend a documentary about the 'Rumble in the Jungle' boxing fight, Ali vs Foreman - its called 'When We Were Kings' and it is absolutely outstanding.

Caught this at the cinema. Great, rousing stuff.

I'd add The Control Room to the list. It covers the United States's war with Iraq, with an emphasis on Al Jazeera's coverage. Eye opening stuff.

That Long Way Round thing Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman did. I suppose it's not a documentary in the traditional sense, but it's great stuff all the same.

I might buy this. Despin and I watched an episode today. Some funny shit.

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Anyone seen Bus 176 (I think that;s the title) about the guy who held up a bus in Brazil. That's supposed to be very good just haven't got round to watching it yet.

And, yes, another vote for capturing the friedmans. Especially the extras on the DVD where the female cop who claimed to see stacks of porn in the house states she is correct even though she is shown photographs taken from the original arrest where there are non in sight.

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There's also a pile of others coming out this year that sound intriguing. Watermark is apparently very good (about a group of Jewish-Austrian swimmers in the late 1930) as is paper clips (about kids who collect paper clips for each of the victims of Auschwitz). Another one getting press is Gunner Palace, about a group of US marines holed up in one of Saddam's playboy palace's. One further one getting press is Inside Deep Throat, the story of the movie & the phenomenon that surrounded it.

I enjoyed Supersize Me as well.

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Marcel Ophuls makes amazing documentaries.

The Troubles We've Seen is a documentary about journalism in war, covering the seige of Sarajevo in its first half (which goes on for about 2 hours), then a lengthy investigation of how the media reports war, how it is distorted and so forth (another 2 hours).

His films are long but they go by very quickly as they are fascinating.

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Im guessing you've seen walking with dinosaurs?

If not watch that.

I haven't and that era really fascinates me, so on the list it goes. :P

On a separate note - David Attenborough = genius. I can't believe I've never seen any of his documentaries before.

Only seen The Blue Planet and Life of Mammals so far, but I'm definitely on the lookout for the others now.

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Mondovino - it's about Wine and the Global Market. Very interesting.

Century of the Self - by Adam Curtis that did the Power of Nightmares

for pure visual feasts, try anything by Werner Herzog. Except the ones that aren't documentaries! They're good but they're not documentaries.

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