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If you can get hold of it in the UK, the Bulleit Blenders Select (likely a mix of contract-distilled Four Roses and Jim Beam bourbon) is a good upgrade.


Wild Turkey's Rare Breed is amazing - probably the best bourbon in its price class - definitely worth a try. It's a bit stronger than Bulleit, mind you (116 proof versus 90).

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For anyone a fan of a smooth single malt, then you could do a lot worse than a bottle of Scapa. I got a bottle at Christmas and have just opened it this weekend. Although a non age effort, it's well worth a sample. Very smooth and sweet, which was pretty much the opposite of what I expected. An easy drinker for those that don't like it peaty. 

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I have half a bottle of Scapa 16 rattling around, a birthday present (despite being southern as, I was born on Orkney) from a few years back before the prices spiked. Haven't had any in a while, but I remember it essentially being a posher take on Glenmorangie - very sweet, with a nice heather honey kind of character, but not really my thing. I prefer a sherry bomb if I want something on the sweeter end of the spectrum. I should revisit it and polish it off, really.


On the other hand, Highland Park (Orkney's other whisky), is my favourite day-to-day whisky in its standard 12 y/o variant.

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I'm typically an Islay peat fan, but I've been looking to explore the smoother, sweeter side of single malts, so I've got a bottle of Glendronach 12 on the way. 


Fingers crossed it lives up to the word of mouth.


@GoblinUK, if you're looking to take a step up in terms of bourbons one of my personal favourites is Basil Hayden's Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey:




£40 a bottle, so not too crazy, but absolutely beautiful stuff.

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Had a lot of scotch in my time but oddly never had a HighlandPark, got the 12 the other day for $80 (about 45 quid). It's actually really good for the price, seems right up my street (peat, smoke, spice, caramel).

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