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I can imagine a lot of people not liking this. I can imagine that some of them would not like it for the indulgence of script, music and caricatures, and I can imagine some would not like it for the indulgence in mental health and a lack of ability to “get a grip”.


I think I was one of the target audience. I found the jazz music extremely unsettling and sometimes scary. I’ve watched and read enough about the royal family to know what a hell it must have been for anyone who couldn’t easily conform to something.

And I’m the mother of two boys, whose existence have sometimes been the only thing to ground me and tie me to reality and hope. So I found the end extremely moving. As I did the scenes where her eldest is having to help her.


At a couple of points, taking into consideration the specific scenes (though fictional) are probably good examples of times when a grown up’s mind leaks into a child’s awareness, I thought “her behaviour”probably wasn’t very fair on the children”. 
But then I realised that the only reason it would appear that way, is because she is trying to hide the problem. Or rather, she’s being made to try and hide the problem. No one in the royal family is allowed to have a spoken problem. 

With my children, I have been open and honest about people not being totally infallible. You can be sad and broken and need help, and it’s not something that has to be kept a secret. A child’s innocence isn’t protected by the redaction of mental health issues. Mental health issues are a normal part of life it seems. At least, maybe looking at them that way makes understanding a lot easier. And the feeling and thought I have at the end of that movie is that she will have had very few people to understand. That’s a proper hell. 


Yeah. Won’t be to everyone’s taste. But it made me think again about how completely irresponsible the establishment were to bring someone so vulnerable into it. Fuck the workings of the royal family. 

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I really want to see this, think it looks great. But I’m a bit concerned that it’s trying to mythologise Diana. Heard it said in interviews around its release about what an amazing women she was, which just grates with me a little. It’s the same reason I tend to steer clear of things like The Crown. Always feels like they are trying to make these dull, often pretty horrid peoples lives more interesting then they actually are.

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