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E3 2021 | Nintendo | June 15th - 17:00 BST


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After the total nothing showing of capcom I was totally expecting them to do similar but totally up my street, at least 5 games there I'm definitely buying. 


Nintendoomed lol

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Hmmm. On paper Wario Ware, Metroid Dread and Advance Wars is amazing but I thought they all looked pretty ugly :( And Zelda is clearly still miles off.


Some nice surprises on the whole though.

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So I'm buying:


LiS True Colours on Switch because I love the idea of playing that game handheld

Wario Ware

Advance Wars

Metroid Dread

Super Monkey Ball...


God that's a lot of texture pop in on Metroid tho.


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Decent conference, better than the others


As ever, I wish they did more original titles rather than the constant sequels/remakes.


Given the cost of ownership, it's somewhat moot anyway, especially with no Nintendo Selects line of discounted titles, as there's no way I'm paying £30-45 for a game.

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Just now, scottcr said:

That sound track was definitely a backwards played tune… someone has to work out what it was


It reminded me a lot of the sounds from Twilight Princess.

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