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Football Thread 2020/2021

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He seems a right radgy bastard too, which I think immediately makes him difficult to like. I will give him that though, that save against Columbia was great. Airbrush from history that we conceded off the resulting corner and it's even better.


The debate on Talksport was great this morning. Who's the Shittest? Kepa, Karius or Pickford? Phone in and eventually get to the point where you tell us what you think!

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Well, we'll see how good Villa's reserves are tonight because fuck me, the team we've put out against Bristol City in the cup will almost certainly be the only time these 11 players are on the pitch at the same time. Stick a fiver on an 'upset' if you are a gambling man. 

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One of the exciting things about reducing the European qualifiers to single legs is the potential for an upset - anything can happen in one game, and with home advantage a minnow might make it all the way to the group stages.


And sometimes a second leg might not make a button of a difference. KÍ, current Faroese champions and in the third qualifying round of the Europa League for the first time, have just hammered Dinamo Tbilisi 6-1. The Georgians haven't got terribly much pedrigree but did make the UEFA Cup group stages in 2005, losing all four matches including 2-0 away in Newcastle. But still.


As a reward, KÍ will have a single game playoff against either Sheriff Tirapol or Dundalk, who are into extra time after a 1-1 draw in Moldova.


Edit: and it'll be Dundalk who won on penalties. Great chance to make it to the groups for a second time.

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