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“SPOILER THREAD” - The Last Of Us Part 2

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State of Jim. FFS


It actually would have been a pretty good* plot point if Abby had killed Joel because she'd been on the juice and was full of the roid rage. I've always assumed it was the reason that the humans and the locust went to war in the Gears games. Nobody gets as big as Marcus Phoenix natty.







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They should have done a ‘cause and effect’ style switcharoo on her going back into the hospital


possibly even a triple switch between joel, Ellie future returning and past doc rushing to operate on Ellie whilst running out of time

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Finished a couple of days ago, loved it, and also love the fact that it can be discussed in such detail here in an intelligent and reflective way. What a deep and engrossing story it has, even if there is some disagreement over the themes and motivations, and visually, aurally and mechanically it is way up there. 

One glaring problem though, how did Abby’s dad die when all I did was shoot his toe with an arrow?


Also, I went to Seattle Aquarium in March and the one in the game is way better than the real life version.

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Just finished this last night.  I went through a similar arc as lots of people have mentioned in this thread.  When I initially got to playing as Abby I was thinking, 'why is the game making me do this, I just want to get back to the theatre and kill her'.  By the time I got back I was entirely invested in her as a character.  As the story evolved and my emotions towards Abby changed I did still feel like I wanted to get back to the theatre as quickly as possible but this time I wanted to get back so Ellie and Abby might momentarily put aside their quests for murderous revenge to allow each other to talk and discuss their motivations.  'You caved Joel's head in with a golf club'. 'Joel cut my dads throat and destroyed the Fireflies'.   Ellie could explain her regret for some of her actions, like killing Mel, explain how her guilt about not being able to be sacrificed for a vaccine and her resentment towards Joel has led to this awful situation.  I know that's not really the world of TLOU but that was my motivation as I was playing.  I also felt a lot of Ellie's motivation was her own sense of guilt towards how she treated Joel after she found out about what really happened at the end of the first game.  Killing Abby was her penance to absolve her.


I share some of the reservations about the epilogue.  I understand the need for it to further explore the characters, their motivations and to allow the story room to come to it's conclusion but it did feel a bit tacked on to me.  I was however, really glad at the end that Ellie redeemed herself somewhat and let Abby and Lev go.  I didn't want to hit square so much that I didn't and Abby sprang up and killed me.  It was so tense when Abby's terror filled face was under the water as I genuinely didnt know if Naughty Dog were going to end on the bleakest of all outcomes.  The fight was truly grueling and I felt exhausted by the end of it.


It is an excellent game.  I am really glad I played it but I have to confess it is not something I am ever likely to return to.  It is just so grim in it's content.  The endless killing and murder is tough to take.  That said, one of my favourite moments in the game was when a bunch of Scars were hunting for me as Ellie.  The introduction to them had been such a shock and tension inducing sequence.  As the Scar got closer I decided the soft approach had to be abandoned.  I whipped out a petrol bomb and launched it.  It arced perfectly, landed right on her forehead and she instantly burst into flames and screams.  Reading that back it makes me sound like a sadist but in the context of the moment I felt entirely justified in enjoying the moment after what they had put me through.


In a game littered with poignant moments, the one that resonated the most with me was the destruction of Haven.  The truly depressing aspect of seeing humanity continue to bring death and destruction upon itself even when faced with a grave external threat.  It was an amazing set piece.


TL;DR Great game, would recommend, wouldn't play again.  Would play a third, hopefully without Ellie but if Ellie and Abby are best mates she's allowed.

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