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Formula One - 2020

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12 hours ago, Dudley said:

Further to my continual rants that this is not the "70th anniversary of F1" in any shape or form, here's a question for those not googling.


When was the last non-F1 car entered in a world championship grand prix?


Clue : It wasn't fucking 70 years ago!


Awaits kiro ending this one instantly.



... was it the 1988 Brazilian GP, when Dallara entered their 1987 F3000 chassis for Alex Caffi because their F1 car wasn’t ready yet?


Good question, that :sherlock:

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Billy Monger has some kind of mental block today. At least four or five times in FP3 he’s said “We’re riding onboard with [xyz]” while looking at an external shot. All he means is “here’s [xyz]”.

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I’d love to see it too, although I get the impression he’s a tick off the pace whilst he gets himself familiarised with the car this weekend. Reckon next weekend might be his podium chance.

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Just now, GwiDan said:

Excellent by Russell. Looks like the track improved significantly for that last lap though, as everyone that set a time improved a lot I think. 

Apart from the Alfas

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15 minutes ago, GwiDan said:

Put a fork in him he’s done. 

He’ll survive for a while longer. No obvious replacement around. I like Gasly and I think he’s doing well but I can’t see RB giving him another chance.

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  • Mr Tony changed the title to Formula One - 2020

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