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Rllmuk Dungeons and Dragons 5e - Ghosts of Saltm... BZZzzzt - The Curse of Strahd!


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Looks like the XBox E3 presentation shouldn't interfere with this Sunday's game..

Supposed to be about 90 mins and start at 6pm.. Square Enix you'll have to skip though..


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9 hours ago, Nathan Wind said:

Just thought about Samson kicking that door down and genulol’d out loud 😂




I'm enjoying playing Samson a lot. Even moments like that are, erm, memorable.

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I'm afraid I may struggle to make Sunday this week, have a major project meeting on Monday and I'm likely going to be working on prep all weekend..



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ok no problem, hope the work thing is ok I know how those things can take up home time!


As we have 7 player characters one missing doesn't mean we cancel the session as you know.



THe new rule I put in place (to save me playing characters as I never know how to play them) is for another party member to "fill in" for the missing character where they have played that class before.


Sooooo @Nathan Wind or @Hexx - you can fight over who gets to control him in battle :D

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Cheers guys..


If I get sorted I'll be there.. but I'll try and post here a few hours in advance if I'm not going to be done in time..


In case you need it:

Char sheet link:




He's at max HP (44)+5 temp

He has used his Second Wind (heal) but has a potion left.

He still has Action Surge - so can take a second action/2 more attacks..


He's a bit rubbish in this fight though as while he gets 2 attacks, he's got no magic weapons.. so he's doing f...all damage..

He's currently using the glaive, so his AC is 17, but it gives him another 5ft of reach to hit things.. Feel free to switch to Sword/Shield if you prefer - it boosts his AC to 19

He's picked up two spears he can throw..

He can breathe lightning 5ftx30ft - dex save vs 13 for 2d6 lightning damage (he himself is resistant to it)


Breath Weapon, Second Wind and Action Surge all recharge on a short or long rest..

He's got 3 hit-dice left (1d10+2)



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