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Solution for keeping track of high scores?

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I enjoy score attack games, mostly original arcade stuff via MAME but have also enjoyed challenges on this very forum with one or two other members on older consoles such as the NES. 


Some set ups I have automatically save scores, some would rely on me loading save states (at the menu, not for cheating purposes) and others offer nothing. 


I really should keep more of a track of my best scores, not least because I'll play the same game on different hardware solutions, whether the hacked mini consoles, one of a couple of Raspberry Pi set ups or my XBox Crystal with Coin Ops. 


Is there a more elegant solution to tracking scores than a dull old spreadsheet? Does anyone else even bother?  Interested to know if anyone else has a similar 'problem' and interesting solution. 


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There's the score and time leaderboard community website https://cyberscore.me.uk/


It's good if you play any of the games the site covers (I submit all my Rock Band records there). But they only allow records set on original hardware (or official ports and emulations), so you wouldn't be able to submit the MAME stuff.

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