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Homemade Pies

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The second in a very occasional series - sometimes when you cook things it all goes smoothly and you end up with something nice. Other times the path is more complicated. This is one of these times.


I was aiming for a nice chicken/bacon/leek pie in a white sauce, complicated by my partner being diary intolerant ruling most recipes out. I started with a Waitrose recipe which claimed a thickened sauce/gravy in the pie, this wasn't the case. It was a poor recipe and I was left with a big pot of chicken in a thin broth, which is no use for a proper pastry encased pie. 


Fortunately I had a carton of oat milk in and whipped up a batch of fake béchamel that I'd used in a lasagna the other week - I then strained the content out of the thin broth and dumped it into the thick oat milk white sauce. The white sauce doesn't taste great 'neat' but when you add a load of flavour it becomes more than palatable as the consistency is perfect and the oat edge fades into the background. 








Good pie tip is to blind bake the shortcrust base for 20m, then take the baking beads/parchment off for 5m or so. You know it ready if the pastry has pulled away from the tin and can be easily lifted.


No doubt about it making pies is a faff - but the end result if you do it right is pretty cool - these feel like real events to have for dinner, we save them for times that call for them.


If these turn out great will be hard to replicate and retrace the steps as its a salvage job, but got a few to keep us going. 





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