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Modern Light Gun with no sensor kickstarter

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This popped up on my youtube recommends and it certainly looks interesting.


I've still got a CRT that sadly due to it's position doesn't get enough play so i haven't touched my light gun games in ages but i adore my light gun games. I was so happy when the Wii became a lightgun game powerhouse and only wished it received more ports. But because the CRT is difficult to get to it means i've really missed playing Virtua Cop, Time Crisis, House of the Dead and the rest and even though there has been light guns for HDTVs they have either been expensive, out of stock or not that accurate due to needing multiple sensor bars.


This home made project looks great though and the kickstarter has already been funded in under a day which is amazing. Only downside is currently it's PC only but they talk about being able to mod it for arcade machines and consoles in the future which is what is really needed. But thought i'd share for all you light gun loving people out there. Probably a good idea to share some light gun memories of your own.

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