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Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks


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As above, it's much better than it was at launch. I just hate the weapon breaking / repair system and making your own ammo etc. Added ontop of eating and drinking and keeping armour repaired etc it's all just a bit too much micromanagement for the game to be fun for me.

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The thing is, for better or worse (and I might argue it's actually worse) you can pretty much ignore most of the faffage. Particularly if you play it at all socially, whereby you will easily end up with enough gifts and handouts from other players that you will never be in danger of running out of anything. 

But even without that, the game is forgiving enough that you're unlikely to run into many problems. For example, you can, if you want, pretty much just ignore the eating and drinking mechanics. The only penalty for keeping your character's food and drink bar constantly at zero is your AP takes a little longer to fill. There's practically zero penalties for dying, too (you just drop your junk items and have to pick them up again). The whole game is pretty consequence-light, to be honest, but it's actually balanced in quite a clever way, in that you can, if you want, run it as a fairly hardcore survival sim - keeping yourself fed, free of disease, etc, and doing so is the way to end up with a very buffed and maxed-out character. But equally you can just play it very casually, treating it as a light-hearted yomp thought the wasteland. You won't max out your character to the point where you'll be unbeatable in PvP but you'll still see everything the game has to offer. 

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