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I'm terrible at this. Terrible at winning. Great at losing. I've never lost so much online. I was somehow 5-1 up at half time with psg, the guy i was playing was so open at the back, i ran in behind with Neymar twice in quick succession to get a lead i couldn't possibly blow. Except i think; if i can score 5 in one half so can the other player, and something has gone awry here, he's ranked higher than me, he'll reconfigure his formation, make some subs and eventually win. I'm like Wigan under Martinez, i just accept the inevitable. Oh you've done an obvious one two and clear on goal, I'll just bring my keeper out so you can chip me. 


So in that game i was using a formation i liked, one that for a game or two seemed successful. It was basically 3 at the back, and banks of two. Keep players close, play one twos. Tired of losing though, i probably needed to switch it up. I pushed the forward line up into the box hoping i wouldn't just play with the defence ahead of me. I make it easy, I'm trying one twos in congested areas, they intercept, have the whole pitch to go into. 


That kind of worked, and I've just stumbled on a tweak to it that is a revelation. It's 3-3-2-2. Just positioning the forwards on the edge of the box far apart with the attacking mid behind inside is pulling defenders all over. I always think I've found a formation that works for me. I win a few, dominate possession, then comes the 6 game losing streak. Sometimes you overindulge, over play. Football is weird, sometimes it flows, sometimes you can't string passes together. 


The litmus test is playing as man city, who despite all their great players I've never won with. It's like Barcelona, I'm lured back and it never clicks. Same with all the pro evos. 


I won with city and it was glorious, it was like having 14 players on the pitch. One of the best games I've had in ages. 69% possession, it was against man city as well. I kept switching the players around, and it still worked. Silva was centre mid, forward, right mid. Totally overwhelmed the opposition, the play was fluid, players were cropping up everywhere. 


Okay, Barcelona now, against 600 rated player. I'm 200.



Crippling connection, doesn't count. Still solid though. 

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The next update is due out on October 25th, and brings the Chinese Super League and Thai League 1 into the game - the first time the series has had Asian leagues in it in the western release as far as I can tell.


There's also a bunch of improvements to the gameplay, including reducing the amount of low crosses from the AI, which is a good thing.

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I downloaded some patches from a site, giving the bundesliga and other leagues, though not online. I'd rather they sorted out Brazil. I edited the names and it made no difference online. Used to have some great games as them with Willian being ace.


few things more boring than going on about pes online divisions, however I've activated god mode on this. With Udinese. I know, who ever picks Udinese. I almost can't lose. And i was losing every game. It was demoralizing. It was like it was predetermined. 


My defence went haywire every time i had the ball and lost it. I over passed with no penetration. I was too narrow. I was predictable. I didn't go wide often enough. I had 3 at back for ages. After being exposed yet again i accepted a back 4. Scrunched them up, to really prevent the one twos. I have a centre mid that covers the pitch and close enough to drop deep. I have defence at frontline pressure, wide containment, high defensive line. Style is on counter attack, wide, full support range. 4-1-2-3. 


I've jumped from rating 230 to 594. I have less possession, less passes. But am more vertical. I had to let them take midfield so i can pounce, was sick of playing nice and setting up a counter attack. 


I was looking for teams around 800, then 700, then 600 to have pacey forwards, and powerful ones. Tried Jordan, Ivory Coast, lots of asian teams. Tried some Championship teams. Villa are good, Swansea, West Brom. Been past the two Olympique teams. Landed on Italien teams, picked Torino, Sampdoria. Fiorentina. Atalanta, Udinese. Some of the goals, the deft chips smashed volleys, the inside splitting through ball. One was Laudrup like, passed 5 players falling close to keeper. 


Even the interceptions, defenders are awesome with positioning. Barak the centre mid is everywhere, Nuytinck like peak Stam. The keeper is pulling out great saves. I took the formation and details and picked Man United. Okay Smalling and Jones were in defence but i leaked goals. Ended up losing 4-3. 


Not really finding the keepers so impossible anymore. For through balls i run slightly diagonal and nearest post. It was always going across that prompted the super saves. It's like quick shot with power is enough. Don't create an angle unless you can hit off the post. So satisfying. You can dash to create extra power, as you land in the box just close enough for keeper not able to react. 


I don't know how the formation switch and wide counter attack instead of possession has altered things that much but I'm not playing in front of opposition defence. Football is weird. I was losing every game, every game. Almost gave up. I was broken. Just a slight shift in approach as well, letting them have the ball. It's Mourinho reactive like, thinking; no goals yst conceded is winning. I'll intercept soon. Can still do quick passing but going wide simply to seem dangerous, create uncertainty. 


One odd thing is them not changing the team ratings in online divisions, they've been the same for years i think. Liverpool have a better squad now. Man City are on 312, Man United 351, Liverpool 396. 

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