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MCU Phase 4 and beyond - Infinity War spoilers no doubt

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I know that's supposed to be a joke, but I genuinely believe they're doing that. I mean, the Thanos farm was one of those goofy things and they did that! I bet he even has a little Thanoscopter he flies about the farm.

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53 minutes ago, Mr Cochese said:

Feige has already alluded to getting Namor aboard (something about a character with a complicated rights situation), blatantly so they can have Doom tooting his horn.

I cant' wait to see who they cast as Namor, who-ever it is though, better be one sleazy arrogant motherfucker.

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9 hours ago, b00dles said:

Nicolas cage as all of the fantastic four :omg:

Yes! But even better: Nic Cage as... wait for it... Galactus!



I'm a planet eater! I eat planets! A planet eater!


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