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Gareth Evans upgrades the pitiful actor Dan Stevens to acting behemoth and living legend Tom Hardy. Previously the Apostle thread.

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Hadn't heard of this until now, can't find a thread. I thought he was doing an action film along the lines of hard boiled and its twin pistol shooting. For me Evans' films are one of the reasons to delay suicide, the highest praise you'd think. It does have Dan Stevens, limited big screen run which probably means never for most us, and isn't pure action.  but still



It’s not a kung fu film, sadly. I hope to make a kung fu film with him one day, but this is not it. It’s a dark thriller set on a religious cult on an island in 1905, and it’s about a man who’s going to rescue his sister.


That brief summary is just about all the information we have in this film. We know his character’s sister is kidnapped and ransomed by a cult, and as you might expect from a protagonist in a Gareth Evans movie, the cult will soon learn that they messed with the wrong guy’s family. Based on this new casting info, I’d wager Boynton is going to be playing the sister, and I can easily imagine Sheen chewing some scenery as a charismatic cult leader.


Evans is one of the preeminent action filmmakers working today (if you haven’t seen The Raid movies or Merantau and consider yourself an action fan, you have homework). But interestingly, Apostle seems like a bit of a departure for him. He hasn’t spoken too much about the movie since it was announced, but in an interview with ImpactOnline, he explained:


It was a conscious decision to do something outside of the action genre, sure. For me I’ve always been a fan of all cinema and so, regardless of the fact that action (in particular martial arts cinema) has given me the good grace and fortune to carve out a career for myself, I’ve always said I wanted to explore other genres. Hurling sharp objects at limbs and breaking bones can get stale if it’s the only thing you’ve got to say – so this is an opportunity to challenge myself and try something new and I couldn’t be more excited to get back on a film set.


also stars michael sheen,


I'd like this thread to be a mixture of how much everyone loves gareth evans and how much everyone hates dan stevens, and then a discussion about how the genius of one will struggle to override the rubbishness of the other.



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19 hours ago, Goose said:

Trailer - I don't think this is officially released - more like a leaked version. I found the sound to be very low. 


Looks a little like RE4 - The Village Section: The Movie

There was a bit of a Wicker Man vibe at the start of the trailer then, yeah, it went all RE4/torture porn. Well, how I imagine torture porn films are - they're not really my cup of tea so I've only seen fragments.

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This was not bad at all. That undersells it a bit, as it was imaginative and uneven, rather than merely competent; there are some fucking mad ideas in there, as well as some bits that didn't quite work.


What I really liked about it was the way that

the cult weren't all powerful and nearly infallible, like they often are in these films. I liked the fact that they were failing, and had launched this hugely misguided kidnap scheme just to stay afloat - they were as desperate and out of their depth as the protagonist. Michael Sheen and Jamie from The Thick of It were really convincing as outcasts turned holy men turned criminals turned god's jailers - they were doing bad things, but they weren't cartoon cultists. That aspect was unbalanced a bit by the main villain, who was a bit too evil to be convincing. There was a nice - I say "nice", it was harrowing - idea later on that suggested his brutal murder of his own daughter was for a good reason (the deformed lamb scene from earlier on suggested her pregnancy was not going to end happily) and that he was doing these terrible things because he thought he had no option, but he was pretty uncomplicatedly evil by the end.


Dan Stevens was a bit too hammy for my liking, he played some scenes like William Shatner, or possibly Calculon from Futurama. There was one scene that made me absolutely piss myself laughing, where he chases after someone and pauses to kick this tiny gate open in an exaggeratedly macho style, when he could have jumped it almost without breaking his stride. And another scene where he reverses into the undergrowth outside of a sinister house which reminded me of Homer retreating into the hedge. 

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  • Loik V credern changed the title to Gareth Evans upgrades the pitiful actor Dan Stevens to acting behemoth and living legend Tom Hardy. Previously the Apostle thread.

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