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Beasts of Balance. Has anyone played it?

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My daughter (6 years old) keeps asking me to buy Beasts of Balance for her birthday. Has anyone played it? Is it suitable for a 6 year old or for older kids? Does it have longevity or is it a 5 minute fad?


This and other questions need answering! Help me Rllmuk, you're my only hope...

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SU&SD did a mini-review a while back.


I take it all back! Shut Up & Sit Down has finally found a game for kids that we like, and for once we’re not saying “This is an awesome game for drunks (and maybe children?).” Beasts of Balance is a truly magical toy/board game/video game hybrid, although at £69 (batteries not included) it’s wincingly pricey.


In a nutshell – well, outside of the nutshell you’re playing something like Jenga, and inside the nutshell is magic.


Beasts of Balance starts with you placing a bluetooth-enabled stand in the middle of the table, and players can take turns (or not!) to place willfully-awkward objects on top of it. By touching an octopus to the base, then placing it on top of the stand, your tethered tablet or phone will inform you that your world now has a octopus! Congratulations on your octopus. You must be very proud. No I don’t want to pet it.


Maybe next you balance a bear on the stand. Great! What fun…

But what’s this? Your device now shows that the octopus is jealous of the bear, a far superior animal, and is losing points every turn. Soon it will go extinct from sadness. Not to worry! Perhaps you’ll balance a water element on your increasingly-awkward arrangement to pep up your aquatic creatures, or perhaps you’ll add a “cross” shape that fuses your bear with the octopus and adds an octobear to your world. Just make sure your arrangement doesn’t fall over or it’s game over!


I don’t want to say any more because Beasts of Balance doesn’t even have a manual. Iy encourages experimentation to figure out the rules of this mysterious score-attack game you’re playing. Just rest assured that there are hard and fast rules, but placing shapes onto your circus-like animal stack remains a curiously enigmatic and difficult dexterity game. It is in absolutely no way as easy as the above photo makes it look.


There’s not an awful lot to Beasts of Balance beyond that, but as a novelty to show curious friends or family or miniature progeny, it’s pretty spectacular. It won’t be entering my personal curated collection, but if I had kids then not only would I be buying it, I’m sure I’d be recovering a saliva-spattered bear from my car footwell for a good few years.


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