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OSSC - Open Source Scan Converter

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On 3/13/2018 at 21:47, super_quincy said:

So it's arrived and out of the box it plays nicely with my Elgato HD 60.

I think I've got a shit load of fiddling to get the best out of it but I'm very pleased with the results so far, plus it keeps the aspect ratio unlike my old SCART to HDMI convertor


Good capture test sample, I take it you had scanlines on during the video? Now that they've come down in price I might grab one in the future, as I've now seen a few people had it up and running with Elgato software now.


That said I've seen a few PS2 and Saturn videos where it doesn't work that well with certainly types of video display used in games and it also can have problem with games that have transition between resolutions. One channel did find a transition fix for Megamix on Saturn but it does come at the cost of quality:



Certainly looks ideal for the 16bit systems, like the SNES, MD and NEOGEO after tuning, this video demos someone tuning it for the NEOGEO:



The end result on Fatal Fury for the NEOGEO is perfect in that video, but I'm come to the verdict you won't get that with every game, certainly not on later systems.

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I switch between the HD60 and a Hauppauge Rocket - the latter deals well with a wider array of resolutions than the Elgato, and seeing as most old games run below 1080p it records them all at 60fps. Finally, as it all goes on Youtube, recordings maxing out at about 12-15mb bitrates doesn't matter too much, as that's more than YT outputs anyway.

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