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Harry Potter is 20 years old

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It's the first time I've re-read the novels, and I've probably enjoyed them even more this time around.  Also, I'd forgotten that Cedric Diggory and Cho Chang first appear in book 3.  I think the films are superb adaptations though, TBH - there's very little left out from the first 2 books but it just becomes much harder to condense them down enough from book 3 onwards.  They do a really good job of them IMO.

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My daughter seems to be struggling to keep up I think. Last night she just kept asking me question after question. I say Sirius Black and get "who's that". We're half way through the book now, you'd think she'd know, lol. Then a sentence later Mcgonagall refered to him as just Black and my daughter asks "Who's Black?" even though she's just heard his name.


She really wants me to read them to her but maybe I started too young. I'm enjoying though.

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So I've just got to the time travel part in POA and only just realised how stupid this part really is.



If you could travel back in time why would you do it use Buckbeak to help Sirius escape. Why not just stop Petigrew from escaping? I know Dumbeldore says they need to make sure they aren't seen, but if they hid near to Whomping Willow they could have let things play out but stopped Peter with a spell and avoided Sirius still being blamed.


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We finished the Goblet of Fire on Saturday morning, and watched the film on Saturday night.


My daughter LOVED it - I had forgotten just how much they had to cut out of the film version, some of it made sense and the whole Barty Crouch Jnr backstory is very well simplified in a way that works onscreen.  The book version would have been very difficult to do it justice.


But anyway - this is a thread about the books and not the films and the Goblet of Fire is as clever, charming and hard to put down as I remember.  It really is superb.


Order of the Phoenix next, and I have to admit that I'm not looking forward to reading that one again as it's SUCH a drag in places!

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