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Gorf King

Destiny 2 - Black Hammer++ now available

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Seems Bungie dropped a little hidden present in with this week's patch: Black Hammer. A few hours ago, a guy noticed an odd boss-type enemy appear during a Taken PE on Io, and killed it, and a portal appeared that took him into a time-limited lost sector (Ulan-Tan in Lost Oasis). He didn't get through it, but others following his post did, including Slayerage, who got a gun called Whisper of the Worm. People are comparing it to Black Spindle, but it actually has all the perks that Black Hammer had - including infinite ammo - so it's as powerful as the most powerful sniper ever to exist in the Destiny series.


More than that, getting it leads to the offer of a 400PL version of the same event, which gets you a catalyst. The catalyst gives you the Box Breathing perk, which means this weapon does everything the EP sniper does, plus has that infinite ammo. Erm.


Ben and I have been waiting for the right PE on Io for an hour and a half now, and are about to give up and turn it off - we only got one Taken PE to spawn and couldn't find the odd boss-type enemy. But if anyone fancies a go tomorrow morning, we're going to give it another go at 10am (or maybe a bit earlier). Be prepared for a long wait for the PE itself though, and what seems to be a difficult mission afterwards, which is time-limited just like Spindle's was. Five rooms, a bunch of jumping puzzles and then a boss (or several) I think, all within 20 mins.


Bonne chance.


Edit: lol. Three Cabal PEs in a row now. Fackin ell.

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I was watching Teawrex's stream and yeah I can't see me ever bothering with it. The fact you have to wait around for the right public event is annoying enough and that coupled with the fact if you fail you have to wait around again just means I'm not arsed.


Got the Graviton Lance catalyst and completed it tonight. Glad that's over and done with.

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Well, we managed to get another Taken PE in the end and found the target and killed him. We didn't get anywhere near the end of the special sector that followed though - it is basically lots and lots of jumping puzzles with some stuff that seems like trial and error blind jumping, and I hadn't watched any videos, so we fucked up plenty. No idea what the actual fights are like when you get to them, but I'll be giving it another go tomorrow morning. 


I will say one thing though - it felt like unearthing something hidden away and put behind lots of mysterious barriers - the sort of thing that used to be discovered in Destiny. A baffling journey that leads to what appears a mouth-wateringly powerful reward. And that'll do me, so I'll be back onto it in the morning.


I will also say that having to wait around for some unspecified period of time for the right PE to kick it off is absolute bullshit though. I can imagine this one will be failed over and over again, and having to wait hours for the chance to restart it is crap. At least you could just restart the Black Spindle event straight away if you didn't succeed. 

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