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ROCKET LEAGUE TOURNAMENT viii - bennette and Tcharliel winners

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Hey hogg here with a brand New tournament

come join us for a night of fun, banter and lots of goals as we enter the only rllmuk tournament on the forum exclusive for rllmuk members

Sign up TODAY!!!!


After discussing it with a few people I have decided to go with Thursday the 11th of August  at 10pm


Lemme know what time guys think 


Try and get get some of your fifa friends involved @Bennette98 @superstarbeejay @Jamin @mackenie 

So please put your name down if you guys fancy it, again depending on numbers it will be a 3v3 unless we get like 8 players, then it will be 2v2 


Good luck and may the odds forever be in your favour 

Teams will play each team for TWO Games a win worth 3 points 


Also for every game that manages to reach overtime the loser will be rewarded one point 


The tournament will be on the Thursday 11th August 


People so far 










God like bot 




2. Superstarbeejay 

3 Jamin 

4 bennette 

5 mackenie 

6 john0

7 Tcharliel 

8 Jdubyes 

9 bigbaz96

10 god like bot 



Team A Theholyhogg and bot (or replacement) 


Team B Superstarbeejay and BigBaz96


Team C Jamin and Jdubyes 


Team D Bennette and Tcharliel 


Team E mackenie and john0




Team A vs team B 

Team C vs team D 

Team E no game 



Team A vs team C 

Team B vs team E 

Team D no game 



Team A vs team E 

Team B vs team D 

Team c no game 



Team D vs team E 

Team c vs team B 

Team A no game 



Team A vs team D 

Team c vs team E 

Team B no game 



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57 minutes ago, superstarbeejay said:

I've been on holiday. Yeah, I'm shit at this now.

Not saying ur shit lol just saying ur rank is nowhere near where u should be lol 

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25 minutes ago, superstarbeejay said:

I think it is pretty accurate actually as was playing shit before my holiday.

 I can give you a few tips, taught @Theholyhogg everything he knows.

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Oh, in that case, yeah I'm in! :) Sorry, not been paying much attention to Rocket League recently.

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Right that's John0 in we just need one more for 5 teams, would be nice to have a full tournament with no dropouts 

Everyone just add someone and pester them 

@Baring you free tomorrow night at ten? Especially now your rocket league has updated you got no excuse lol 

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