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Star Wars - the new canon

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Whether or not the novel publication rate has dropped, Marvel are still pumping out comics as fast as always, and incredibly the quality is as high as it's ever been. I was a bit apprehensive about this one, as Aphra is a brilliant character whose comics have been consistently great, but not only does this new series have a new writer and artist, it also gives the not so good Doctor a team to work/play/wisecrack with, which seemed like a risky departure from what's gone before. But I needn't have worried, she and we are in safe hands here, and the new all-female creative team (writer, artist, colourer and cover artist) move seamlessly forward with the ongoing tale of the "rogue archaeologist" and her knack of getting into trouble with rebels, imperials, bounty hunters, librarians etc. This runs in parallel with the new Star Wars and Darth Vader series (hence the unified cover styles) but doesn't cross over with them in any way, so far at least, so I'd say this is an excellent place to start reading Doctor Aphra if you haven't before. And if not, why not?!

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This is the final title in Marvel's ongoing quartet of series running in parallel, set immediately after the end of The Empire Strikes Back, and while it's not at all bad, it's definitely the weak link. As the title suggests, this is all about the criminal underworld and in particular, an ongoing war between two rival syndicates. It's a decent story with some nice twists but it suffers from having a large cast of (mostly) new characters, and lots of flashbacks, so it gets quite confusing not just who's who but also who's side they're on (which changes often). Having said that, by the end of this volume the battle lines seem to have settled so hopefully the next book won't have the same issues.

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On 01/04/2021 at 08:47, Matt Defis said:

Yeah I  went through it in a few days and really enjoyed it, the 2 biggest problems it has is a huge cast that takes a long while to settle into and it just ends, feels like it has no real ending. 


I really like Marchion Ro though. 


I finished it today myself, and loved it. I get what you mean about the cast, and the ending, but it worked for me as what's essentially an introduction to a whole setting rather than a purely self contained story. That said, I still think it was somehow a satisfying read at the same time.


I was impressed at how well written it was actually, particularly when it came to describing the Jedi interacting with the force in their own ways. There was a passage towards the end of the first part which was just a joy to read.

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Volume 2 of the post-Empire Strikes Back series is, if anything, even better than the first. The main thing it's getting right is the characters - Leia and Lando in particular are very well portrayed in this, and in Lando's case the story does a great job of keeping his relationship with the Rebels at the mutual benefit/mutual distrust stage. There's also a new Imperial antagonist (pictured on the cover) who has a very personal grudge against the Rebels in general and Leia in particular - there are echoes of Lost Stars here, and that's praise indeed in this thread. There are even callbacks to events in both Lando's and Vader's own comics, which help to give the impression that these stories are all pieces in a much larger jigsaw puzzle, and that it actually fits together. But you don't need to have read them all, or even the first volume of this series, for this story to make sense.

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