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On 20/05/2018 at 21:35, BedroomBusinessman said:

We’ve made jackfruit pulled pork before. It pulls apart in a similar way to pork, the only real cooking involved was making a bbq sauce. All in all it was really easy and tasted amazing!


We had the jackfruit done this way yesterday. It was really good! It does have a really satisfying texture, just like pulled pork. In a nice sauce it is a fair analogue.

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I've had the iceland no bull burgers, they are good. I think I cooked them on too high a heat because instead of the "blood" sitting on top like I've seen in some videos, it all ran down the side and baked onto the pan, so they were probably a bit drier than they were meant to be but I still liked them. They are really meaty and pink in the middle.

I like the Linda Mcartney Mozarella burgers because they are a decent size and have a good texture but they have the undeniable taste of soya protein. The Iceland ones are actually a bit bigger, have a much better texture and taste much nicer, although that soya taste is still there it's not as prominent.


Apparently the beyond burger will be in Tesco in a few months, which I'd really like to try.



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