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Llamasoft's Goatup 2 is out and outstanding

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1 hour ago, womblingfree said:

Christ, you’d think that given how Llamasoft produce some of the best games available on the platform that someone or other would stump-up to make sure their stuff actually remains viable.


I can’t believe two of my favourite games have just evaporated into thin air. :mad:




Yeah, I'm pretty annoyed about it as well, especially since the games just quietly disappeared off our purchase lists. I blame Apple for that more than Llamasoft. It's killed my enthusiasm for buying / playing games on their platform.

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Only recently bought a new iPad 2018 and was gutted to find these missing from my downloads list, along with Sid Meiers Pirates and Pinball Dreams.


Considering on my android phone there's stuff there from my original HTC magic, it's really put me off spending any money in the Apple store.

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I've never bought many iOS games, but the ones I did buy are all gone (Llamasoft, the rather fun CastleVania puzzle game). Not pleased about that – even Nintendo doesn't pull that kind of crap behaviour with their online stores.

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