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17 minutes ago, FiveFootNinja said:


I haven't done this (and don't have an Oculus to try it) but my understanding is that the game dev process is broadly the same, but you basically need to install the Oculus plugin for Unity, add a VR specific camera that splits out the left/right feeds (and packages it all up in a VR friendly way).




Hoping to get into a bit of GearVR/Google DayDream work myself in the not too distant future. :)

Thanks for that. It's a shame i didn't try unity before, i had a bunch of free time earlier this year which would have been perfect to learn it.

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On 11/28/2017 at 15:41, Broker said:

Has anyone worked much in UE4? I’m doing a Udemy course at the moment, it seems much more intuitive than my (very limited) experience of Unity. Blueprint is amazing as well. The only downside is a real lack of assets on the store, does anyone know if I can use Unity store free assets in UE projects?


Here's some shots of the environment I made to test out the lighting and level creation tools:







It depends what format the unity assets come in, do you get the source files as well?


If you get .fbx files then these can be imported into unreal, in fact a lot of companies will use fbx as their default file format. You'll need to set up shaders as well as importing the texture files as it's this bit which is specific to each editor.


If not I'm not sure if you can export meshes from unity, it's a while since I properly used it.


Edit: if you go the root of importing source files you should be able to find plenty of free assets on the internet. They can be of varying quality ;)

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On 23/10/2016 at 16:22, buizel said:




hittin in biiggg




also does someone wanna code this towerfall style co-op game - got it all planned and  ill do the GFX. GameMaker/ClickteamFusion wont work on my Mac :/


heres a mockup screenie




yknow i used to use gamesfactory when i was about 8 years old. knew no coding at the time and managed to work myself through some very simple games using it. this is basically a super new version from what ive used of it. same interface just with expanded mod support and loads of new stuff. at the time i didnt get the grasp of switches and stuff, too complex for my mind - all makes sense now  though.


its very user friendly, though i think theres more of a community for support for GameMaker as it is technically more flexible as it has a coding language i guess?

I realise you posted this aaaaaaages ago, but any chance you are still interested in doing this? I'm looking to start a new project but struggling to come up with ideas. Working on something somebody else has planned sounds ideal! :)

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On 10/01/2018 at 22:00, utero2001 said:

Any of you know any good resources/books/tutorials/websites for getting back into, or learning c++ as a programmer coming from other languages? 


Whats your level ? I always used Jamsa's C++ bible Don't know how it stands up today though and I always used it as more of a reference book than a learning tool.

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