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The Random Game Video Thread

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This will either crash and burn or actually be worthwhile. Either way, I just wanted to bring this under your attention but could not find the appropriate thread do so (this has happened to me in the past as well so there!).

Bonus Round with Todd Howard (Bethesda), Ken Levine (Irrational Games) and David Jaffe (Eat Sleep Play). Some interesting points are brought up such as storytelling in games and player direction in openworld games. Some genuine arguing and less kissing of the butt make for a better discussion and thus a good watch!


I love how the editor of this episode forgot to bleep out all curse words lol.

EDIT: Changed the name of thread to suit NEG's posting of Sonic vids. Carry on.

EDIT: Changed the name of thread to suit the original thought behind it. Carry on!

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PAX East 2010 panel: Naughty Dog Live & Unleashed - Game Design with the Dogs

Naughty Dog talk at DICE 2010 about how they do things

GDC 2011 Classic Game Postmortem - Doom

GDC 2011 Classic Game Postmortem - Raid On Bungeling Bay

GDC 2011 Classic Game Postmortem - Prince Of Persia

GDC 2011 Classic Game Postmortem - Populous

GDC 2011 Classic Game Postmortem - Maniac Mansion

GDC 2011 Classic Game Postmortem - Another World

GDC 2011 Classic Game Postmortem - Pac Man

GDC 2011 Classic Game Postmortem - Elite

IGF 2011 - Super Meat Boy postmortem

And download this. Warren Spector gave a masterclass at UT which is 12 interviews and a very interesting watch:

1. Warren Spector (Intro Lecture)

2. Patricia York (HR Director, Disney Interactive Studios)

3. Harvey Smith (then Creative Director, Midway Austin)

4. Hal Barwood (Game Designer, Screenwriter par excellence)

5. Matthew Bellows (GM, Floodgate Entertainment)

6. Marc LeBlanc (Designer/Programmer, Mind Control Software)

7. Mike Morhaime (President, Blizzard)

8. Tim Willits (Lead Designer, id Software)

9. Seamus Blackley (Talent Agent, Creative Artists Agency - also, “Father of the Xbox”)

10. Paul Weaver (Director of Development, Junction Point Studios)

11. Gordon Walton (Co-Studio Director, Bioware Austin)

12. Richard Garriott (Creative Guy whose title I don’t actually know, NC Soft)

13. Richard Hilleman (Guy With No Title - and proud of it - at Electronic Arts)

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The importance if videogames:

Video games are more important than they seem. They are a storytelling medium, a place for self-expression. The age-old tradition of gaming teaches us strategy, maneuvering, and the importance of making choices. From the cinematic experiences of mainstream gaming, to the hyper-personal environments of indie games, gaming activity defines the way we live and interact with information, and each other.
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Nolan North over at GB.

Haven't seen it myself but hopefully they'll ask him why he's been featured in so many games over the years, to the point of saturation.

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BioWare participated in the Kids with cancer Beaded Journey Gala this year and offered a "BioWare Experience" as an auction item.

The "BioWare Experience" provided the kids the opportunity to come into the BioWare studio for a tour and a lesson on how video games are made. The kids got to see level art, tech art, concept art, animation, audio, programming, QA and then got to have some hands on time with space combat for SWTOR.

After lunch, the kids got to pick a character, and a name for that character from the Dragon Age universe. They were assigned scripts to do their voice over work.

The kids then got to paint textures for a 3D character using pencil crayons and paper which was later scanned in and assigned as a texture to the animated character.

At the end of the day, the kids were given a backpack full of SWAG and then a DVD showing their hard work.

The BioWare Experience was auctioned for $15,500 and all proceeds went to the Kids with Cancer Society of Edmonton

Simply brilliant. :D

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Public game TF2 comentry. :lol: (The second half is funnier)

At first I thought to myself: well, this isn't anything out of the ordinary right? Just a match being commented on by the commentator. Then I realised it's TF2. And a bunch of random players. And commentator.

"Three spies take down the soldier" :lol:

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For those that have missed this:

Dive into the development of Crysis 3, the newest edition of the hyper-realistic first-person shooter series pushing the bounds of gaming.

Episode 2: The Inner Workings Of Dance Central 3

Episode 3: Behind The Wheel Of Forza Horizon

Episode 4: The World of Far Cry 3

The Creators Project, a global initiative by VICE & Intel, and Kill Screen, a renowned gaming arts and culture company, today announce the launch of a five-part web series that uncovers the incredible technology and brilliant minds behind the world's leading video games, and the stories that precede them.

Future episodes in the series will focus on topics such as the car-to-console tech behind Forza Horizon, the body motion complexities of Dance Central 3, the storytelling of Gears of War: Judgement, and more.

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Hahaha oh man... now I wish all games to have a gag reel like that. :D

It's so ...weird though. Seeing actual human facial expressions on top of videogame bodies. Makes it all the more funnier though.

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