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The Miniatures and Scale model appreciation thread


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On 10/01/2022 at 04:58, The Bag said:

Been working away on Journeyman Miniature’s version of Paul Bonner’s Cadwallon Bodyguard.  This is a massive piece of resin, such fun to paint I’m painting this quicker than I think I’ve done anything else, ever :lol:






Moar Confrontation!

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I used my jewelry saw for the first time. The Grey Knight squad I got has these awesome two-handed spears but I wanted one to be held only by a left hand. So I cut up two different spears, got the pieces I need, and then attached the bits by drilling into the staff pieces, through the hand, and using green stuff and a straightened staple to provide stability. Turned out really well, rather chuffed. 

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11 hours ago, Mikes said:

Question for the hive mind: anyone knwo of anywhere I can get some 25mm scale native american decorations? Things like feathers, stringed beads and the like?

GW Lizardmen maybe?  They use feathers and (South) American iconography.

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3 minutes ago, Sardan said:

I was quite excited by that but I really struggle to get a good look at the miniatures. The pictures are either way too small or dark against dark backgrounds. 


You can click on the images and get big old pics up - well, it allowed me to do this on Chrome.


I put in a £1 pledge for now. I think the sculpts are great, but I'm not entirely sure I'd have any fun painting them up. But, I'm a fan of Ian Miller and I do like at least giving token support to this sort of thing, so we'll see come pledge manager day.


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Dwelling on my slight lack of motivation to paint at the moment. Despite having a number of commissions on the books (thankfully, no rush on them at all) I'm going through one of my slightly lethargic stages. This happens a lot, and it usually passes after a while. 


However, the last year was a continual cycle of this, and I really need to shake out of it I think. 


Which is why I'm going to try and commit to doing some personal painting in between paid gigs. It feels like it's been years since I've actually bothered to paint anything just for the pleasure of painting, and if once done I can sell them to someone that would be a nice bonus.


So, I've put in a cheeky bid for an AoS Dominion boxset on eBay, and we'll see if we get it. I genuinely love the figures in there, and there are enough of them in there for me to go a bit wild and do some experimentation on paint processes and see if something sparks something!


Either that or it'll be like the previous two box-sets I bought and I end up never using them and selling them ;) 



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I got one of those when wayland had them on sale for like £60, been building the ork half with the boy, the grots in particular are brilliant and would look great in your style. 

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Contrast paints are amazing. They are a blunt instrument but for getting a new army battle ready they are perfect. I’ve got a 2k ork list nearly done in under a week. 

They need “finishing” such as teeth and eyes painted but from table top distance they are more than sufficient. 

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Yeah they’re great.  Without them I’d have never got all my marines done and ready for play. or the warcry teams. 
I’m planning on doing my whole sigmar army in contrast and drybrush only. Well I might make an effort on the hq guys. 

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Morning all. Can i please ask for some tips from you talented people. Ive not got a lot of painting experience, ive painted about 20 models in 42 years.  


I recently bought the Marvel Crisis Protocol Core set and painted Spidey, but he just looks a bit shit. What am I doing wrong?




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There are much better people than me for giving advice in this thread, but it looks like the paint’s gone on splotchy in a few areas.  That may be because you haven’t thinned it at all, there’s very few mini paints you want to use straight out the bottle.  Thin them with a wee bit of water, even just a damp brush, then it should take 2 or 3 coats to get a smooth base coat.  Also make sure you’re not going over paint which is drying/curing or you’ll rip it up - I’m still guilty of getting impatient and doing this.


Did you prime it or go over bare plastic?


I’d be tempted to go over it with matte varnish to kill the shine, but that’s just me.


Given it’s so shiny in places, did you use a wash to try get the web detailing?  After that you’ll want to go back over the red to punch it up again.  Or do the red & use a brush with a fine tip to line in the black.  Or paint it all black and fill in the red afterwards, red over black is a pain so I’d suggest using brown first for a neutral tone that will cover the black.

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Making sure I finish stuff on the to do pile. 

Quick and dirty terrain : spray paints , washes, dry brushes, rust and green goo. 
this arrived in the post yesterday. spent maybe 2 hours on it. (Excluding drying time) Black and brown Rattle cans are brill for terrain. 

A blood bowl dwarf


Finished the ogre team too :


4 of these guys and 12 snotlings. 


And some very quick tabletop marines, spray paint, wash, drybrush, done. Super easy. 



That’s cleared the decks somewhat - now have only one half painted mini in the to do box. Just got to glue grass to bases when the varnish has dried fully. 

So next is either some blightlord terminators to finish off my nurgle army, or the new kill team orks and guard. 

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Can Milliput revert botched gun barrel jobs? I was quite chuffed with my first try, so I tried again on the other gun and messed it up. If I can fill it in and try again (without making a bigger mess) that’d be great.


The good:




The bad:




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That’s what I was thinking. First mini touched since 1995, so obviously I’m fretting, and spending five hours at every turn. Using magnifiers for the first time ever doesn’t help with that.


Mould lines are bastards. One even seamlessly melded into the rim of one of the shoulder pads, so I had to basically re-sculpt it with a file. Really happy with how that turned out though, thankfully.

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2 hours ago, Sardan said:

Fine sanding sticks are great for prepping miniatures. 


I got 600 and 1500 grade AK paper strips, but the lack of rigidity is an issue. I just can't get 'in' to parts effectively.




It's annoying because my hobby shop doesn't do their strips.


I might try these: 


Perfect for gun barrels, at least.

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