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8 hours ago, Professor Rob said:

Played our first game of Hardback this weekend. It's a deck-building word game, and is the sequel to Paperback. It has the same basic mechanisms (it's like Dominion but making words rather than random combo chains), but they've managed to make it feel substantially different to Paperback, to the extent that it's worth owning both. Paperback rewards players that have a good vocabulary or the ability to come up with longer words, whereas Hardback concentrates more on the gamer-y aspects of chaining combos in shorter words, and introduces a push your luck aspect where you can draw extra letters into your hand but you then have to use them.


It went down really well in a group that included a couple of non-gamers (once they got to grips with the more 'gamey' aspects of it). Going to introduce them to Paperback next weekend and see which they like better.


 I haven’t had a chance to play it with a group yet but have had a few tries at the solo mode and it’s as hard as nails. 

 First game I got beaten 17 to 60, 4 games later I managed 43 to 60. Not that I’m complaining - a solo mode you can beat on the first couple of games isn’t worth playing :)

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My copy of Hardback should be arriving this week,  also on the horizon is the next Fowers game, Now Boarding, and wave 1 of the new 7th Continent printing. Excitement! 

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My next KS arriving should be City of Kings - super excited for that one. The worst thing is I know it’s sitting in a warehouse somewhere waiting on the replacement boxes arriving on a slow boat from China. 

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