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Justice League

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On 16/02/2018 at 10:20, Hexx said:

Holy crap. Watching clips from the DVD online.





It looks terrible. I knew we joked about the mustache, but the entire film just looks...rubbish


I meant even the standing still tallking bits at the start.

It's all soundstage/greenscreen right? It looks Phantom Menace/AOTC bad...no sense of place etc. 1.40 Wonder Woman looks like an poor video game where no one's turned shadows on...


That's not to say there's not a good bit in there (Superman's eye move at 2.07 showing he can follow the Flash is good IMO)


Skip to 3.43 for peak fake upper lip. I liked the flash bit...

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The Flash fucking sucks in this, his metal suit annoys the fuck out of me and if they were going to make him so young, why didn't they just have him be Wally West instead of Barry Allen.


The fact Black Panther - a b-list Marvel super hero at best, made more money in one weekend in America then Justice League in total, just shows how much of a fuck up this film and all the others have been. 



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Flash was pretty bad. Basically one of those shit comedy sidekicks, except he's supposed to be a main character. And the TV Flash speed force effects are better. Although the effects in general made me think they were missing a caption saying "Rendered in real time on PlayStation 3".

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