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Thanks to Eighthours - here are the bulk of the trailers from the event:

Perfect Dark 6 and a half minute video:


the officlal Perfect Dark trailer (thanks to squirtle)

New Kameo ingame:


King Kong 360 trailer:


Tomb Raider: Legends 360 trailer


Amped 3 footage


Castle Wolfenstein announcement footage


Avi version of Mass effect trailer


New HD DOA4 movies


Madden footage from gamespot


Better Madden footage from IGN


PGR3 gameplay footage:


MS Press Conference Highlights


Top Spin 2 gameplay footage from gamespot - Watch developer interview 1. They really tidied this up A LOT since E3. Looks great.


PGR3 footage from gamespot


Tiger Woods Xbox 360 gameplay footage from gamespot


Dead Rising gameplay footage from gamespot


The Outfit gameplay footage from gamespot


Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfare gameplay footage from gamespot


Also, if you go to Gamespot, IGN, 1-up or virtually any other gaming site that attended the show yesterday to actually play the games, their hands-on previews of the big titles are very positive. Even the ones for Perfect Dark Zero.

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dunno what to expect but have you seen the new screen shots released of nba2k6 on 360, not a popular game but OMG the gfx have kicked my 360 excitment into overdrive they are amazing and ign say they are 100% gameplay looks like CGI. Im hoping we get a shit load more hd videos of PDZ, PGR3, COD2, GOW and an offical 100% confirmed launch lineup

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They'll show lots of average games and people will get excited about them because the walls will look real.

oh come on sprite machine, don't be like that - you miserable old bugger.

the graphics in that NBA thingy looked lovely. the animation really let it down however. (is the animation the last thing done on a game - as all the 360 stuff looks a bit ropey animation wise?)

roll on tommorrow morning.

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Bungie will be announcing something according to the last weekly update...

Oh. Keep your eyes peeled next week for a surprising, cool, awesome Bungie-related announcement. No it is not Halo 3, nor is it the surprise revelation of our next project (whatever that may be) but it’s sweet. It’s something I’ve hinted at in the past. And you’ll probably like it. More than that I can’t say. Which even I know is aggravating. But it ain’t up to me. So just be patient.
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Bungie will be announcing something according to the last weekly update...

They're going to announce that they arne't going to announce anything.

Surprising? Yes!

Cool? It'll take real cool to do that press conference.

Awesome? Absolutely everything will be declared to be awesome whether it is or not.

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