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Found 12 results

  1. SeanR

    Blood and Truth

    Does it deserve it's own thread? https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2017/10/30/blood-truth-announced-for-playstation-vr-from-the-team-behind-the-london-heist/#sf128799086#sf128908670 Stuart Whyte, Director of VR Product Development at London Studios says and the heist was the best thing on the VR worlds disc, and had plenty of scope for building a proper full game around. So they have: and yay, supports multiple playthroughs, and so on and so forth!
  2. Blu3Flame


    It's about time there was a thread for Thumper. It's a rhythm action game with a space beetle from ex Harmonix developers, coming to Steam, PS4/PSVR. Check out the latest trailer!
  3. Playable with or without VR this is Jeff Minter's latest epic A quick reminder Up for preorder on PSN now https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/games/polybius/cid=EP4461-CUSA06495_00-LLAMASOFTPRD0001 Apparently coming to PC later
  4. By Capcom Official Site | Steam | PS4 | XB1 Release date: January 24, 2017 ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS PS4 demo out now. Download that asap and post impressions! POST RELEASE
  5. Korix by Stellar VR http://stellarvr.com/korix/ https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/korix-ps4/ It's a pretty good tower defence game, made more immersive (as ever) by being in VR. One of the key things they've got right is the durability of units - the walls and turrets you put up fall to the enemy after the right amount of attack, meaning that the game is pretty tense, even by the fourth level. New units come in slowly, and the resource management is potentially over simplified. You can play online multiplayer as well, although that didn't seem to be working last night. Anyone else tried it?
  6. Who has DC VR and fancies doing some racing? I'll start: Forum Name/PSN ID geldra/Ford-UK
  7. Since we have more people into VR than ever, I thought it'd be worth having a general VR thread for sharing news / tech updates relating to VR holistically. Here's something cool I saw this morning, "walk around" VR video.. nice! The catch? 3gb per FRAME. Sheesh.
  8. Having played the demo and jumped out of my skin several times I'm not entirely sure why I got this, but I really enjoyed Until Dawn so why not. Just finished the first 3 levels with headphones in and turned up. Actually shaking now. It was fun in the way I assume people find other horror stuff fun (never been a horror fan, normally I nope away immediately ) . Bugger me though if I wasn't jumpy as hell - even when the jumps scares are heavily signposted, the timings and proximity in VR shit me up every time. Also, squealing pigs at that volume can do one. Having a break from it for tonight. Need some happy. So, who else is playing? Need some usernames to lose against on my friends list. (Mine's Monophobian, add me!) Edit: added my psn as it looks like sigs don't appear on mobile.
  9. This is the place the post your tips, tricks and any other useful information on using PSVR, to help us all get the best out of this amazing piece of kit. I'll try and keep this first post updated with useful information as I see it, but please feel free to badger me if there's something missing. I stole at least 90% of this content from the main PSVR thread, so thanks to everybody for posting useful information in there. Also thanks to dumpster who posted the original tips topic. Hardware: PS4 Camera: You need a PS4 Camera as well as the PSVR headset for it to work. Sony has released a redesigned camera, but the old rectangular model also works perfectly. A PS3 camera will not work. PS Move Controllers: Most games can be played very well using just a Dual Shock 4, some games are massively improved by using twin Move controllers (Arkham VR is a prime example), and a few games simply won't work without them (Job Simulator, for example). PSVR Headset: Some headsets come with plastic lens covers which need to be removed before use. You should see a little tab to pull on to remove them if yours has them. Not all do and if you can't see them you probably don't have them. Software: You can download a bunch of demos from the PSN Store. Try them all, as they're mostly amazing, especially if the PSVR is your first experience of VR at home. UK Demo (contains more demos than the disk included with your headset) US Demo (slightly different content, also contains Kitchen, Gnog, and Within) - You will need to register for a US store account for this VR Playroom (great bunch of tech demos and mini-games) You can find all of the PSVR Content on the UK store here There's also a patch needed for the PSVR headset itself, but there doesn't seem to be any way to download that before connecting the headset to your PS4. General Setup: Camera placement: Ideally the camera should be positioned around head height when you're sitting, and slightly lower when you're standing. The top of your TV is usually a good indicator for where to position it, but remember that you don't have to be facing your TV when you play. If the lighting in your room would work out better (lack of bright lights behind, etc.) if you're facing a different direction, then just move the camera to the best position possible. It's well worth spending some time experimenting with the position to get the best possible performance out of your headset. There are camera extension cables in existence, although they seem to be sold out everywhere at the moment. Where to stand/sit. It will depend on the room you're in, but around 4 to 6 feet from the camera seems to be the sweet spot to avoid tracking issues. People have had success with longer distances, so the best recommendation is to experiment. Measure your eyes. If you're not able to get a crisp and clear image through the headset, you may need to measure the distance between your eyes. Go to: settings/devices/PlayStation VR/Measure eye to eye distance, and follow the instructions. It's important to be pretty much exactly 70cm from the camera when you do this, to make the measurement accurate. Remember to switch on on your Move controllers before starting your session. It can be a pain calibrating them with the headset on. Motion Sickness/Tiredness: Take it easy to begin with. Your brain and body are probably not used to this, especially if it's your first home VR system. Take regular breaks, and remember to blink. If you're feeling tired when you finish a session, you're probably overdoing it. Switch to motion controls if you're playing Drivclub with a DS4. Using a steering wheel is the best way to beat the sickness, but even with a Dual Shock controller it helps massively if you switch the control method to "Motion tracking" from the options menu. Seriously, don't even try it with the default DS4 control scheme unless you've got a bucket nearby. Playing other content on your PSVR headset: It's just like having your own personal IMAX! You can play all kinds of content using the PSVR's Cinematic Mode, which essentially turns your headset into a massive screen attached to your face (because, you know, that's pretty much what it is). The resolution isn't great, and there may be some lag if you're playing games from another console with an HDMI output, but it's fun to try. Simply plug a different HDMI source into the "HDMI PS4" input on your processor unit (the mini-PS4-looking box that came with your headset), and see what you can see (see, see). Random Tips & Tricks: Don't play in the dark. Although the headset, DS4 and Move controllers all glow beautifully, the PS4 camera needs some ambient light to work effectively. If you're suffering from juddery controllers or headset tracking issues, it's well worth checking you have sufficient light for the camera. Press and hold the Options button (Start on the Move controllers) at any time to re-centre the VR headset. Sometimes a game will centre on where you happen to be looking when it loads, so this can be really useful. The camera offers voice control, which can be very handy for barking orders to the PS4 and starting a game while you're putting on and adjusting the headset, particularly if you're playing without the TV on. It's also easier than trying to move around the dash with the Move controllers. The headset cable is pretty heavy, so try tucking a small amount through a belt loop or use some kind of clip to hold it in place. Just enough to give a bit of slack so you don't feel the cable tugging at the headset all the time.
  10. Well I thought we could do with a thread to discuss this as the chatter about it is getting lost in the main PSVR thread. I've just finished my first run through of this after playing VR games all weekend and fucking hell! Is it immersive or what? I felt like I could reach out and touch Gotham, felt a bit unsteady when at heights! Just an amazing game, albeit shorter than I'd have liked. Ending spoilers: Crazy!
  11. Couldn't find a dedicated thread for this, apologies if there is one. My copy arrived yesterday (physical copy for a tenner less than digital - daft). Had a couple of hours on it and it's incredibly fun, and looks great; just wondered if anyone else is playing it. First thing I noticed after starting out with a long campaign on Normal difficulty is how hard the game is. The clearly expect you to start on a short, easy campaign then work your way up. Furthest I got was a couple of missions away from the target zone. I expect this is brilliant in co-op (and presumably the difficulty makes more sense unless they scale with player numbers), but my PS+ sub expired a couple of weeks ago and I'm waiting until payday to renew it. Would be great to get some PSN names from people to play with once I re-sub.
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