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  1. New F2P multiplayer RTS/RTT game with a Viking theme. Looks very similar to Total War: Arena. Official Gameplay Trailer: Official site: https://destructivecreations.pl/ancestors-legacy/ Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/720380/Ancestors_Legacy_Multiplayer_Open_Beta/ I think it looks cool.
  2. Still got this on Steam and replayed it a few months back, actually holds up pretty well. Wonder if it;ll be anything more than just a graphical overhaul. Still should be decent.
  3. So I've had to update this topic a bit, as I've ended up getting my wires crossed and there are indeed two Road Rash style games peeking over the horizon. The first is the rather excellent looking Road Redemption, which has been a Steam Early Access hit, looks fabulous and is now available on PC & Mac via Steam and is planned for consoles later in 2018, the second is Road Rage, a console game launching for consoles on October 24th and is up for pre-order with Amazon having it available on PS4 and Xbox One for just £16.99. Both games seem to be touting much the same features, open world, lots of missions, campaign mode and of course, biker combat. Road Redemption is the clear winner of the two though, fluid looking play, more interesting maps, better art and more bikes on the road. Road Rage is set in a Detroit style abandoned city, where gangs have taken over and in order to survive, you aim to join and lead one. Your actions in the game will change how the narrative plays out, but it looks more like a trip down the streets of Saints Row than a big, ambitious open world. Road Redemption is also an open world game which is backed by a story based campaign. This time the game tasks you to rescue a fellow biker who was captured, after his failed assassination attempt of the despot who runs the now post apocalyptic world. The setting will take you across desserts, cities and frozen wastes. From the videos I've seen, it looks like a hoot. Off road driving seems common with bikes regularly seen jumping from the tops of skyscrapers and across open desserts. It actually reminded me a touch of Motorstorm: Apocalypse in how wonderfully off road it all seems. The combat has been sufficiently ramped up since the 16 bit glory days, with guns, swords, chains, pipes, viking axes and the classic kick move all ensuring that the bike combat remains a big part of the games focus. There's a cracking review of it from Lord Ridiculous, which should give you a good feel for what the game is offering: This looks like a no-brainer for fans of Road Rash, and PC and Mac users can grab a copy today. Console gamers will have to hold out to see if Road Rage defies expectations and is worth a punt whilst waiting for Road Redemption in 2018. For what it's worth, unless truly appalling reviews begin to drip out, the super low price point represents a low enough risk that I don't mind giving it a go.
  4. T Pot

    Halo Wars 2

    Holy crap, suprise announcement at GamesCom. Halo Wars 2 coming Christmas Holiday 2016. It's made by Creative Assembly of Total War fame, so hopefully should be good.
  5. From Kotaku:
  6. Surprised there isn't a thread already on this, new trailer: Fuck Konami for sure but if it's as good or better than PES 16 then I might crack. They've already announced you can share option files on PS4: https://www.konami.com/wepes/2017/eu/en/game_mode/#_tgt-uniform-edit
  7. https://mixer.com/xbox The Mixer stream might be a bit more flaky but if your Gamertag is associated with your Mixer account (just sign in with your MS account), you'll get a MixPot (free games) And some info has already leaked: - New “Eye of Obsidian” adventure - “T8-NK” Corebot frame. - HDR support - Xbox One X enhanced visuals - $20 Excited for that - I still haven't gotten around to playing Recore.
  8. Voting is closed as at 00:00 27-02-2017 - any changes or additions to votes from now will not be counted. It's that time of year again! A little bit earlier than usual, as I realised I won't be free at the end of February, and I still want to give you all a whole month to vote. This year's awards are going to be slighter than previous ones - which will be good news for those of you who don't enjoy my sparkling wit, or those who don't enjoy their awards ceremonies ending halfway through the year - as I have a fair amount of stuff going on in my life at the moment and so am reducing my time spent on fun things like this. Also, I played fewer games from 2016 than from previous years (limiting myself to four purchases in the year certainly helped there), so I'd have less to say anyway. What this effectively means is that this year will have: fewer categories to vote for fewer 'highlights' in the results thread - by and large the games outside of top 20s will just be listed, with maybe the occasional exceptional game that I want to flag up fewer criticisms in the results thread - my limited purchasing last year meant I largely avoided games I didn't anticipate enjoying, and I'm not in the habit of criticising games I've not played So, please temper/raise your expectations as appropriate. The rules: one forumite, one vote. If you vote twice I will invalidate your results. If you need to amend your votes during the voting period, edit your original post! vote for your preferences, not to meet critical consensus: it doesn't matter if you don't think your favourite game of the year was the best game of the year - if it's your favourite, it's your favourite, and you should put in in top place only games released in 2016 are eligible. You may include games that were previously released in a different territory or for a different system major expansions and remakes are also eligible episodic and early access games can be voted for if they either initially launched or finished within 2016 you don't have to vote in all categories, and you don't have to fill all categories - if you only think six games are worthy of entry into the game of the year list, only vote for six games! voting closes at the end of 26 February; that is to say 00:00 on 27 February. Any submissions or edits made after that point will not be considered towards the results comments are allowed, and indeed encouraged: just please put them in speech marks on the line below the vote you're commenting on, so that it's easy for me to separate them from the actual votes! Please use the voting template below when submitting your results Voting template: Game of the Year 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Soundtrack of the Year S1. S2. S3. Visuals of the Year V1. V2. V3. Writing of the Year W1. W2. W3.
  9. By DICE Official Site Release Date: November 20th 2015 ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS
  10. Not sure if this is more appropriate in the retro folder but as its a collection getting released for current gen machines I'd thought I'd stick it here.
  11. Remember when surfing games were all the rage and Kelly Slater was king? No? But do you remember the surfing game he put his name to*? Yeah the one with the similar box branding to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Anyway, if you loved that, then you'll be getting wet(suit) for Surf World Series coming Augist 30th to PS4, Xbox One and Steam Check out the teaser trailer. *It was legitimately decent in all fairness.
  12. By ThreeOneZero Official Site Release Date: March 28th 2016 ABOUT IMAGES VIDEO Interesting write-up by Polygon. In before "Gravity: The Game lolol".
  13. Meh

    Strider! Yes!

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BPfdArHCQAAzpE0.jpg:large YESSSSSS!!!!! Who's developing it, I wonder?! https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BPfeSSvCUAAVxYm.jpg:large Oh.
  14. We are getting Slime Rancher - XB1 Trials Fusion - XB1 Bayonetta - X360 Red Faction Armageddon - X360 ORIGINAL POST So here are the rumoured games for August's GWG and it is a good list if true. Assassin's Creed Chronicles India - X1 Firewatch - X1 Forza Horizon 2 - 360 Condemned - 360 http://www.somosxbox.com/rumores-de-los-games-with-gold-de-agosto-2017/749723
  15. Mods, delete if there is already an existing thread for this. Anybody feel free to post any screenshots taken in Skyrim- I love seeing other people's moments, I'm sure others do too.
  16. This looks great. A bit Blade Runner, a bit Soma. http://store.steampowered.com/app/514900/observer/ Comes out in three months. First game that's interested me in a while. Might be enough to tide me over until Cyberpunk 2077.
  17. Out not, reviews look mostly positive, if not outstanding. Anyone played it yet?
  18. Why has this been overlooked? I've been desperate for a Mashed/Micro Machines replacement for years, and with the new MM being so shit it inspired me to dig through the PSN archives. Wow! This is amazing. Really cool physics, super easy controls, great effects, weapons are fun and fair. There are three modes, race, king of the hill and then a micro machines style where you have to avoid dropping off the screen. That last mode is by far the best. And there are loads of clever little balancing features.. - you start each turn in reverse order - boosts are dropped behind the leader meaning you can grab them to catch up. It really is cracking, up to 8 cars on the track, 4 player local. Get it! £7.99 on PSN.
  19. You know we didn't have a thread for this? IGN have an 8 minute extended look After seeing that Airbender game, the cel-shaded Transformers one and the rather ugly Starfox, it's nice to see Platinum get a decent budget.
  20. With "The Golf Club" being a bit of a damp squib and the only other offering I can think of to date being Powerstar Golf this is looking like it could be a good first stab from EA at golfing this gen. I wasn't a massive fan of the Tiger Woods stuff but with three control schemes (3 button click is in) and courses that look better than any I can remember this is looking like it has potential. It's using Frostbite which means they can now render the entire course in realtime so you're no longer playing a single hole which has to be loaded and has boundaries. Hopefully it'll go up on EA Access ahead of the launch date.
  21. Vice article on Halo. Some interesting details. https://waypoint.vice.com/en_us/article/the-complete-untold-history-of-halo-an-oral-history
  22. Just a press release for now, but it's just been announced by Capcom that the remaster will be coming to Xbox One and PS4 on March 17th. It will run at 60fps and 1080p and will ship with "Vergil's Downfall" campaign along with a range of bonus features and options. Oh and it will be a bit of a budget title, selling for £29.99 RRP. Press release below: I know these remasters are becoming ten a penny now, but I'll be unashamedly double dipping on this one. I know it had it's detractors, but the ease with which you could pull off a whole range of visually satisfying and devastating attacks, just made the game a hell of a lot of fun. List of updated features courtesy of Vemsie: 60 fps and 1080p resolution — It looks and feels super smooth to play. Uprezzed Graphics: Including textures, characters, and cinematics. Big Bundle of Content: The game includes DmC: Devil May Cry, plus all released DLC: Vergil’s Downfall campaign, 3 Dante skins, 3 Dante weapon skins, and the item finder. New Skins: 2 new character skins. Devil May Cry 1 Dante and Classic Vergil. Turbo Mode: Turbo Mode returns to the Devil May Cry series, with the game running 20% faster in this mode. Hardcore Mode: Hardcore mode retains the experience of DmC, but with a throwback to the classic Devil May Cry games in terms of balance. In this mode, which can be toggled on all difficulty levels, the style system has been rebalanced to make ranking up much harder and ranks deteriorate much quicker. In addition, Devil Trigger doesn’t launch enemies into the air, parrying takes more skill, and all enemies hand out more damage. Manual Target Lock: We’ve seen more requests for this than any other feature! The manual target lock works as closely to the classic Devil May Cry lock on as possible and has fully configurable controls. Vergil Bloody Palace: Only second to Manual Target Lock in terms of the number of fan requests! This is a new Bloody Palace mode featuring 60 levels and Vergil as the playable character. Must Style Mode: This is a hardcore modifier on an epic scale that can be played over any difficulty level. Players must be at an S rank or higher to deal any damage to enemies. Gods Must Die Difficulty Mode: This is DmC Definitive Edition’s hardest difficulty mode. It takes DmC’s ridiculously hard Dante Must Die mode and adds a touch more punishment: All enemies spawn with Devil Trigger active and no items or health drops can be used. Rebalanced and Retuned: We’ve studied fan feedback and made a whole host of tweaks and balance changes. The style system has been rebalanced, as have bosses. Exploits have been fixed in combat and some of Dante’s moves rebalanced, such as the Demon Evade. Gameplay tweaks have been made following hardcore player testing; frames have been removed from Kablooey shots, Parry/Evade windows adjusted, and collectibles, keys and doors redistributed. Integration of Popular Community Mods: DmC Definitive Edition includes community mods such as an optional timer disable for Bloody Palace Mode, a triple dash for Angel Evade, and the ability to hit red and blue enemies with any weapon. New Cutscene: An added cinematic scene that never made it into the original. http://youtu.be/8MruA6AfRpU As for Devil May Cry 4, all we know so far is it's slated for a Summer 2015 release.
  23. https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/games/nba-playgrounds/cid=EP2609-CUSA06923_00-NBAPLAYGROUNDS17 Out today and looks to be NBA Jam in every way other then name which is no bad thing in my opinion. Can totally see them putting classic players in as DLC somewhere down the line £15.99
  24. I played a bit of this on PC and really enjoyed it. F2P Diablo(ish) game. Fun for what it is and one I'd be tempted to go back to when it arrives on consoles. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2017/04/05/marvel-heroes-omega-coming-to-ps4-this-spring/
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