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Found 126 results

  1. Wales Interactive have a new FMV mystery game coming out. The Shape Shifting Detective. If you weren't interested (you should be, it looks fantastic) then did you notice a certain someone...? No? If I did 'This' would it mean anything to you? Coming to Steam, Xbox One, PS4, Switch in Autumn.
  2. Strafe

    Dragonball Fighterz

    Took a chance on this and It arrived today and just had a quick blast. It looks incredible on handheld mode, really vibrant. The fighting is great but, in all honesty, I have no idea what’s going on right now, it’s a bit nuts. It looks and plays (if that’s even possible) like a manga cartoon. The camera will switch angles during a special move (which isn’t as disorientating as it sounds) and the whole screen explodes in action. It sounds like one, too. They’re all screaming in Japanese! Theres a lot of menus and a story mode and lots of cutscenes to watch (or skip), that seems tailored towards fans of Dragonball (I’ve never seen a single episode) but there’s an arcade mode that seems like your basic tournament type thing. I expect it will be better with a pro pad or hori’s new joycon as it’s street fighter style special moves. Based on my initial short exposure I would reccomend it! Anyway, if anyone else picked it up (I think it’s ok the other consoles too), feel free to chime in and tell me what I am doing.
  3. Has anyone else given this a try yet? It's well presented but ultimately a gatcha game. Money walls seem to be inventory and decorations. It's ok but I can't see myself sticking at it for long. It's pleasant having to pay money to roll for "5 STAR ULTRA RARE" (You cook with purely ingame items to attract pokemon) but the rest of the gatcha hooks are still there.
  4. mdn2

    Into the Breach - #perfectforswitch

    Into The Breach is a turn based strategy game. It released earlier in the year on PC and got a shadow drop release on the Switch yesterday in the Nindies Direct. Essentially, you control 3 mechs over a small area as you try and defend cities from alien attacks. It plays and controls like Advance Wars. The main differences is that you can always see the enemies next attack, so you plan in advance to stop it. Plus, your attacks can knock back enemies, thus deflecting their attacks - sometimes onto other enemies. You earn upgrade points through each mission. The big difference this has over Advance Wars is that, if youre on the verge of failing a mission, your mech pilot can travel back in time with the experience points he's collected and start again. This bares a passing similarity to roguelikes, but the levels are not randomised. It's great. It put a load of hours on the PC version and can see me doubling that on the Switch. It does a great job of scratching that Advance Wars itch.
  5. Thanks to Agatsuma Entertainment, Kinu Nishimura’s (Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors; Street Fighter...) Code of Princess' fantasy world is coming to Nintendo 3DS! The heroine of the game, Solange Blanchefleur de Luxe ( -yup...), is a gigantic sword carrying sorceress, with healing powers, and typically prefers not to wear pants. The game’s story takes place in a world where humans and monsters co-exist. However, the balance between the two groups breaks and the monsters attack the royal castle. Solange’s father then entrusts her with a sacred sword and the task of restoring balance to the world. And it doesn’t look like Solange is going to write treaties, because the game is a side-scrolling beat‘em-up with simple button commands and flashy special attacks. Code of Princess will also support co-operative play for quests and a competitive mode where you can fight other players. Main characters: Solange Blanchefleur de Luxe]: Entrusted by her father to restore peace to the land. Ali Vava: A female thief with boy-ish looks. Lady Zozo: A zombie girl who loves milk, and turned herself into the undead to further explore magic... Allegro Nantabile Cantabile: An elf with a guitar-axe. Apart from these characters, players can also take control of a cool samurai, a gladiator, a morningstar-wielding nun, and ...erm, Tut-Ankh Amon's cat? Each of the characters has their own special abilities, and you gain experience by defeating enemies. You can also raise six attributes by investing points in them: vitality, piety, attack, defense, mind, and speed. So far so good, but this is where things get really interesting... Apparently, Code Of Princess is being developed by none other than the team responsible for the Sega Saturn cult-hit (and all-time rllmuk favourite) Guardian Heroes ! For those still wondering about all this, see for yourself in this series of screenshots: Guardian Heroes 3DS in all but name methinks. Code of Princess is slated for release in Japan in spring 2012, no word on a Western release thus far.
  6. mdn2

    West of Loathing

    This released last year on PC and last week on the Switch. Don't let the art style put you off, this is a fantastic comedy RPG-lite. You play a young lad who sets off from home to find fame and fortune in the wild west. Along the way, he fights not just gangs and snakes, but demon cows, skeletons and goblins. And it's funny. As in, genuinely funny. The humour reminds me of a cross between Monty Python and Terry Pratchett. There's lots of text, but you never once want to skip it because the dialogue is that good. My one issue is the combat isn't great. It reminds me a bit of the combat in Paper Mario, but it's on the easy side. In fact, I've only died once in about 4 hours of play. But it's not a reason to be put off - it's an aside to the storytelling. Honestly, it's far better than it has any right to be. It's probably my favourite Switch game so far this year.
  7. A malevolent force known only as Lina is devouring data from a vast, interdimensional network of servers overseen by sentient computers called ”motes.” In desperation, the motes summon heroes from a variety of parallel game worlds to face off against each other in one-on-one combat. The tournament victor has the potential to be awakened as the Blade Stranger—the savior who can vanquish Lina and protect the motes from further harm! Developed by Studio Saizensen, Blade Strangers is a hardcore old-school fighting game. The streamlined four-button control scheme makes it easy for beginners to deal out damage from day one…but the intricate combos, counters and specials give tournament-caliber players plenty of opportunities for frame counting, chain construction and hit-box science. Blade Strangers will bring together an eclectic mix of characters from various games when it comes to Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Steam this Summer. Studio Saizensen is including many of its own characters, like Umihara Kawase and notoriously underarmored Solange from Code of Princess. Other confirmed characters include Gunvolt and Shovel Knight. Blade Strangers publisher Nicalis’ titles will also be represented in the game, with characters like Quote and Curly Brace from Cave Story and Isaac from The Binding of Isaac. Debut trailer: Opening cinematic (extended): >> Official website. Looks pretty sweet, but then I'm a sucker for (obscure) Japanese 2D vs. fighting games. The Fallen Angels , anyone?
  8. By Konami Official Site Release Date: March 3, 2017 ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS Couldn't pass up on making a thread for this simply because of that that promo/logo image.
  9. Revival

    The E3 trailer video thread

    There's been a huge release of vids today, Feel free to add any new ones as you see them!
  10. One of the zanier — and undeniably more intriguing — announcements during this year's E3, was the puzzle-action game, Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido. The game is being developed by indieszero, the same development studio behind quirky portable titles like NES Remix and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. In the game, players will be tasked with eating sushi and stacking the plates after they’re done faster than their opponent can. Those same plates, however, can also be used as weapons (!) against the other player. In order to beat challengers and progress, players must draw a line between the same types of sushi that appear on a conveyer belt. The goal is to collect as many pieces as possible before bringing them to your place and gobbling them up. This being developed by an indie studio who's earned its stripes, and the game having a real Elite Beat Agents vibe as well, gives us all the more reason to look forward to it Launch trailer: Opening movie: >> Official website. Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido will be released this June.
  11. Professor Puzzles

    Fire Emblem Warriors

    HELLOOOO!! This is a topic all about the soon-to-be cult favourite mash-up between Fire Emblem and Samurai Warriors, which no doubt DeKay will bang on about like a monkey with a cymbal. Apparently there's a Fire Emblem Direct being shown on the 18th of Jan at 2PM PST (dunno what that is in proper English time.) They announced it on the Treehouse live Switch event thing earlier today. More info as it arrives!
  12. Revival

    198X - An Arcade adventure

    Are you an Eighties throwback like me? Well listen up you might like this... It's currently up on Kickstarter and will aim to release on all Consoles (yes Switch too) and PC in 2019. There's lots of digital tiers with many extras. It's not very expensive to support. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1103388577/198x/ Looks promising or will it be a cynical nostalgia cash-in jack of all trades and master of none?
  13. deKay

    Pokémon Switch

    All rumour currently, but time to nail your flag to the mast: #teamfirebunny #teamplatyduck #teamstonermonkey
  14. Around 20 euros/18 pounds 15 euros/13 pounds for 180 days of Resi. (My, has the yen dropped a bit...) Yes, that’s what Cloud Version means and it’s a streaming game. Not sure what I think about this move. More details: - Game runs on the Ubitus Cloud Service - Requires a client download of 45 MB - Stable high-speed Internet connection required after download (comparable to PSO2 Cloud) - Game cannot be played offline - 15 minute free demo available - Full game costs 2000 yen for 180 days - All previously released DLC included - Release May 24, Japan only for now.
  15. If you missed it on PS4/Vita this overlooked gem is coming to Switch on May 3rd. https://nintendoeverything.com/dont-die-mr-robot-dx-reaching-switch-on-may-3/ You control Mr Robot. You dodge the bad guys and kill them by eating fruit. Chain fruit explosions together to make combos. Impress the computer lady! Don't Die! Also features Eggsy from Goldie Looking Chain
  16. Since we are getting it after all, I figured a thread was in order Azure Striker Gunvolt (also known as Armed Blue Gunvolt in Japan) is a platform action-game released by Inti Creates for the Nintendo 3DS eShop. It's gameplay is similar to Mega Man Zero (made by the same publisher), but introduced new gameplay elements to the Mega Man style of game such as Gunvolt's ability to "tag" enemies and target multiple targets at once, adding an additional layer of complexity to the genre. Like Mega Man, Azure Striker Gunvolt is a side-scrolling platform game. The player controls a single character (the eponymous Gunvolt) who is able to jump, fire a gun, and attack enemies "tagged" with bullets using a large, homing electrical field. The player's actions are limited by an energy bar, which depletes when using the electrical field, using additional movement abilities such as double-jumping or air dashing, or being hit by enemies. Gameplay focuses heavily on the player's technique and skill in moving through levels. While finishing a level is relatively easy, the game provides a ranking system as well as several optional challenges. The game introduces a "chain" system in which the player's score is constantly increased so long as the player avoids being hit by enemies, with special actions such as defeating an enemy in the air or defeating multiple enemies in one time, providing an additional bonus. The game also uses an item-forging and equipping system. Storywise, Azure Striker Gunvolt is set in the future in which several people, called "adepts" have developed "septimal powers".These powers enable superhuman feats including flight, use of powerful energy weapons, and manipulation of the elements (e.g. fire, water, electricity). The world is at peace thanks to the efforts of a world-spanning corporation known as the Sumeragi Group. However, the Sumeragi Group is, in reality, controlling and experimenting on adepts. Gunvolt, one of the most powerful adepts, with the ability to create electrical fields, works for a resistance organization known as QUILL. The game opens with Gunvolt assigned on a mission to assassinate an adept named Lumen. However, Gunvolt discovers that Lumen is housed within the body of a young girl named Joule and instead rescues her, defecting from QUILL and setting out on his own to protect her. Trailers: Gameplay mechanics explanation: Looks SNES-tastic! >> Official website: >> http://gunvolt.com/en/ Date of release? Somewhere in 2015...
  17. MagicalDrop

    Graceful Explosion Machine (Switch)

    Before requests for friends codes get swallowed up in the general Switch thread I thought it would be worth starting a new thread just for this game. It's a lovely game that borrows the best bits from lots of our favourite shooters and melds them all into an addictive score-attack Zelda-alternative. I'm getting hints of Geometry Wars with heavy Resogun undertones, embellished with a sprinkle of Bangai-o, topped off with the most subtle garnish of Radiant Silvergun. And even a bit of Robotron 2084 if you fancy. It's only £9.99. Come on in, good times are here. Add me up for some leaderboard shenanigans: SW-1639-4375-5790
  18. Rogue Aces is a new Rogue like WWII fighter ace 2d scrolling shoot em up. ISG is two guys. RLLMUK's own Kevvy Metal did the metal. Vocal talents provided by Marc Silk https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_Silk Announcement trailer Tally ho and chocks away. Out April 12th. https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2018/03/27/procedurally-generated-aerial-arcade-shooter-rogue-aces-blasts-onto-ps4-ps-vita-next-month/
  19. There's a new indie game coming out next week on Vita that all you zone gaming score attack guys are going to want to check out. Disclaimer. I'm friends with one of the two man development team but I didn't plan on making a thread unless I actually liked the game. Spoilers. I did. The gentleman Barry Island kindly gave me a code for it and I've just started playing. Fuck me it's good. You play a robot (Mr Robot) in an arena and your job is not to die. You do this by avoiding or killing enemies. You kill enemies by picking up fruit. Fruit explodes when you pick it up and you can do some nice chains for bonus points. One life. Full honesty here. I was worried about this game. From the videos and screenshots I've seen of it through development I thought it looked like it lacked something. It turns out videos and screenshots do not do it justice. The game looks lovely and razor sharp on the Vita screen. Music and sound design is excellent (Headphones are recommended). It was a bit confusing to start with since it only had remix mode open and I didn't know why. That appears to be the tutorial and once you play through two levels of that (One to teach dodging and one to teach killing) everything else opens up. There's a blog post up at Sony http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2014/10/21/arcade-dodge-em-dont-die-mr-robot-hits-ps-vita-month/?adbid=524576735082201088&adbpl=tw&adbpr=36969785&emcid=social_20141021_34130647 http://infinitestategames.com/ I'm trying to find out how much it'll be but not much is what I understand. I'll see if I can find out in the morning.
  20. Mr Do 71

    Nintendo Direct - March 8, 2018

    Official stream starts 10pm UK time.
  21. Cover: Sea of Thieves Hype: Underworld Ascendant The Occupation Wandersong Two Point Hospital Rhythm Doctor Roundup: Labo, Kentucky Route Zero, Onrush, Detective Pikachu, WoW: BFA Play: Monster Hunter World - 9 Yakuza 6 - 8 Dragonball FighterZ - 7 Fe - 7 Dissidia NT - 5 Full Metal Furies - 5 The Inpatient - 4 Dandara - 5 Features: Uncharted Waters: Sea of Thieves Minds and Bodies: A look at the portrayal of disability in games Block Party: How the blockchain could change how we play games The Making of: Pyre Studio Profile: Bulkhead Interactive Time Extend: Dishonored The Long Game: Minecraft Also, Dave White! As an aside, I'm happy that Rhythm Doctor is becoming a full game - I S-ranked everything in the web version and enjoyed it enough to throw a donation at the maker I was expecting a Labo cover story and exclusive blowout considering their luxury of monthly issues, but I'm guessing they need time to get facts and publish a good story rather than the mad hype that's going around the internet?
  22. The basics of The Snack World TreJarers are to find rare items slumbering deep inside dungeons. The main game cycle is going back and forth between the base and dungeons to proceed through the game. You prepare equipment and items at the base before going to a dungeon. Then at the dungeon, you’ll try to find rare items slumbering deep within. Featured in The Snack World are random dungeons where the layout changes each time the player enters. The type of dungeons vary, including a rocky area, forest, and temple. Scary bosses lie deep inside the dungeons such as the Kraken. Other charming monsters are introduced, which are Buttery, Scorpion, Yeti, Mermaid, Penguin Knight, Mimic, Merman and Clone. Selecting Jara, which is the term for weapon here, is very important. Different Jaras should be prepared to be ready for a variety of monsters which have different affinities against Jaras. Jaras and Snacks can be scanned which will give benefits. Jaras are very important items in The Snack World. They are normally miniaturized while being carried, but can be increased in size during attacks. Snacks are crystal plates that contain sealed monsters and characters. A limited Jara: Crystal Sword Alpha will be available in limited amounts of early game copies. Up to six Jara items can be carried at once. The Jaras can also be freely assembled. Snacks allows summoning of monsters and characters, so you should collect them to go on an adventure with yout favorite characters. Benefits of scanning a Jara toy include activating unique skills that will aid in quests, obtaining items that strengthen weapons, and unlocking special quests. Meanwhile, by scanning Snacks, you can obtain Chap’s bandanna and unlock quests related to Piggy. Each piece of the Jara equipment is grouped under brand names. The currently known ones are: Fairy Electronics, Clanarine, Britannia Enchant and Peffany. Players can enjoy their own way of collecting branded items, whether focusing on their favorite brands or combining from various brands. Announcement trailer: Nintendo Direct (Japanese) debut trailer: >> Official Japanese website. The Snack World is Level-5's latest multimedia franchise, following the likes of Inazuma Eleven, Little Battlers eXperience and Yo-kai Watch. The franchise is a "hyper casual fantasy" that is set in the Snack World, a traditional fantasy world combined with convenience stores, smartphones, and other elements of the modern world. It revolves around the adventures of Chup, a wandering hero, who is determined to get revenge against Large-Scale Leisure Facilities after it destroyed his village in response to the villagers refusing to allow eviction of the village by the former. Madly in love with King Majesty[a]'s daughter, Princess Melora, he fulfills her selfish wishes by going on quests, accompanied by an inelegant witch, Mayone; a muscular warrior, Pepperon; a goblin-like creature, Gob-san; and a female pig-nosed dragon, Francene Level-5 first announced The Snack World TreJarers back in 2015. A Japanese release is set for this Summer. A Western release has also been confirmed
  23. Announced at TGA's. Coming alongside will be ports of the first two games. Those will hit Feb 2018. Anybody excited?

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