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Found 88 results

  1. Eighthours

    Overcooked - Chaotic co-op cooking

    Has anyone tried this out yet? It's a cutesy and chaotic cooking game from Ghost Town Games, published by Team 17. Tasked with preparing meals for hungry customers, you and up to 3 friends have to work together to gather ingredients, chop them, fry them, put them in hot pots, avoid 'fire' accidents, wash up dirty plates, and satisfy all the punters' appetites. What's great about it, aside from how much anarchy and shouting there is when trying to coordinate everything with your team-mates, is that each of the stages (there's 28 or so) is in its own kitchen, and while these start off normal, you're soon cooking on a ship where the counter-tops sway to the other side, or somewhere prone to periodic earthquakes which raise the height of one side of the kitchen, etc. It's a really, really great co-op experience. Local only, though! No online as of yet, and single player is nowhere near as fun, so make sure you have someone else to play with. Reviews: http://arstechnica.co.uk/gaming/2016/08/overcooked-review-co-op-cooking-game/ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gaming/what-to-play/overcooked-is-the-best-chaotic-co-operative-culinary-game-youve/ http://www.pcgamer.com/overcooked-review/ If you have someone else in your house/flat who can play it too (a significant other, perhaps...), fun times abound. It's genuinely excellent. £12.99 on PS4, presumably similar on other platforms.
  2. Revealed during the Nintendo Switch presentation. Here's Capcom's blog announcement: http://www.capcom-unity.com/harrisony/blog/2017/01/12/ultra-street-fighter-ii-is-coming-to-nintendo-switch They don't explicitly mention any other platforms but I'm sure it'll be coming to PS4 and Xbox One as well. You can switch (haha yeah!) between HD and Classic art (unlike HD Remix on PS360 the backgrounds also change to the classic art so there's no jarring clash of styles), there will be new single and multiplayer modes (including Dramatic Battle style 2 on 1 fights) plus Evil Ryu and Violent Ken have been added as new characters. It's one of the games playable at today's Switch events. Capcom's Yoshinori Ono will be demoing it today during Nintendo's Treehouse stream.
  3. By Frozenbyte Official Site | Wiki | Steam | PS4 | XB1 | Switch Release date: 2017 ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS Thread title courtesy of Treble. I was one of the few who really enjoyed that new Gauntlet game and this looks like it'll be more of that but even better. The only question which now remains is on which platform I should get it...
  4. https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/games/nba-playgrounds/cid=EP2609-CUSA06923_00-NBAPLAYGROUNDS17 Out today and looks to be NBA Jam in every way other then name which is no bad thing in my opinion. Can totally see them putting classic players in as DLC somewhere down the line £15.99
  5. VN1X

    Nintendo Direct - 12.4.17

    Stream | Youtube | Archive ABOUT What to Expect? more at NintendoLife Might as well have a separate thread for it am I right? I'm hoping they're able to make ARMS look more enticing by showing more characters and modes as I'm not sure the Nintendo Tax™ is justified at the moment. They could at least double the roster and make Dhalsim a pre-order bonus (insta buy).
  6. GwiDan

    SNK Switch Games

    There are quite a few SNK games on the Switch by now, but I've never played any of them, as I never had a Neo-Geo, and can't ever remember seeing their games in an arcade when they were still a thing. I've been aware of Metal Slug and King of Fighters, but haven't really heard of any of the others. Do any of these games still stand up, or are they really just for nostalgia? Are any in particular recommended?
  7. Zavvi doing preorders tomorrow, Game doing preorders in store only tomorrow, nothing on Gamestop, Grainger, Smyths, Toys R Us, Tesco yet. But Shopto? Post your best deals, or even just if you've seen it for preorder anywhere, or where you've preordered from! Shopto: Console £9999.99 (placeholder price) http://www.shopto.net/electronics/nintendo/NINTSW01-nintendo-switch-console#Top
  8. By 34BigThings Official Site | Steam | Reddit Release date: May 2017 ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS F-Who?
  9. Event Page Official Thread Soundtrack Watch Live: Youtube | Twitch UK Stream | EU Stream From Eurogamer Better to have a separate thread for this I reckon so all the hype and glory isn't buried in the mega thread. In a few years we'll want to look back to this momentous occasion when Nintendo, once again, took the industry by storm. Posterity and all that. Bingo cards at the ready gents! Template
  10. US EU Generic Serious Fantasy for Mature Audiences™ or the Look-At-My-Butt Pose? You decide!
  11. Teaser trailer at the Nintendo Switch event: Best guess is that this will be SMTV (without Ant and Dec), given that it's been announced in the 25th Anniversary year of the series. Obviously really early but two really positive things: 1) Trailer above has a PEGI logo so we are almost certainly getting a European release 2) Unreal Engine 4 logo - the adoption of Unreal Engine for Japanese developers recently has seemed to have really helped their development processes and my hope is that this won't take as long as TMS#FE did!
  12. RubberJohnny

    Mario Switch

    Shown in the Nintendo Switch announcement trailer: This is probably what the Galaxy/3D World team have been working on since. The most interesting part is after the person stops playing it they take it to a party and then begin a two player co-op session with it. It's hard to see how that would work with such a close-in character following camera, unless it was a Galaxy-style "star bit collector" mode, or something quite different.
  13. RubberJohnny

    Nintendo Switch - your opinions

    Make lots of threads.

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