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  1. LATEST UPDATE: To state the obvious: the information in this post is out of date, except for the information above concerning 1337 hun73rz. Where have you been? Rllmuk Destiny 2 clans (please go to the relevant thread in Online to see how to apply etc) Rllmuk Renegades: https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/301604-rllmuk-renegades-clan/ rllmuk Overlords: https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/301612-destiny-2-xbox-one-clan-rllmuk-overlords-muko/ Rllmuk Establishment: https://www.rllmukforum.com/in
  2. Hello! Welcome to the Destiny 2 Xbox One clan. We are the rllmuk Overlords. https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupId=2113424 Playing on PS4? Go here. You'll be able to find a group much more easily there, although you're still definitely welcome here if they're full. Playing on PC? We don't have a PC clan on the forum, but, again, you're welcome here if you want. It might be easier to start your own shindig though, with blackjack and strippers. Who are we? Xbox Gamertag/Steam Username and rllmuk username tndom is tnman Swa
  3. RLLMUK RENEGADES [MUKR] Last updated 26/10/17 The clan is accepting new applications for a short while - apply at https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=579822 and post your PSN ID in this thread. Just some basic details about what has become - though was never intended to be - the forum's default clan, with (at D2 launch) the biggest forum membership. The clan, like all Destiny clans, is platform agnostic: and this clan used to be too. But as of 9 September 2017 is PS4-only, due to high membership demand on that platform.
  4. Its ok i got ot sorted by going through the Guardian Rises quest from the vault.
  5. Just downloaded and bought all 3 expansions, looking to catch up and had a few noob questions: 1. it downloaded another 60gb or so after adding expansions. Is this normal, I expected it to be part of main game just unlocked. 2. Does the new content just appear in the director? 3. Can you play it in any order or is it locked until you hit a level. 4. Can you play with randoms for a fire team now? 5. I’ve not played for a couple of years , any tips much appreciated!
  6. Hey, now that our light levels are reasonable, anyone wanna form a regular raid gang? Looking to get going this evening at 9. Leave interest below!
  7. I don't think I'm duplicating anything here, but apologies if I am. Me & my Destiny buddy have decided to play D2 on PC, who else is? Would be great to team up for raids - although, fair warning, we're both terrible at games, and Destiny in particular. Battlenet ID in my sig!
  8. So, with like 6 weeks (?) until Forsaken drops, and a list of Triumphs to grab, I assume (and hope) there'll be people reinvigorated to do things. Please drop your name and such in here, what you want to get done, and typically when you can play, and hopefully we can find each other? Uncle Mike - I want as many Triumphs as I can get. I have not done: Prestige Raid (all), Normal Spire of Stars, Whisper of the Worm, or as many Escalation Protocols as I'd like (I want the shotgun.) I can play pretty easily most work nights, typically between 7:30 to 11ish (base
  9. Just posting this on the off chance that anyone's interested in taking a look at the new raid lair on Saturday morning/early afternoon. If we're not high enough power for the new lair then I'd also be up for running Lev/EoW for the power boost! The team so far: Ghost_Pirate_101 droodling DonRumsfeld (supernintendo64) Scruff (if after lunchtime) Banjaxed (if after 11am) Gorf Reserve: Hexx
  10. Anyone fancy a raid tomorrow daytime? Leviathan/EoW/both?
  11. So this happened today. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/04/26/save-the-last-dance-gta-iv-axes-50-soundtrack-songs/ Dair enough, music licensing for specific time periods and renegotiations over reprints is stand issue stuff. Except they're pullling the music from already bought versions. Now it's sort of a first world problem to complain that a game that's been in your pile of shame for ten years is having content removed but...I own the discs. I don't see why having paid for the game (on the 360) I should suddenly be happy about the soundtrack being rem
  12. 2114 hours on Destiny 1, 3 characters at LL 400, and pretty much everything done; but on D2 it obviously never quite clicked. Makes me genuinely sad that I’ve not cracked 100 hours on D2. I’m LL312, haven’t got past the baths in the raid, and haven’t finished the CoO campaign. Anyone out there on XB1 who might like to do some stuff together, especially raiding, to get me set up for Warmind and beyond...? Really enthusiastic about the way the game plays now and I can’t wait to get into it more.
  13. I'd like to take a stab at this. We used to play on Tuesday nights from 8ish, anyone interested? @df0 @markh @Rattlehead.ie
  14. 31 and have a young family so I generally only get chance to play at weekends and some evenings. Im looking for a group who play trials and pvp as the clan I’m currently in are mainly pve. Add me: mintsauc313 thanks
  15. We are looking to form a new group of regular Tuesday night raiders, old and new. We play every Tuesday, some starting at 7ish and some a little later. We don’t favour higher power levels or weapons, just people who like him and terrible chat. Register your this thread edit: 1. rattle 2. myself 3. 4 5 6
  16. Best sort it out here. 1. Me 2. @Dave White 3. @Hoodedclaw 4. @Len 5. Len +1? 6. Len +2? Normally have weekends free and can sort out weeknights where needed so let's get this show on the road! I've got a 300 Titan, 296 Warlock and 295 Hunter so happy to fit in where required.
  17. @Scruff@JDubYes @wretcherd Scruff - Titan - Light 291 (ready to start as soon as we have a team - has no life whatsoever) - will do Monday despite cheating on the weekend. Jdub - Hunter (yuck) - Light 275 (can start whenever - 'working' from home) Muz - Titan - Light Oz - Token Warlock - Light 2723 (can start from 810pm) Wretcherd - Light Pretender3 (Chris) - White or Titan? - High and Light 270+ (may have a life - not confirmed) LATE RAIDER REPLACEMENT WARLOCK - Kansalier (dfo) Can you guys let me know light and what time you can continue
  18. I noticed there seems to be a few Raid teams who are a little short on numbers from time-to-time, so I quickly knocked up a spreadsheet where everyone can add their preferences and availability so it may be a little easier filling out spaces. Destiny 2 Player List
  19. It seems like a fair few people need to do the Rat King Quest line, and this week is the best to finish it off. Figured we could use a space to organise stuff. I'll hopefully be about over the next couple of nights after 10 and at the weekend. Jump on if you need to do anything for it. PSN name same as here.
  20. Ok, I think there's probably enough of us at least having a go at this now and I know someone in the general thread had posed the idea of splitting it off. Just a thread to discuss the game and complain about the lack of booster packs Anyone new to it that wants to know more, here's a good 'how to play' vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gPu9pp2WOM&t=2s
  21. Quick thread to register your interest in Iron Banner next Tuesday or Wednesday. given the team size is different from our raid teams I assume we would get some free agents looking for groups.
  22. Share Clan https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=2466114 So as those Renegades are full, I've set up a counter group for those left over. Or those who want to be in a cooler clan. Just sayin'
  23. StealthDino714


    Can I join the rllmuk renegades clan please. I know a few people in there who have suggested that I join
  24. Hello, I think we've got 3 for a Raid tomorrow night. Anyone else home alone on Friday? 9pm start?
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