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Found 497 results

  1. By Frogwares Magrunner.com Release date: Coming Soon ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS Looks decent enough I suppose. At least it's not brown. I mean just look at all dat colour.
  2. I know there's a thread in Online but it hasn't been used in nearly a year and I thought this was news that needed wider dispersal. Rift is going F2P in June and it's very nice F2P http://www.riftgame.com/en/promo/freetoplay.php I'm there.
  3. TheSlugFormerlyKnownAsNap

    Drop - free game by Minecraft creator Notch

    Fun little speed typing game inspired by Super Hexagon. My best score so far is 222. http://drop.notch.net/
  4. Thought i would start a thread regarding The Realm, a new kickstarter project by my old Art Manager Ron Ashtiani from Midway Newcastle and his company Atomhawk. Taken from thier kickstarter page: So What Is 'The Realm'? The Realm is set in a far distant future where the world has been reclaimed by nature. Our once proud cities now lie abandoned - overgrown with strange plants and twisted vines. The locations in The Realm reflect the real-life landscapes and architecture of the North East of England. Some humans remain, but they are now leading a more simple life based around small rural communities entirely divorced from modern technology and science. The age of magic and mysticism has returned and there are rumours of stirrings in the forests. The Realm follows the story of Sarina, a headstrong young girl who leaves the safety of her village to embark on a desperate quest to discover a cure for her sick mother. On her journey she befriends a legendary giant stone golem named Toru, a gentle but powerful creature, and the unlikely couple begin a treacherous adventure together. Sarina and Toru travel across the wild and beautiful land to a forgotten city, where legend speaks of a flower growing with amazing healing properties. Their presence in the city awakens a long forgotten shadowy force that controls the Lampheads - mysterious plant-like creatures with a powerful and deadly gaze. As you might expect from a concept/design company the artwork is impeccable and they seem to have some experienced guys on board, obviously i can 'vouch' for Ron. I recently spoke to him at Animex were he was giving a speech and The Realm was mentioned but i don't have any 'insider' info; i know as much as whats on kickstarter. Gameplay details are a bit thin on the ground but they say they'll update the kickstarter page in the coming days. Don't mean to be spammy i thought the idea of it been a click/puzzle game might interest some of you since we seem to have a very diverse range of tastes on RLLMUK.
  5. BrerLappin

    Surgeon Simulator 2013

    This is pretty incredible. Attempt to perform heart surgery using controls as unresponsive and cack handed as those in QWOP, with hilarious results. Its a free game developed from one of those indie game jam things. http://globalgamejam...-simulator-2013
  6. Flub

    Age of Wushu

    New F2P MMO about Kung Fu. http://www.ageofwushu.com/home/ I'm just about to try it but it looks like it has a lot of complexity and different systems. It's also PvP Just installing now
  7. Wiper

    System Shock 2

    Pathetic creatures of meat and bone. Your time has come. The time of your mindless suffering is almost over. You will soon be able to overthrow the shackles of your puny human brains, your pathetic feelings and emotions, and succumb to logic, reason, and the beauty of my perfect, immortal mind. Whether you find solace among the ranks of my flawed children, or allow me to modify you to magnificence myself, you will soon glory in the release I can offer you. Alas, before this release you will surely know terror and pain, but what can these compare to the horror of the knowledge that you are so flawed to begin with? I'm sure you'll agree that the suffering is worth it. Give thanks, then, that gog.com have seen fit to unveil my glory upon an unsuspecting world, allowing you access to a place once thought lost forever. A place of unimaginable terror - at least to your pathetic minds. I'm sure you won't hesitate to join me. System Shock 2 is available to buy now. Only a madman would turn down this opportunity to purchase one of the greatest games ever created. Particularly for barely over £6. You may also be interested in the relevant patches to play the game on a modern system, and maybe some mods. Details are spoilered below. I'll update this post with any further information/suggestions given by others who are more up to date on the System Shock 2 situation.
  8. b00dles

    What God game to play?

    I dunno if I should put this in ATF but I always consider that place to be for unrelated to anything questions but I'll move it if this is wrong.. I love a bit of Sim City, Civ, Tropico and Settlers (before you have to go to war) and I've not had a remotely good enough PC for ages, I can just about play Civ IV with all sorts of stuff turned off on my P4. I now have an i5 laptop through work and was after a good god type game but not sure what to go for. I was quite tempted by Sim City 5 but the online stuff and small map aren't really what I'm looking for, I played a bit of Anno on the DS and that was good but not played a 'full' version on a PC so not sure if that might be the best bet. I generally prefer just the pottering about and expanding my towns, rather than the out and out war of the Total War games (although I do love a bit of Civ). What do you recommend, rllmuk?
  9. parrapatheslapper

    Timesplitters Rewind

    Seems its finally happening - PC only at the moment. http://www.eurogamer...elopment-for-pc
  10. Flub

    Wizardry Online (F2P MMO)

    I just spotted this on Steam and I immediately thought of the psychopathic nutjobs on Rllmuk who like an ultra hard MMO with the addition of fully enabled server wide PvP https://www.wizardrythegame.com/index.vm The Hardest MMO Ever No auto-regeneration, no auto-leveling, no safe zones. Enemies respawn faster than you can kill them – so keep moving! Are you up for the challenge? Classic MMO Mechanics There are countless dungeons to crawl, puzzles to solve and traps to disarm Total Character Customization Four character classes, three alignments and five races. Each class can be combined with the others to create hybrid classes. Each of the races has unique advantages, all the way down to different speeds of attacks with different weapon types. Permadeath If you fail to prepare properly, your character may be lost forever upon death. Server-Wide PVP It's kill or be killed in the world of Wizardry Online. Team up early to discourage opportunistic players – or form your own roving gang of murderers and thieves! Sophisticated Crime System When you kill or steal from other players, you become a criminal. Watch out for the guards, or you may end up in prison! Bounty Hunters Only the best players can survive with a price on their heads. Will you live in infamy, hiding in the slums? Or will you bring people like that to justice? Free to Play. Your Way Our philosophy is simple. Free games. No commitment. And if you want to buy, it's on your terms I'm going to download it and give it a look since it's F2P. I suspect I'll run screaming like a little girl.
  11. Thought it would happen eventually: http://kotaku.com/59...n-trial-version I may give it a go now, despite being knee-deep in Guild Wars 2. I didn't like the beta, but I'm interested to try and bit more and get to see this "action" combat system people go on about.
  12. James Ape

    Death Inc

    I saw a post about this on RPS today, it looks quite nice. http://www.ambientst...co.uk/deathinc/ http://www.rockpaper...ath-inc-videos There are also some early gameplay videos It doesn't look as though it's going to meet it's target. I didn't know about this until today so maybe they aren't doing too good a job of getting their name out there. I hope it gets made even without kickstarter backing.
  13. Mr Cochese

    Jelly No Puzzle

    I just finished this ridiculously brutal puzzle game. http://qrostar.skr.jp/index.cgi?page=jelly〈=en See how long it takes before you hit a level that seems genuinely impossible.
  14. VN1X

    Orcs Must Die! 2

    Orcs Must Die! 2 by Robot Entertainment http://www.robotentertainment.com/ Release Date: Summer ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS The first OMD! was an absolute blast and definitely one of the better tower defense games. The inclusion of a second character can only mean double the fun, harder difficulty and more clever writing. Can't wait. Launch trailer inside.
  15. Apparently this has been causing buzz for years. Reviews http://uk.gamespot.c...review-6403182/ http://www.polygon.c...ntichamber/8450 http://www.destructo...er-243431.phtml
  16. VN1X

    Medal of Honor: Warfighter

    Medal of Honor: Warfighter by Danger Close http://www.medalofhonor.com Release date: October 23, 2012 INFO IMAGES VIDEOS Videogame titles are atrocious aren't they? Anyway I'm having a bit of a war fighter overload these days but hey... maybe this'll be for the MoH franchise what ACII was to its own series? (announcement trailer inside the videos section)
  17. Excellent western style old school fantasy RPGs. http://basiliskgames...eschalon-book-i Eschalon: Book I is a classic role-playing game experience that will take you across massive outdoor environments and deep into sprawling dungeons as you seek to uncover the mystery of who – or what – you are. ♦ A tile-built, turn-based game world where the result of absolutely every action is rolled, calculated or statistically determined. Strategy is paramount to success; careful skill management, equipment selection and magic usage will win your fights, not rapid button clicking. We are very pleased to say this is not another “action RPG”. ♦ Hundreds of items and dozens of creatures await your discovery. A combination of randomly generated treasure and carefully hidden goodies means that no two games will play the exact same way. ♦ Unlimited character development style: Choose from 24 unique skills to make the character you want and 8 base attributes that affect your character’s every action throughout the game. The game world does not scale or adjust itself to match anyone’s play style, so the ease or difficulty of the game is directly related to how successful you are at developing your character. ♦ Combat plays out at your pace. Eschalon: Book I features a turn-based system that allows you to roll through combat as fast or slow you want…make it fast and furious, or analyze every option for maximum advantage. ♦ A non-linear storyline means that the game world is open to explore as you desire. Follow the storyline or don’t…it’s up to you. Just be careful where you go and who you choose to trust- the world of Eschalon can be a deadly place for an inexperienced adventurer. ♦ An epic adventure that you must face alone…a single-player RPG carefully designed to feel like the great old school RPGs of the past such as Ultima®, Might & Magic®, and Wizardry® http://basiliskgames...schalon-book-ii The time has come to return to the realm of Eschalon! A new menace threatens Mistfell and the northern provinces, and evidence of your mysterious past come to light which will make you question everything you know about yourself. Don’t miss this thrilling sequel to 2007′s award-winning Eschalon: Book I! ♦ Eschalon: Book II is the sequel to 2007′s award winning RPG Eschalon: Book I, although no previous experience is needed to play and enjoy Book II. ♦ Book II is available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux-based computers. ♦ Play as a male or female character. ♦ 1024 x 768 native resolution. ♦ DRM Free! We respect our customers. ♦ New weather effects: snow, rain, and thunderstorms. Weather isn’t just an effect; severe weather effects gameplay stats and skills. ♦ Additional skills and improved skill balancing. ♦ Improved GUI including additional save game slots, increased number of Inventory and Quick Slot spaces, Key Ring and Recipe book, and much more! ♦ “Equipment configuration” presets for convenient swapping of entire armor and weapons sets. ♦ New difficulty modes and tracked statistics add to replay value. One nice touch is the minimap only works if you have the cartography skill and the more points you put into the skill the better the mini map gets. Some interesting puzzles too and you really have to watch for traps.
  18. http://www.capcom-un...ing-december-17 Free pc game available December 17th from Capcom Unity. It's a fan made game which shows how Capcom are more open to such things than say, Sega.
  19. A 2D puzzle platformer that Gilbert describes as a game in the vein of his old adventure games. Preview here: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-05-24-the-cave-preview-double-fines-new-game-for-sega Trailer: Promising, no? And no, this is not the Kickstarter game.
  20. Flub

    Asheron's Call 2 is back

    If you have a current sub to the original AC Turbine have resurrected an AC2 server to beta test. I suspect it's a prelude to trying the game as F2P. That could be the start of an interesting trend. I have fond memories of both the AC games. It's just a shame you need an AC sub to play at the moment. $12.95 is a little expensive. http://forums.ac.turbine.com/showthread.php?t=57257
  21. http://www.seewithperspective.com/ It's free, download it. It's about 20-30 mins long, play it now. It's a perspective-based puzzle platformer, don't read any more about it than that. Go into it blind and don't come back here to comment on it until you've finished it. I heard about this game a while ago and thought it sounded like an interesting gimmick, but the kind that would either get very boring (as the premise begins to wear thin) or very frustrating (as the designers try to stretch out the premise by increasing the difficulty to unfair degrees) It's neither. It's short, manages to keep the premise fresh, the levels are very well designed and there are some unexpected twists and turns throughout. My only gripe is that it, rather weirdly, has about 50% controller support. You can move the character and view with the controller, but the button to enter levels or switch gameplay modes remains mapped to the keyboard and mouse respectively.
  22. poppa_f

    Dark Souls 2

    Dark Souls 2 announced at the VGA awards: http://www.forbes.co...360-ps3-and-pc/ Trailer: http://kotaku.com/59...s-debut-trailer
  23. You can play the game now in your browser. http://www.parsecpro...s/whereami.html It's pretty fucked up. Probably best played knowing as little as possible. However it's worth knowing that it was created in 48 hours as part of a game-jam, so it's a bit more barebones than Slender.
  24. CoS_Gab

    City of Steam

    (First off, I'd like to thank admin choddo and mod Don Rosco for their advice on how to approach talking about our game development on the forum. Granted, this was months ago now, but I presume the same rules apply, hah!) Hey everyone! Gab with Mechanist Games here, developer of City of Steam. I'd get into talking more about the game, but I wouldn't want to piss you guys off with promoting stuff too much... Besides, I'd hate myself for it. Rather, I'd like to share a dumb (funny?) little video we made recently (during our stressful push for Beta), it should give you enough of an idea about the game anyway (and yes, the video is supposed to come off as really cheap, part of the joke ) Also, seeing how we're being pretty open with development, I'd love to discuss the game, answer any questions you may have, take in suggestions even! Beta should be out sometime in November. And yes, even as I say this, I'm bracing myself for a potential barrage of hate, but hey, how else would I learn?
  25. Don Wiskerando


    I've just discovered this cute little puzzler and spent a couple of hours with it. http://mcpixel.net/ In most cases you are presented with a single room, a few objects to interact with and a very short time limit. Somewhere in the screen will be a hidden bomb and your job is to diffuse it. Simple enough but even the 'game' is in trying out all the incorrect solutions. You play a series of 10 puzzles at a time. After a fail it moves you on to the next and then back to the beginning until you have the correct solution for each. Sometimes it's a little difficult to see what's going on and sometimes the humour is suspect but I can not stop playing. Price is a bit steep at $9.99 but discounts are available There is a demo so that you can get the idea. It might possibly be really shit but it's compelling shit.

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