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  1. dumpster


    Bumped for @ZOK. If you stick Bullseye on series link you get 3,500 episodes on your hard drive within a week. Greatest TV show ever?
  2. You see, one of the hostesses has a foreign accent. She's from one of those "abroad” places from the 1970s and she always reads the contestants information from the card wrongly. She says "couple number one is Claire Taylor and Ian Johnson from Rotherham. Claire is a sales director and Ian is 'The Rapist'". Ted Rogers, our genial host is concerned. He looks at the card, muttering, "The Rapist?" He scans his eyes over the card. "Therapist! Ian is a therapist!" Everyone laughs and the host rolls his eyes. Its fantastic humour, calling your guest a rapist on national television, and 3-2-1 is full of humour and comedy, all intentional, but so unfunny it becomes hilarious anyway. A definite product of its time, how it still gets shown on Challenge TV is beyond rational understanding, but they show it (occasionally) and I'm so glad they do. An opportunity to see many young comedians and performers before they hit the big time, 3-2-1 has turns from Mark Heap (juggling), Andrew O'Connor (millionaire co partner of Objective Productions) , Joe Pasquale (Joe Pasquale) , Phil Cornwell (Impressions) and many more. Among the 6 or so variety acts that appear each week are those you've never seen before and will never see again, such as the outstanding 'Trevellian and Nine', a duo that not even Google has heard of, performing an act where a woman sings the theme from 'Rocky' whilst a man frantically paints a caricature of Sylvester Stallone. The studio audience, made up entirely of the elderly, can't get enough of this singular talent and they lap it up. Each act delivers a clue to a fabulous prize, shakes the contestants hands, then sods off. And those clues and the prizes make a piece of perfect television even better, if that was at all possible. "You may fare well in neat attire, this prize will lift you that bit higher" turns out to be a car, a mini Mayfair to be clear, attire, well, attire is what the car has four of... And the thing is, every prize, apart from the dustbin is supposed to be a star prize but their idea of "star prizes” varies massively, especially in the early episodes where the star prizes included a racing greyhound, a Saint Bernard dog and my personal favourite, a GENUINE TREASURE CHEST. The hostesses wheel out every ridiculous prize and one by one they are eliminated (the prizes, not the women) until only one prize remains. And the viewers at home all secretly hope the contestants win the bin. 3-2-1 is glorious, amazing, incredible, and there's no chance of anything remotely like it ever appearing on TV any time in the future. If you have 50 minutes free, this is glorious.
  3. dumpster

    The Chase

    There's no way to make sure 2 sets of questions are exactly the same difficulty, but the contestants get to choose one and the Chaser gets the other. So it's hardly rigged. By the way, what is it with The Chase and product placement? I assume someone's paying for all those questions about brands. If you've never noticed it before, listen out for it. Every episode has about 5 questions like, "What face cream is advertised as "The best face cream in Europe"
  4. Which emulator is that?
  5. dumpster

    The Chase

    The explanation to the charity issue is that the contestants are playing the game to win the money. If the game didn't exist there would be no prizes. The game exists and so some people do get prizes. Not everyone though. That's surely how the Chasers justify it to themselves although I agree it really taints the celebrity version when the Chaser punches the air and smugly wins, denying the orphanage a new roof. The Chase isn't rigged - there are two sets of questions and the team get to pick one. They can pick the wrong one and get hard questions. But the main thing with the Chase is what's been covered above - the contestants have more obstacles than the Chaser in the final round. The question is asked, one buzzes in, the voice says "Billy!" and then they are allowed to answer. It adds half a second to every answer. This is why it's so important to get a full team back. For every team member that makes it to the final Chase, they get one extra step before they start. 4 back means 4 steps, which would take about 15 - 20 seconds to get by asking questions. The Chase is the latest in a long line of TV game shows which I believe started with 3-2-1, which in my opinion is one of the most brilliant bits of TV from the 1970s. The idea is that the TV show gets to appear as generous as possible without giving anything away. 3-2-1 had a wide array of prizes which became more extravagant as the series went on, but every episode would involve a reveal of 5 major prizes (holiday, car etc) but only one was actually won, and sometimes it was a bin. Other shows took from this, for example, in Bullseye you can see in the later series that Bully's Gamble risks losing everything where earlier series the money they won at the start is safe no matter what. The Chase builds on this, creating a gameplay mechanic where you get drawn in by the player's bravery when they go for the big money, but even if they get that in the bank there's a strong chance they won't actually take it home. The reason 3-2-1 is so great is because they once gave a racing greyhound as a prize.
  6. dumpster

    Found this in a cupboard

    Dodge Em is fantastic too.
  7. So the crashing issue then. Turns out, the Custom Firmware, Atmosphere, is designed to run as a replacement to the photo album app, which runs in very limited memory, allowing the console to run a game and the album at the same time. To open up the whole console memory you need to change this. You have to follow the guide I posted earlier and follow the bit from the drop down menu that says "unlock memory to homebrew". Now, I click on Night Trap, the loader appears, and emulation is amazing.....
  8. dumpster

    What type of retro fan are you?

    I love retro, and spent time on my modded Wii playing games I've always enjoyed. I've bought many many games over the years and having them all on one small device is great. I can't imagine filling my house with hundreds of boxed games, and don't see the point of complete collections when so many terrible games get released. Collectors end up paying £200 for Mary-Kate and Ashley's Horse Riding, for absolutely no logical reason other than OCD. Also, when you think about it, any branch of Cash Convertors has a better collection than you do. Also, I know many purists who insist on using old hardware , but it doesn't make sense to me. Having 10 old consoles set up at once might prove you're a hardcore collector, but let's be realistic about this... If you use, say, an N64, surely your controller is a bit knackered these days? Flaky skin in the analogue mech? Even if the hardware is perfect, those murky colours, SD output, no HDMI. And if these collectors are such slaves to the original hardware, why do they spoil it by sticking an Everdrive cartridge in? As soon as you introduce something that's not genuine from the era, you may as well be using emulation. One box, everything you loved...
  9. My guide retains all regular functionality. One of the reasons I wrote it all out is that there is loads of out of date information online and previous mods had some weird side effects (DiosMios allowed games on USB but stopped you loading games from disc for example). But the stuff in my OP doesn't remove any functionality, and adds a tonne of new stuff.
  10. Yep. Its amazing to play the arcade versions at home, because you have to pay for a credit every track, whether you win or lose. You can play right through the arcade version at home and won't have to pay the £150 or so it would cost in an arcade. Also control is perfect on the control pad which is weird because the arcade used a wheel. It feels as if the game was a GameCube game before it went to arcades instead because the control pad works perfectly.
  11. dumpster

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    Back to Resident Evil , I know the Origins is a remake of a much older game but they made a number of changes when they updated it, so why not update the biggest single pain in the arse . the treasure chests! You should be able to send an item from the inventory to the treasure chest without having to walk there. Example, just now I took the musical notes to the piano room. Didn't realise that in the remake the notes are incomplete. But the rest of the notes are right next to the fucking piano so its hardly a puzzle, just a frustration when your inventory is full and you can't pick them up. You either waste health items to free up space or trek to the room with the chest in. Drip and item in the chest , head back to the piano , do the puzzle and a new room opens. There's an emblem in the room and you need to switch it with the one you picked up earlier . guess where that is? Back to the chest. And also the game definitely doesn't want you to save anywhere, willy nilly, so it has the ink ribbons I mentioned in a previous post. I now have 28 ink ribbons in the chest. What's the point? Why can't I just save without having to go to the chest, pick them up, save, then before resuming , drop them back in the chest.
  12. dumpster

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    Games that don't let you save anywhere. Life happens. Theres a knock at the door, the phone rings. You go to the pub. Leaving the console powered up, sounding like a jet engine, throughout your unexpected visit, simply because the game won't let you save without going to a save room miles away. Also Resident Evil. There's a storage trunk next to almost every typewriter, so why do they force you to find and collect ink ribbons. All you do is put them in a trunk at the first opportunity. All it.serves to do is make every save involve sticking an item in the trunk to free up inventory space so you can remove a ribbon, then when you next play you need to put the ribbons back in the trunk before you start. Also, ever wanted to do something else, but cant save because you have no ink ribbons? Forced to play longer, hunting them down so you can save? Arses
  13. Sorry, again I'm being unclear. Mixing up three other points in my head. What I was meaning was that TF2 came at the same time as Battlefield, Mafia, Metal Gear 5, world of final fantasy, skyrim deluxe and so on. Most people haven't got the money to play everything they would like to play and one game emerges as the winner. Titanfall was a great game and deserved to do well but I'd be pretty confident that the reason it didn't find it's customer base is that there were too many other games competing for the money. It is hypothetical , but I'd wager that if all these games were shorter and cheaper, more games would get a piece of the pie, but if you commit to Battlefield, the multiplayer, DLC etc. will eat into your time way more than the games of 20 years ago would, and you won't get around to Titanfall until it's been deemed a failure, if at all. That's not the question I originally posed though and I'm all over the place with thoughts on this one. The whole world seems to have too much of everything these days, with too much TV, too much news, no-one can keep up. There was no reason for Titanfall to do badly but it surely harmed the companies responsible when it didn't sell well, and its been £4 on the stores recently. If all the games stopped with the DLC, the massive sprawling epic levels of 100 hour gameplay, maybe a typical gamer might have bought all the games that weekend?
  14. Does this create an issue where the perceived value of a game is reduced because the player didn't stick with it? For example, customer buys Red Dead Redemption 2 for £60. Plays to end of second section and stops. Then, when Red Dead 3 comes out, they say "no point in buying that, I barely touched the last one" Compared to: Red Dead 2 gets released with half the content of the game we know. Its £19.99 and is an impulse purchase on the shelf at Asda. Customer plays it to the end, finishes it in a couple of weeks of casual play, maybe returns to sections to 100% it, but ultimately can't wait for Rdr3. The issue of pricing in games is often discussed here, but there does appear to be a disconnected where people pay £60 for a game then give up a quarter of the way through it. And of course, if all games are these sprawling epics, players are less likely to buy a new game if they still have one on the go. We discussed on the forum the failure of TitanFall 2, which is bloody fantastic but seems to be the victim of a crowded marketplace. Could all three of the AAA titles that released on that same day have been succesfull if they were shorter and launched at £20?
  15. I'm not making that point very well, because I'm mixing two points together in a messy way. It just seems that devs are spending 2 years creating a mammoth, sprawling, epic game with collectibles , side quests, hidden bonuses, hundreds of challenges, then the trophy data shows a minority of people explore the game enough to justify it. However the earlier replies make me think that there's a discrepancy in those figures caused by players putting the disk in the player in error on their profiles. So maybe the figures are innacurate and the majority of players do play the majority of the game.

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