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  1. BCS seems to have a change of tone quite quickly. The first episode has a lot more comedy (including the courtroom scene where they do that thing with the head of a corpse in the morgue) and it's very dark, not especially funny and misses it's mark a bit (in my opinion). The comedy seems to find its place midway through series one, then takes a backseat to the drama. With both BB and BCS everything takes second place to the characters anyway. You could watch Mike reading the telephone directory and it would be rivetting.
  2. Lost was a really interesting show. It was well filmed, good cast, lots going on and was a great example of that period where everyone had wide-screen TVs and the producers were making TV that looked like film. See also 24, The Sopranos etc. Each episode of Lost is usually really good and you know it's all leading to the big reveal. It's such a crusher that the big reveal didn't work. The mystery elements were so well crafted and spun throughout the entire series and each character has their own story that starts to intertwine with the others. The first 5 series feels like one
  3. A sign of the times but when the Saturn launched (and also when there were massive shortages of the PS1 and Game managed to source PAL machines from abroad which came with a scart cable and a power lead we had to swap in store for a UK one) it was funny how many people had no idea what Scart was and didn't know if their TV had it or not. It was the era of going to someone's house and seeing that they watched 4:3 TV stretched weirdly on their new 16:9 set. People were often not that tech savvy, you just plugged stuff into your TV and watched it.
  4. I mean that some company releases Ninjabread Man for £39.99, it's rubbish and completely fails at retail but then when it hits £4.99 in a dump bin at a garage forecourt it shifts some units, leading to a better overall attach rate for the Wii. The gamers bought all the excellent Mario Galaxies and Resident Evils but there was a sizeable market that didn't treat it as a console and were happy with the Wii Sports and the occasional impulse purchase of something cheap. It was significant that Nintendo bucked the trend for loss-making hardware and were selling the console itself at a profit. The
  5. I'm getting my numbers from misremembered anecdotal comments of the era, but I'm sure there was an issue. Like, on paper the attach rate was very good but when you broke it down there were many users that had a collection of £4.99 shovelware and many people who were not gamers and didn't buy anything at new release full price at all. The huge mass market appeal of the console itself and Wii Sports (bundled) meant that huge numbers of non-gamers bought it. That lead to publishers having huge expectations of high potential sales, knocking out loads of shovelware which didn't sell in the numbers
  6. My mum has no interest in video games, in fact she actively despises them and thinks they are a bad thing I general. Yet in 2008ish she bought a Wii. Because the Wii wasn't a video game console, it was a family tennis game. She got Guitar Hero at some point but the Wii became a one off thing we did at Xmas and was boxed up into the loft shortly after. There was a correlation with the Wii having massive hardware sales but a less than stellar attachment rate with games and accessories. the console went so mainstream so quickly but it didn't get the long tail off you'd imagine because it didn
  7. It's incredible value, I got this at launch for 25 quid and they keep adding free extra modes and it was brilliant anyway. Best value ever.
  8. It sometimes seems like Nintendo isn't allowed to make a console in the traditional sense and they haven't since GameCube. I can't imagine Nintendo as a software only company (like when Sega dropped all hardware and launched Sonic and Monkey Ball on all formats), Nintendo has become a novelty toy company almost, with the waggly Wii controllers, the Tablet controller on the Wii-U, the hybrid Switch, the dual screen handhelds and the 3D screens. Then you have the games like the Wii Fit board, the exercise ring, the remote control carts. They don't make a standard console, there's always got to
  9. I remember refunding a customer for Home Alone on SNES in the early '90s, and he was distraught pointing to the box and saying, "the seal of quality! It means nothing!"
  10. If you want to platinum you can grind individual items on separate playthroughs if that helps. Use a walkthrough to see what you are missing, look at where to go to get those items and pick them up next time you play.
  11. I can see that as a justification for heavy handedness. Emulation for me doesn't cost anyone any sales because you're playing games you couldn't buy new anywhere (second hand shops don't generate revenue for anyone other than themselves so they don't count). The worst aspect of emulation from the point of view of the industry is that while you're spending time playing Sega Rally you're not spending money on Dirt 5. You only have a finite time on earth and anything that stops you playing the new release they want you to buy could be construed as a problem but it's a pretty weak argument. I've
  12. If you are aged 25 or over the new DLC has been released. If you are under 25, the new DLC has "dropped". Either way, it's a new classic mode and a new crossover mode. And as always, it is free, making this surely one or the best value games of all time. Just as you finish the content you have they give you something more, all free. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.eurogamer.net/amp/2021-01-14-bloodstained-ritual-of-the-nights-retro-inspired-classic-mode-is-out-today
  13. Just to add, when AM2R came out, Nintendo filed cease and desist orders, takedowns etc and it was a shame because it was an amazing game. Fast forward to today and if you Google AM2R the first result gets you an instant download. So Nintendo's heavy handed approach seems to have achieved nothing, other than showing the world they can be bullies. If Nintendo had simply commented "we're so glad you love Metroid so much to make this. We love Metroid too and are excited for the forthcoming Samus Returns on 3DS" the end result would be exactly the same but they would have come across
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