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  1. Controversial opinion, Psygnosis on the Amiga were all about the intros, the music, the 13 layer parallax scrolling. The only game that didn't follow that formula was lemmings and by chance Lemmings is the only game they ever did that was actually any good. Games like Shadow of the Beast were very bad games with great review scores because of the shiny, but the gameplay was awful. Psygnosis has the entire Amiga market in a collective hysteria, with everyone loving their games despite them all being rubbish.
  2. Netflix played one automatically when i started the episode.
  3. dumpster


    A special one off episode where Ross believes everything the zoo ever told him.
  4. First episode of the new series is great. I really have no idea where the various plot threads are heading, but it's a fantastic ensemble cast. Mike is just amazing, the way he speaks and the way he doesn't need to say anything, he just has a presence in all his scenes that nails the atmosphere.
  5. Yep, the first hour or so (on your first time, it's 15 minutes when you know where to go) is rubbish. Keep going.....
  6. Got a tattoo to celebrate. Not me, someone else.
  7. Deadly Premonition is often unfairly criticised for its inappropriate music because of the over use of the Life is Beautiful theme. But it has a few absolute crackerz. First the soft, beautiful music Then two bangers And
  8. Damn right, it's fantastic. I don't get how people can't see past the frame rate on this. Maybe dump the truck section, but otherwise it's a belter.
  9. Jeff Minter did Space Giraffe which shares so many similarities with Tempest as well. I didn't get Jeff's protestations that his games were "tunnel based shooters" and that it was fair game for him to be making games in that genre when the similarities are so striking. It's akin to making a pacman game with a different maze layout but still having a red ghost called clyde. Every time you complete a level and a woman's voice says "superzapper recharge" and techno music plays and particle effect text zooms out of the image you know you are playing an improved version of Tempest 2000. It's crazy that he thought he'd get away with it, and so fruatrating because we never got to play the VR update (did T4K have the VR mode hidden away?) You'd think some sound designer from the 80s would play the game and think "hang on, these are my sound effects". I do love Jeff Minter games, but he did seem to have that 80s mentality of "write donkey kong, call it monkey climber and no one will sue" but in 2014 when people do sue you for that sort of thing.
  10. I loved TxK and I reckon it is Jeff Minter's crowning achievement. Like, he's been doing Tempest games for years and finally utterly nailed it with this one. I even bought a PSTV just to play it. However I was really surprised when Atari threated to take action. Not because Atari seemed heavy handed , but because I'd always assumed that Jeff had some licence or permissions from the Jaguar game. I found it quite unbelievable that after making Tempest 2000 for Atari, he went on to keep upgrading and rereleasing the same game with no permissions and popular opinion seemed to blame Atari for being mean to Jeff. He argued that tunnel style shooter was a genre, but Jeff's game says "superzapper recharge" etc, it IS Tempest, TxK means Tempest 10,000, it's s9 ridiculously blatant. Beggars belief. Also as mentioned , Jeff uses everyone else's sound effects which surely have copyright issues. I'm not sure how he gets away with it. Even if the effects are reconstructions they sound exactly the same. Surely he is on thin ice.
  11. Not sure if this is contraversial, but i think one of the reasons I find computer games of the past disappointing is that you can usually emulate the arcade originals or some other better version today. Therefore, you take, say Strider on Amiga, which I enjoyed and spent a lot of time on back in the day. Today it is off the radar because the Megadrive version is fantastic and the Arcade version is available on Mame as well. Not sure this is a controversial opinion, but it means that over time a lot of games become nostalgia curios you play for 5 minutes just to have a look at, because there are better versions that are still retro.
  12. Snes was weird. You either got rubbish conversions of amiga or megadrive tunes, flaky rubbish that used the same samples as all the other flaky music or absolute bangers like this. Fest or famine. Snes music was either average or completely outstanding. I mean how? Just how did they make this ?
  13. Further to the above, if you want an example of a game that has the cut scenes, explosions, pre scripted action balanced with interactivity, smooth gameplay and lots of fun, the pinnacle of this kind of thing is Resident Evil 6. People didn't like it and it strays too far from the Resident Evil style, but if you like what Resi6 is trying to do then it is one of the best of its type and it is way more fun than many highly rated titles.
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