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  1. I'd imagine that an F Zero game today would be a good seller. It's one of the standards, like Mario, Metroid etc. I half expect it every time they make a new console.
  2. That's interesting. Do the games themselves still run at full speed?
  3. Arrested Development is definitely one of the best sitcoms ever, even though it ends so abruptly when it got cancelled in series 3. Series 4 though? Has its moments, sure, but the best series? Not a chance. So much green screen, actors clearly not in the same room etc.. and then dedicating one episode to one character, then recutting the whole thing and leaving 2 versions of each episode on Netflix... Then series 5 episode 1 is just a mess, impossible to follow. If there was ever an example of a show that should have been left alone, Arrested Development was it. An absolute masterpiece, which Netflix should have left well alone.
  4. The best Saturday Night telly ever made, an hour of stupidity. Someone has finally uploaded a high quality (well, higher than the pixelated crap we've seen before) episode 1 and I have high hopes he'll upload them all. This is a TV show that no-one seems to remember, but Bob Mortimer quoted as one of the best things he and Vic ever did.
  5. Every sitcom ever. I watched the IT Crowd final episode yesterday. Jen accidentally puts change in the homeless persons coffee. Why doesn't she just go and get a new coffee and apologise. This seems true of most sitcoms, no-one apologises or explains the mix up, everyone just over reacts and makes it all worse. Fawlty Towers. I'm sorry, the chef has gone home and we don't have the ingredients for a Waldorf salad, allow me to give you your money back. If you like, I can go to the local restaurant and bring food from there, like in the other episode where the car breaks down. Friends: I'm sorry Rachel's mum, this is awkward, but your ex husband has arrived as well and he's in the next room. What would you like to do? 2 parties would be comical and impractical. Frasier: Could everyone in this ski chalet, please meet in the main room, and we can all discuss who, if anyone, what's to cop off with who. Only Fools and Horses. Now listen, Del, you have ruined every relationship I've ever had so I'm not telling you where I'm going this weekend and you dare try and follow me. You get the idea.
  6. The grand daddy of them all for me, especially as I loved Paul Daniels and magic in general as a child, and I'd seen this sort of thing hundreds of times before.... As a 14 year old it was the sheer speed of the door slam that got me, especially immediately after the paper tear. The standard narrative of every escapology trick is to get out with seconds to spare, not have the spikes slam down 5 seconds in. There was uproar over this, prompting Paul to write this letter. https://images.app.goo.gl/6piNzmfYteZiC7hZ8 It's important to compare and contrast this with regular 1987 Saturday Night programming: Looking back at what somehow passed for entertainment just reinforces today how groundbreaking and original Ghostwatch and Paul Daniels had to be. It really felt like that metal door slammed shut and everyone watching somehow woke up. In the era of this, and Ghostwatch, the audience had an innocence that seems naive today. It's a shame, we have lost that ability to be fooled, as seen by the otherwise excellent Inside Number 9 live episode. As soon as the announcer said there was a technical fault, we all thought, "oh this is going to be good" and I don't think anyone actually believed it, which is a real shame. There's probably rules and regulations now that would prevent you doing something that shocking in prime time. Mind, even Ghostwatch did announce it was a drama at the start, but it appeared like a regular BBC announcer and not sure anyone was really listening. I still check behind the curtains for Mr Pipes.
  7. @Textface invited me over to watch a Japanese romantic comedy. Good film that. When the woman is sat in the hallway, phone ringing, and the body bag you didn't even see was there jumps. Christ.
  8. A trip through a companies back catalogue, done as a bad dream. Basically WarioWare, but it drops you into a real game, mid-level, with no warning and expects you to play it without dying for a minute, at which point the game instantly switches to another one. Retro games could be used to cover any loading times. Boom! You're in the resident Evil 4 village surrounded by chainsaw wielding maniacs. Boom! Hanging from the big clockwork mechanism from Strider. Boom! You're playing -Ghosts and Goblins but that's a gigantour you have to kill. Boom! It's Devil May Cry, but you're King Arthur, and it's all kicking off and BOOM! You're being chased through the Dead Rising Shopping Centre by the Nemesis, and you're kicking the zombies over because you're Dhalsim from Street Fighter 2. I call this game "Boom!"
  9. Pre-game bullshit. You notice this more if you're into retrogaming. So many older games allow you to go from power-on to playing in no time at all. A modern day equivalent to this would be EDF 4.1 and EDF 5 for the PS4. You think, "I'll have a game of EDF I think!" And 2 minutes later you're in game. Theres no updates or downloads, there's no cut scenes or tutorials. There are so many games today that you just cannot play for a quick 15 minute blast before setting off for work.
  10. I love this film. Seen it so many times now. There's not been a thread before, but now it's on Netflix (looking beautiful in HD) it may well find a new audience. Spoiler alert! I'm not going to spoil anything in this first post but don't Google it. This is a storyline lead thriller /suspense film, bordering on horror. But the plot and story will be spoiled if you search further. If you've never seen it, well, you're in for a treat.
  11. For me, retrogaming gives me a wow factor I rarely see on current gen. I'm playing 24 The Game on PS2 at the moment and it's really good fun. It captures the feel of the TV show perfectly and the main character looks and sounds like Keifer Sutherland. There have been a few moments when I've been blown away by what they managed to do on a PS2. I'm also playing Super Runabout on Dreamcast and there's something really enjoyably shit about it. Meanwhile you boot up Flight Simulator and it's really impressive. But it's impressive in a different way because, well, you know these consoles are so powerful, they can do anything. Similarly, I've not been blown away by music in a game in years because... It's music. It's great, it's fitting in with the style of the game... But you don't get the wow factor like when you watch Amiga Demos and think, how the hell did they push the Amiga so hard to make music this good? With modern gaming being so big, epic, bloated and expensive, it's great to spend an hour on Gradius 5 , part nostalgia, but part that it's really good.
  12. All main Resident Evils since 4 have dynamic difficulty. It's not drastically dynamic ; there's an upper and lower limit to the DD value for each selectable skill level. From memory, if you play on Assisted, the zombie behaviour could switch up to the next level (standard) but you won't lose the auto aim, the health recovery etc. If you start on Inferno, poor performance will make the game become easier, but still within the range of the inferno ballpark. I'm thinking some sort of practice menu, and an in game option when you're stuck. For example you fail to beat a boss ten times the game pops up with options - keep trying, make it easier or skip entirely. Whatever you choose the bit you're stuck on gets added to the practice menu. This could be linked to achievements. You'd need to legitimately complete the game in its entirety to get the achievement. If you start on hard, but drop it to standard midway you'd only get the standard achievement. This way you would get to see the whole game but you couldn't platinum it without playing it properly.
  13. I deliberately chose that example as I know they are divisive. That's my point though, how do developers make a game where one person enjoys the challenge from something that makes the other player turn it off?
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