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  1. dumpster

    Is "Game" finished?

    The American sweets places all seem to stock a product called Pepsi Throwback. My local charges £1.50 a can and it's American Pepsi but with the added twist of being made with sugar instead of corn syrup, like they used to do.... and like the UK still do. So it's regular Pepsi for £1.50 a can. In Game news, I saw a Prima Strategy Guide last week for Super Mario Odyssey. There were 4 separate books, and I couldn't see if those four were the complete game or whether there were more you would need to buy. Prima Strategy Guides were always a high margin add-on sale that no-one really wanted (apart from Zelda etc), and where one book always seemed overpriced, splitting it into 4 seems an outright con. I once had an argument with the Prima book rep, asking why the PS1 game Stuntman had a strategy guide. It pretty much said "When the director says 'Drive through the barrels' point the car towards the barrels and accelerate towards them.' stretched into 100 pages.
  2. Not a clue. Have you accidentally knocked the write-protect tab on the SD card? Can you try a different SD card? Did you copy the cIOS details from the first post?
  3. dumpster

    Nintendo Switch

    I rarely use my Switch, but it's coming out now and I'm playing Night Trap on the train with the sound up.
  4. Decided to have a Star Wars Marathon. It would take a few weeks, but any time I had a spare evening I was going to watch one. Got all hyped up. Starting with Phantom Menace and working through them in chapter number order. Made it half an hour into Phantom Menace and realised I was playing Egg Inc. on my phone. Turned the film off. Haven't carried on yet, and that was a week and a bit ago. Jar Jar Binks - love him or hate him, he's pretty much in the movie throughout, always there. Even if you like him, he;s in there way too much. Also, the whole Star Wars thing is now tarnished. There are too many films and the original three are just episodes in a soap opera. They happen to be stand out episodes, way better than the others, but in the context of an ongoing release schedule, you start to realise that even ESB and ROTJ are not the best movies (especially in the current versions with the three minute song and dance routine in Jedi for example). ESB was the best of the original three, but it's not a self contained movie and being part of a long sequence of movies damages it somewhat. It's making me think that Episode 4 is the one and only true Star Wars film, and the rest are just padding. Or, watch all three of the originals in the despecialised editions and just ignore everything else. And I loved Last Jedi at the Cinema, came out of there buzzing, but have no desire whatsoever to see it again.
  5. dumpster

    Game piracy in 2018

    So you honestly believe that there is a notable number of gamers that can buy a game at £45 preowned but for whom £50 would be a barrier to entry and they wouldn't be able to buy it new?
  6. dumpster

    Game piracy in 2018

    Activision did this before with one of the Tony Hawk games. Released within days of their TH licence expiring, the game isn't on the disk at all because it wasn't finished at the time of shipping. Of course , it all downloads when you buy the game new or 2nd hand.
  7. dumpster


    I was under the impression that Disney managed to get the law changed so copyright in old works could be renewed, so effectively all old games will never slip out of copyright, but I might well be wrong.
  8. dumpster


    And you can blame Disney for all of this. It used to be that works fell out of copyright after a fixed time, and Disney got the law changed to protect their old movies, despite some of them being made based on out of copyright stories like Snow White.
  9. dumpster


    It would have sold at least one more! To me, for starters. No-one is arguing that the sales were excellent. But a SNES Mini is a device that lets you re-live those memories of games you used to love. If you are already doing that and are still playing those games then that has to affect sales. If I'd not been able to play Contra 3 since 1995 I would have been first in line, but I played that yesterday. I'm working my way through Metroid Fusion at the moment on a Vita, so if Nintendo re-release it next week I'll be able to buy it and re-live those happy memories of last week.
  10. dumpster


    They did sell well, and no-ones arguing that point. They would surely sell better in a world where no-ones been able to play those games for 20 years. I didn't buy one, and if I hadn't been able to play Contra 3 since 1994, I'd have been first in line.
  11. dumpster


    I understand this, as a big emulation fan I am sad to see it go, but at the same time it's inevitable. We all think that roms are no big deal - you can't buy that old game anywhere so why not yarr it? No-one is losing out because you can't buy the game anyway. Then, Nintendo release a Super NES classic and the hardcore Nintendo fans don't buy it because they have all those games and many more on their Wii, or PS Vita. The gaming companies seem to be utilising that old content again in new products and because you cannot predict what products they might come up with next, you can't tell how easy emulation access today will affect the success of products of the future. I think the ZX Spectrum Vega looked like a great idea and a good product, but the PSP Go makes a way better Spectrum Emulator with more games, so there's no reason for anyone to buy it (even if it wasn't a complete pile of shit, the machine itself isn't something I'd buy, but who knows if I'd have been more interested if I hadn't been playing Speccy games already on the equipment I already had). The daft part of all this is that Emu Paradise had so many restrictions (download one at a time, click here, click there, click here to download, generating links, click link) that the alternatives are not much more complex, and the hardcore that use emulation sites could easily get on a torrent site and download the whole lot in one go.
  12. dumpster

    Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle

    Ross Noble supported a Game Managers Conference on about 2002 and did about an hour on Fifa, Resident Evil, the noisy fans on a Ps2 and even the sponsors signs around him. Pretty sure that was all made up on the spot
  13. dumpster

    Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle

    I'm surprised how many people (especially those seeing him for the first time) don't get that his set is written. I've had friends saying they wish he'd ignore the unfriendly areas of the audience and get on with the act. He tells the same joke, night after night, then blames the audience for not getting it. Its all the script, all pre worked out and written . theres some improvisation but some people genuinely think he's going off topic on that one night they happened to go to. Personally I don't think he's topped Milder Comedian but even so, a poor Stewart Lee show is still better than anyone else.
  14. dumpster

    Best portable emulation device

    Hacked Vita is amazing for PS1, PSP, Vita, Retroarch (SNES. Megadrive, GBA etc). A second hand Vita with Oled screen is easy to obtain at a fraction of the price of other devices. Also, for PS1 games just download the PSX2PSP versions of the Ps1 games and play them on the PSP emulator called adrenaline for 100% perfect emulation. Use SD2Vita adaptor (£2 eBay) and use a large capacity SD card instead of expensive Sony Vita cards.

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