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  1. dumpster

    Gaming things you regret buying...

    I was at a retailer demo event where they previewed the EyeToy ages before release. I have no idea what system it was connected to but they were showing off some amazing proof of concept things that I never saw actually released. There was one where you held colourful tennis balls in the hands and bounced an alien or something from one to the other. Amazing
  2. Only discovered today how helpful the 3D audio is. Makes locating the robots totally natural. At least 3 times today I stopped what I was doing because I could hear a robot trapped behind a wall, and I could tell pretty much exactly where it was, went and punched the wall to reveal him. The audio is amazing. This game really has blown me away, like a new genre of platform game has been invented. I have a few tiny criticisms as the later levels have got more chaotic, but it's really hard not to love it. Definitely my game of the year. This game needs to be demoed in every shop to raise awareness of how great VR can be.
  3. dumpster

    Better Call Saul!

    Saul has the character trait, or character flaw if you see it that way, that he loves the scam. Kim loves the scam as well, and she gets swept up into Jimmy's schemes. But Kim is a decent human being, and she can see that Jimmy always has the basic humanity behind the scam. Sure, he's a confidence trickster, but his cons always involve the mark being greedy. He's not ripping off the elderly or the vulnerable, but he's conning who he believes are sucker targets. Consider the half penny scam, the wallet scam and so on. Each of these involves a contrived situation where the mark tries to rip off Jimmy by stepping in and buying the watch or the coin or whatever. The only time I can think of a Jimmy con that didn't exploit the greedy was telling those girls that he was Kevin Costner. When he had a million dollars in a bag, he didn't scam Kim or the Kettlemans, he gave the money back to help. He stitched up his entire business plan when he realised he had caused the old lady at Sandpiper to loose all her friends, and engineered a situation to help her, even at his own expense. Even when Jimmy was arranging to have those punks hanging as pinata, the punks made the choice to steal Jimmy's money first - he would have left them alone, all he wanted to do was sell the phones. All that time he was a scam artist, he wanted to be a real lawyer, choosing an office, designing a Wexler/McGill logo, and he had the opportunity through all his hard work to be a good lawyer. The problem is, people around him created situations that were outside of his control. Chuck turned out to be the reason that Jimmy couldn't join HHM. The judging board stopped him being a lawyer because he was "insincere". Jimmy is very successful as the "slippin' Jimmy" conman. Jimmy should also be very successful as a lawyer but he's been done over too many times in ways that were not in his control. Jimmy was denied his ability to practice as a laywer when he was sincere with the judging panel. He's now found that he can achieve more by being the conman (faking the sincerity around Chuck's Letter because that's what they wanted to hear) that by his actual sincerity that he demonstrated by getting a law degree from the University of Western Samoa, working his way up from the mailroom and so on. Jimmy is a hard working man who's life experience has taught him that he cannot progress no matter how hard he tries. Meanwhile he's been a success in all his confidence trickster schemes and now he's Saul Goodman, which in his view is the way to move forward and continue the success story of the Slippin' Jimmy side of his persona. Sadly, he's not concerned that he lost his brother, and doesn't realise that he's about to lose Kim.
  4. dumpster

    Shenmue 1&2

    I wonder if that video is a showcase for some pretty high end emulation. The PS4/Xbox Shenmues are definitely running under emulation. Every strange quirk and big is still there , the midi music renditions are unbelievably wrong (check out Ryu's motorbike ride near the end of Shenmue 1). The frame rates on this new video are awful, and I reckon they are emulating the original code, pasting in improvements in realtime. The PS4 etc isn't up to that as a demanding task but it bodes well for the future. There's been talk on here oh how emulation is becoming a codec to play old games in the same way that Netflix could be considered a codec for movies. You'd be playing a game like Shenmue with the original code creating the frame, then calling out to a new piece of code that adds shadows and lighting, redraws and replaces primitive 3d models and textures, displays it, then drops back into the original code to run the game, all within one frame.
  5. dumpster

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    Is it possible to get stuck on Super Metroid? I saved the game before Crocomire, realised that there was no way that I had enough missiles to shoot it into the lava and couldn't find a way out of the area. Eventually I assumed I just wasn't good enough at the game and used a cheat to give myself extra missiles, killed Crocomire and found the next section was obviously way further into the game than I should have been. But there didn't seem to be any way out of the Crocomire area once I'd got into it.
  6. It's "ages" since I played it but I really liked the Outrun. There was a real challenge to nailing every rival in one game. Also your have to follow the rivals route choices which added to the variety.
  7. dumpster

    Shenmue 1&2

    Shenmue 2 has a bad ending, but also a bad beginning and a bad middle. (I'm just kidding, it's bloody marvellous).
  8. dumpster

    Better Call Saul!

    In BB when Fring first meets Don Eladio at his swimming pool, Hector kills Gus' brother after setting up the scenario with "if he cooks the meth, and you're the business man, why do I need you?" . You think that Fring isn't needed in Eladios world, and that makes sense, they already have the business and just need Fring brother to cook the meth. But they kill the brother because Eladio knows who Fring is. It points Tom him being a major player in Chile previously, big enough fo Eladio to need him on his team and despatch the brother who's only the cook. Also to answer the Kim situation, I think that jimmy felt he was sincere all along, he wanted to be a proper lawyer with Kim and couldn't do it because he didn't get his license back. He needed to show sincerity and they faked this together with the contrived situations they'd made in the final episode. JImmy then says that he should use the letter, which appears to mean that's he's dropping the fake demonstrations of sincerity in facvour of reading the letter to demonstrate how Michael chuck really did mean to him. Sadly, this was the biggest con of all and Kim fell for it just like the judging panel did. JImmy has transformed through the series Fromm being the slipping JImmy conman who really really wants to be a lawyer to wanting Tom be a proper lawyer with Kim to now being a dodgy lawyer called Saul and that's the last straw for Kim.
  9. I always assumed that my VR headset would be a white elephant, just as Kinect etc have been in the past. I paid £350 for mine on launch day, having played with an Oculous Rift DK2 a year earlier. I am an early adopter of VR and expected it to receive a lukewarm reception. VR has too many obstructions to mass market, whether you are put off by spaghetti cabling, lenses that steam up meaning you need to wear it for 5 minutes then wipe it down before you play your new game, the motion sickness that stops at least 3 of my friends even playing it at all. There are too many issues with VR, and all the comments in this thread are being given by people who are VR owners that stuck with it after that first feeling of nausea, and we're all big video game fans because we spend spare time talking about them on here. But the mass market needs convincing. This is definitely the game to do it, but when you're trying to sell a peripheral device that costs as much as the console it attaches to, it's no surprise to me that VR isn't setting the world alight. I saw Sony at the Manchester Arndale doing free demos of Driveclub VR and couldn't think of a worse game to have chosen. What a great way to convince people that VR makes you want to vomit. Astrobot is the best game to show off to a gamesplayer how VR is a gamechanger, but I don't see anything being a system seller at this stage in the game. For the mass market, this generation is the introduction to VR that shows people the potential, and the next generation will be the one where VR becomes commonplace. That's what I reckon at least.
  10. I want to put into words how I feel about this game, but it's really difficult to express it. The thing is, most of the points have been made - and all the other moments that make you smile... but it's more than that. I've got older, and for the last few years It feels like I'm playing video games because it's always been something I enjoy doing, rather than necessarily actually being something I enjoy doing. I've played video games since I was 5, and I've seen the industry grow from nothing into the massive worldwide mass-market activity it is today. There are specific moments in gaming that stick in my mind along the lines of "I can't believe they made this" and there's a sense of wonder that gaming can provide that no other medium does. For me, I remember the first time I played WEC Le Mans on the Spectrum. One of the reviews explained that the cars on the track were "real". That is, if you overtake a car and it goes off screen behind you, then slow down, it overtakes you again. The cars were not just obstacles that appeared in front of you and disappeared behind you, they were actual opponents. It sounds silly now, but that was a real leap forward, and I'd never seen it before. Every previous generation of gaming has brought with it something new that you could not do before and this provides you with a reason to buy a new machine. Sticking with racing games for an example, the first time I played Lotus on the Amiga made me really, really want an Amiga. You couldn't do Lotus on the Spectrum, it's the way the music, the sound effects, the responsive controls, the speed, all coming together to make a great game. Then you see Ridge Racer on the PS1 and it's time to upgrade again. Every generation needs a moment where the game just couldn't have been made earlier and the new hardware has created something that just wows you. It's already been said here how Mario 64 was a great demonstration of the N64's capability but was as much a demonstration of the possibilities of analogue control pads as it was a showpiece for the new console. You couldn't do Mario 64 on a Megadrive, but you also couldn't do it on a competing console, at least until all the other companies brought out their own analogue controllers. As someone who was born in the 1970s I've seen every new generation of gaming. The Atari 2600 brought colour and character into the world of Pong games. The C64 had the music, the Megadrive had the arcade action. But today there's the expectation that every game should look amazing. All games have great graphics these days. But a first person shooter on the PS2 is fundamentally the same gameplay as on the PS3 and PS4. Graphics improve per generation, but the difference gets smaller each time and now you need a 4K screen to see the difference. We seem to have reached a peak in performance and that revolutionary "holy shit, look at this" moments don't happen so often any more. I'm being flippant about Mario Odyssey in my earlier post. It's a massive, great game, but even though I loved it, it's "only" an improvement on what's gone before, and is fundamentally the same as what's gone before. How could it be anything other than that? It's definitely a game that could have been done on a Wii in 2008 and although it wouldn't have been in HD, it wouldn't have looked especially different. Check out Mario Galaxy on the Dolphin emulator, it's the same quality just by upscaling the old graphics. Mario Odyssey is undeniably great, but it is more of the same, and despite the thousand odd stars to collect it doesn't offer anything completely new, it just improves what went before. What AstroBot does is it takes the 3D platformer and puts it into a VR environment, but that's just the start of it. What AstroBot is doing suggests to me that the programmers got the approval to make a full game of that Playroom demo two years ago, and they've been working on the ideas ever since. AstroBot ticks all my boxes because it uses the VR to actively enhance the game in ways that you couldn't have done before. Just as PS1 racing games could not have been done on previous generations (using 3d models and physics simulation to give cars weight and suspension for example), AstroBot creates a world that you couldn't do without the VR. It has been written by people who obviously have been looking at what works and learning from other developer's mistakes. As a result it has graphics that are crisp and clear (even on a regular PS4), and motion that doesn't make you feel nausea at all. It uses VR in ways that I shouldn't talk about here because pretty much every minute of play introduces a new moment of absolute joy that exploits VR in a new and interesting way. The game is about discovery of cool things that make you smile and laugh while you play. The first time these events happen you are impressed not only with the game but also the designers ingenuity. It's such a small touch, but the game is utterly rammed with these small touches and you find yourself giggling like an idiot and loving every minute. Notice that you have unlimited lives because continually replaying sections would be frustrating, and that's not what this game is all about. It's about FUN, that same fun I bang on about all the time when I compare Burnout 2 to Gran Turismo, and Outrun 2 to Project Cars. With video games you are supposed to be enjoying yourself, and this game drips with fun and makes you smile like nothing in gaming has for years. Call of Duty, with the romantic poems when you lose a life can fuck off. Gaming is back, and Astro Bot is reminding us how much fun games can be. Every level brings new surprises and when you laugh (as has been said in this thread a lot) you are not laughing because it's funny, but with delight of how unbelievably good the game is. It's rammed with so many brilliant ideas. The water level is surely the best swimming section of any game ever, the bosses are so well designed, the worlds are full of brilliant little touches (weeds stuck to your hair as you leave the water etc) and it reminds you of that feeling of "oh my good, look what they made". You can't believe there's a programming team out there that have taken the idea of the 3D platformer and completely nailed the transition to VR. They've obviously studied VR since launch and chucked a million VR specific ideas into one game. I've not seen a single 3D set piece that didn't blow me away. It keeps on giving and I don't want it to end. I want to save the surprises so I'm going back to Worlds 1+2, instead of starting World 3. I'm savouring every moment, like a great meal. It's the single most FUN game I have played in years, and it's a testament to what they can do with VR when the programmers understand and exploit its potential. Whilst Mario Odyssey is the best, most recent Mario game. Astro Bot is new, exciting, inventive and is the first thing in this new genre of VR platforming. It's redefined the VR headset in my opinion, and it's the first big leap forward in years. Last week I had no idea what a PS5 or XboxTwo could possibly do to enhance gaming other than the usual 4K in a full frame rate. Now I see there's a whole new direction we can take. This is just the beginning. Every generation needs its own games that you couldn't have done on the previous generation. AstroBot is the biggest "fucking hell, this is outstanding" feeling I have felt since the PS1 replaced my Megadrive.
  11. I have both, and I agree that it is better than Mario Odyssey. Mario Odyssey is great, but this take the same gameplay and exploits VR in ways I'd never thought of. It makes you laugh out loud, with the sheer joy of the inventiveness. It's another world and it makes me think that once they invent a VR headset that doesn't steam up (etc.) that this will be the future of gaming.
  12. dumpster

    PlayStation VR

    Never had an issue although I sleep so badly that if I was having VR related issues I wouldn't notice. I'd guess that the VR headset screen emits that blue light that they talk about, same as mobile screens. I'd guess that the VR screen being so close to your eyes, the blue light effect would be magnified.
  13. I was totally blown away by the modding scene around Resident Evil 4 on the PC, and the recent remake that has involved people photographing the actual locations used in the original is nothing short of phenomenal. (see http://www.re4hd.com/ ) What do you think is the best hack / mod / update of a classic game?
  14. Theres an app called PKGJ which gives the facility to download any vita game directly to the Vita, so that probably would mean a eBay SD card full of games would be in less demand. Ive used it to download the games I legally own because you can't download them from PSN after modding, and I guess that's legal as you paid for the licence to play the game.
  15. First go today. Mind blown Best VR thing yet.

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