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  1. Good Christ! I started again this week and got back to where I was in 2017. I'll stick with it this time because I'm going in with my eyes more open as to what it is, but have I really got another 18 hours of tutorial? And to think, last week I posted in another thread how annoying Resident Evil 3 is because every time you start a new game there's that 6 minute opening sequence. 20 hours?
  2. Ok, I'll admit it. This could well be game of the year. I can't believe that this is potentially a piece of homebrew that got a makeover for a commercial release. The gameplay is absolutely perfect. The speed that Pac-Man gets to is exactly 1% on the wrong side of uncontrollable madness and the game benefits as a result. It takes everything that was great about the real Pac-Man championship edition and somehow how by cramming it onto a NES it's just more fun. So I challenge people to beat my score.
  3. I enjoyed this, although the main story of the relationship between the couple was very obvious and predicable, and the film is overly long. There's some very funny moments but they are spread out and don't need to be. Someone could take this and make an excellent 90 minute Fan Edit without losing anything of note. It's a 6/10 movie that could be a 9/10 if they hadn't asked Quentin Tarantino to edit it.
  4. Yes, see the post in retro folder.
  5. @gone fishin' cheers for those! What an era that was , make a carbon copy of a Sega game, use Jean Michel Jarre's music wholesale and no-one sues. Great days.
  6. Yes funnily enough having never heard of the Yellow Magic Orchestra I was in Woolworths and picked up one of their albums on vinyl just because the cover looked interesting and it was in the sale. I was a bit blown away when I was listening to it for the first time realising, "wow, that's Super Locomotive!". I still have that album in the loft!
  7. Open world games that make you drive to a start point for a mission, and if you fail the mission you have to drive back to the start point to try again. All these sorts of games should have a menu you could bring up (like they patched into Burnout Paradise) to retry. GTA was particularly annoying on some missions, where you spent5 minutes driving to A, the mission then has you drive to B, then the action begins, you get shot, the game whisks you to the hospital, and it's a 10 minute mess around to get back to where you were in the hope you don't get shot again. Also, you should always be allowed to skip cut scenes, but also the gameplay sequences that don't really include any skilled play. For example, even if you race through, there's a 10 minute opening sequence in Resident Evil 3 where you won't lose, you're following a path but there's nothing to do other than follow that path. i'd like to be able to start Resi3 at the first typewriter on subsequent playthoughs. You *could* save of course, but If I'm playing on different difficulties or trying to win bonuses by using as few saves as possible I'm forced to sit through all that every time. Likewise, Resident Evil 7, in VR it's an all time favourite of mine, but that whole opening section where you meet the woman in the basement doesn't involve any gameplay, you just follow the path, go through the motions and the game starts about 20 minutes in when you meet the family. For a game you can speedrun in 80 minutes, having a 20 minute opening you have to walk through every time is a barrier to replaying.
  8. I used to play Super Locomotive in an tiny arcade in Morecambe and recently learned there were only ever 35 machines worldwide.
  9. You can take mail order stuff back to the local store under the DSD for a refund. But yes, mail order at CEX is sent to a store for fulfillment so you don't know what you're getting until it arrives. The quality of postal packaging varies every time. The website let's you check your local stores stock levels so if you're buying something rare you could see online if there's only one copy in the country and if so, the head office can ring the store and ask about condition.
  10. Ah. You have to turn it on by holding the PS button. Once you have the touch screen turned on r3 brings up a pointer. Forgot what a disappointment this game was. Online racing on a console very few people bought or o e on one racing against ghosts. That's it!
  11. Anyone know how to play Vita Ridge Racer on PSTV? I'm sure I did this in the past using the whitelister app but the game uses the touchscreen on the "press start" screen and I can't see how to continue. Maybe I'm misremembering but I thought I'd done it before.
  12. I'm interested in this angle , to have a story that says, "violence is a bad thing", but in a violent video game where the violence is being served up as a piece of entertainment. It reminded me of the Netflix documentary Don't F*** with Cats (I have deleted the word FUCK there so I will not cause offence to people who do not appreciate the word FUCK ) where the last episode basically explains that you're watching a documentary about a man who did horrific things on Youtube because he wanted the publicity and yet you're paying for a service that made a documentary about him, even though you'd never heard of him before the documentary came out. If a GTA game had missions that showed the victims of crime and explained that car theft was a bad thing, you'd laugh it out of the park. I'm not buying TLOU2 until it's £20 because I never really enjoyed the gameplay of the first one (it's certainly no Burnout 2), but I do want to play it, because it sounds... weird! Based on the comments in the thread. Like, it's hammering home that the violence is wrong, in a game that's 30 hours of violent entertainment.
  13. Well the crux of the complaint is
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