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  1. Gaming Magazines

    That reminds me of when Crash magazine had Hannah Smith mud wrestling zombies on the cover and I was ashamed to buy it. 6 months ago, I took advantage of that offer that was in the bargains folder - 6 months of Edge for £5. I did the same for RetroGamer as well. Every month they arrived and I put them on the table to read later. I have now got 6 issues of each and can honestly say I never looked at any of them, apart from Edge's Mario Odyssey review. I am not sure why the apathy, but I just can't get used to sitting at home in my chair and reading a magazine. There's too many screens around me to distract me. I struggle to get through a book for the same reasons. When I was getting into the Disaster Artist, I got a train ticket and sat reading it there. My home environment is entirely at odds with the idea of sitting quietly and reading.
  2. Here's to Louis Theroux!

    Swingers. The way the wife is running a business and trying to appear confident and happy with her husband banging everyone in the group room with a scuba mask.... that episode never stops. The girls' complete change of opinion in the closing credits just about sums it all up. Also Lake Palmer getting a Thai bride. "I love you, I need you, I want you", and the woman replies, "I understand".
  3. PlayStation VR

    My earlier tip about sitting in a chair without arms has also helped me get way further in Superhot than I ever thought possible in my room setup. Standing means I end up out range in at least one direction. Sitting seems to fix that issue, but the sofa gets in the way all round. Literally bringing out a small wooden table and sitting on it in front of the Sofa and Superhot suddenly just works.
  4. It sounds like I'm on my own but I really enjoyed this! Film of the year.
  5. Inspired by the traction of the other threads, here is a thread to recommend your favourites and share links. Streets of Rage Remake: Direct download www.mediafire.com/file/n2jbxd1ct2auvc1 Absolutely incredible remake, developed over a number of years. This is the latest version and combines the best of the original trilogy with a branching gameplay structure, amazing remade graphics, extra moves for the characters that did not have them originally and great music. Another Metroid 2 remake: https://am2r-another-metroid-2-remake.en.uptodown.com/windows Absolutely gorgeous. Available on many formats. PlayStation Vita version has a gamebreaking bug but the rest are absolutely glorious.
  6. Unlockable content - haven't we outgrown it?

    Yeah, that last level also took the piss. I think I remember an interview with Reflections (Martin something?) and they said that only one of their playtesters ever completed that level, so they knew it was possible, and left it in.
  7. Unlockable content - haven't we outgrown it?

    I also remember Lemmings on the Amiga, level 37 - it was the first part of the game where you had to make a lemming change direction on its own. The process was to make it dig down, then build a bridge to the right which would lay one brick and hit the tunnel wall. As the lemming turned around you'd build another bridge that would get the lemming out of the hole and it would continue walking in the other direction. There were no hints on screen and if you rang Psygnosis they had a recorded message explaining the process. I bet if achievements existed back in the day you'd see that a massive percentage of players never saw levels 38-100.
  8. Unlockable content - haven't we outgrown it?

    I worked at Game at the time, and we got one of our staff to complete that garage section, then copied the save game to customers memory cards. That was absolutely ludicrous that level, and all those skills that you needed to practice were never needed in the actual game.
  9. Unlockable content - haven't we outgrown it?

    I've been overly vocal in the Sonic thread, making the same point over and over again, during a period of five years, because I find the game especially frustrating - more so than any other, because the game is so, sooo good, the brick wall becomes so frustrating because there's too much good stuff behind it. I do believe that unlockables are a good thing - you get the reward, you make progression. Having a game where everything is open at the start makes you a kid in a sweetshop. Anyone who's ever downloaded a complete romset for emulation knows the feeling - you play every game for 30 seconds and never go deeply into any of it. The thing is, those unlockables need to be achievable. If a game has difficulty settings, you should be able to achieve all the appropriate content on the difficulty level you choose. What Sonic gets wrong is the mathematics of the progression system - you can't unlock the classic Sega vehicles on easy. It forces you to do a number of tracks on the Expert level which is inconsistent to the colourful cartoon family friendly tone of the game. I recently finished Evil Within 2 on Easy and now have the choice of New Game Plus on Easy, or to play the regular game on another difficulty setting. If you play the game on Hard, you can knock the difficulty down when you die. This is great and gets around the idea of playing a game for hours and hours, then hitting a brick wall and having to start over. But yeah, there needs to be rewards and progression, and opening up more challenging levels and better characters is a good way to do this. Just don't lock away the best bits behind a difficulty level that stops 90% of the players seeing it.
  10. Sonic All Star Racing Transformed

    I think unlockable content is the way to go - it gives you something to aim for. What Transformed seemed to get wrong was to have that 165 star gate with base content from the trailer behind it. Mathematically you can't get 165 stars without a sizeable chunk of the game being played on the hardest difficulty, which is very hard, in a Sega "Blue Blue Skieeeess" game that all the family should be able to enjoy. The personal thing that really got my goat is that the trailer that really sold me the game was the most Sega thing ever, Afterburner track, Daytona car, Dreamcast controller boat. It's frustrating to unlock Danica Patrick when you're expecting glorious Sega memories. All they need to do is separate the difficulty levels. At the moment, there's no point to playing the game on any difficulty level other than the hardest because you'll need to tackle it on the hardest level eventually because it's impossible to finish the game on easy, you cannot earn enough stars to progress, it's almost like a game-breaking bug. Or recalculate the number of stars needed to open that gate. Most people here seemed to get to 150 stars. I have no issue with the game being difficult because it has 4 difficulty settings - the problem is that you are obliged to play it on expert to get enough stars. I'm not good enough, and it's a colourful cartoon game suitable for all ages. I'm interested in the way that achievements have influenced game design in the last few years. I commented a while ago about the time I won an achievement in The Evil Within for completing level 4 and the achievement was "ultra rare", showing that the majority of gamers had given up before they were a quarter of the way through. I appreciate that @S0L released an update to tweak the difficulty, and acknowledges that he agrees it's too hard. I suspect that a game released today would have these tweaks business as usual, as they can see if there's a sudden drop off in achievement progression.
  11. Sonic All Star Racing Transformed

    I do hope I make it clear in my posts, the game is absolutely brilliant, and it shows by the fact I'm still interested 5 years later. If the game was average, the difficulty issues would slip under the radar, it's the fact that it's so perfect in every other area that makes the later difficulty so annoying. I can't really complain because I have spend so many hours on it - I just never got to see the bits that attracted me from the trailers when I originally bought it.
  12. Sonic All Star Racing Transformed

    This is my problem. on that video, the guy overtakes the ghost on the last corner of the last lap, and wins with only a 1 second or so lead. All the way though the video, he's playing like a gaming god, doing stuff that prompts everyone else who's commenting "oh my god how is he doing that". I bought this game in 2013 on the strength of the trailers showing the Afterburner plane level, in the Daytona car. It looked like a great throwback to that era. It did not say anywhere that those cars were the last ones to be unlocked, and you'd need to be an absolute expert to get that far. Reading through this thread, most people seem pleased to open up 150 stars. You need 165 to get to the next stage. I can replay and replay a level for hours and maybe I'll get that extra star. But perfecting my play to the degree that I can earn an extra 15 ? I'm on my lunch break here. No-one has that amount of free time, do they? Keep in mind, I don't really resent the game for being too challenging, I can play it on a lower difficulty and it's a brilliant game. It's the structure that locks away the content I wanted because I just can't get those extra stars without completing more levels on Expert difficulty. In other games completing a game on easy opens up "New Game Plus" on easy. Games don't normally lock away the BASE CONTENT and force you to play on the most extreme difficulty just to get access. Why should you not be able to play as the Daytona car on an easier difficulty? Once you unlock these vehicles you are free to play them at any difficulty so why force you to play on expert to achieve them? Lock up challenging game modes and Madhouse levels, but don't lock away cars and tracks behind a wall that requires god-like play from an expert. Dara O'Brien discussed this in his stand up using Guitar Hero as the example. But in Guitar Hero if you play through the songs on easy, it unlocks the next ones on easy. In Sonic Transformed you can go as far as the game allows you to on easy, and instead of completing the game at your own pace you hit a brick wall. You have to go back on higher difficulty to earn extra stars, so what was the point of having that easier difficulty level in the first place? I just played again, and was about to cross the finish line in 1st place when 3 different things all hit me at once, and 5 seconds later i finished the race in 7th. This game is 98% perfection and 2% makes you want to set the fucking thing on fire and that's why it makes me so angry when I try and play it. As I said 5 years ago, games are meant to be fun, this one is do-able if I devote my life to it but I have to go to work. I don't have time to play the same race 40 times in a row hoping for that bit of luck that makes all the difference. It winds me up so much because this tiny design flaw ruins a game that is otherwise brilliant. There should at least be a cheat code after all these years. I paid for this game (twice now) and still can't play all the content.
  13. Sonic All Star Racing Transformed

    Picked this up on PS Vita at CEX yesterday and got a little bit PTSD at my memories of it on the 360 . it's a beautiful , wonderful game, and yet the leap from medium to hard is ludicrous and in order to unlock the Afterburner plane, Daytona car and all the stuff that attracted me from the original trailers you HAVE to play it on the hardest difficulty to get the right number of stars. This has to be the most frustrating game ever made. It is so close to being utterly perfect, but the difficulty shift is insane. I watch clips on YouTube of people playing it and they all seem to chain stunt after stunt , with the perfection of a speed runner . can anyone share tips with me? Did anyone here finish this game?
  14. Inside No.9

    I didn't get this last night, but watched it again this morning and it's a lot better when you see it again.

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