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  1. Got my 360 back out today and have been playing Outrun 2006 and Outrun online. Bloody brilliant.
  2. Road sausages like Power Drift! Could be interesting, not as excited as the other new racer coming to Switch though.
  3. This looks fab - can’t wait for the release.
  4. Kramer

    Megadrive Mini

    I’ve fully reversed it by uninstalling and then re-installing - all fine.
  5. Kramer

    Megadrive Mini

    Anyone know how I put 32x games on it. I know it involves a usb stick, but can’t work out how to do it properly (format of usb stick? Etc)
  6. Cheers, only recently swapped over to Shopto for purchases.
  7. Did anyone receive from Shopto? If so, where do I find my preorder bonus stuff code?
  8. Kramer

    Apple Arcade

    Just tried it for you with a DS4 - yep, works!
  9. Kramer

    Apple Arcade

    Sociable Soccer is out for the old Sensi fans - plays bloody well on touchscreen - brings back the old days huddled around my Amiga with pals.
  10. Yep, recently bought Rise and been playing it quite a bit. Gotta have bumper cam to make the handling feel right - but great racer for 12 quid. Thanks DukeofEarlsfield for a number of recommendations in threads.
  11. Ah, I was trying to set up an edited rules thingy with just this stage - but you can’t select normal, have to manually select it each time I think. Cheers.
  12. How do I get King of Fighters stage with walls in Smash game type? It always makes it into the standard type, whatever I choose. Thanks.
  13. Amazon has said 31 December for a while as it’s release date and still says that now.
  14. Kramer

    Megadrive Mini

    Had a SNES, played Megadrive at my friend’s house - fond memories of lots of games. Got my Megadrive Mini through from Amazon yesterday and had a play last night - v. happy with it. Love the controller, even though I should expect to prefer the SNES’.
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