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  1. Lol, if Elon Musk or Jordan Peterson turned up wielding a lightsabre and took over from Obi Wan they'd spunk themselves to death in delight.
  2. Clips from Pilar's book with a letter from Stewart about an early script draft of Insurrection. Captain/Rebel/Activist Yuck.
  3. Tim Rogers is a blessing. Can't wait for Season 2. 'New Games Journalism' was just Gillen desperate to be a leader of a movement, like popular music movements coined by NME and Melody Maker journalists. It existed before he identified it, and his named examples were largely shite. Gillen was always the wordy, pretentious one in later Amiga Power, as opposed to the funny, witty, sharp writing of most of the rest - and J. Nash's mad rambling.
  4. Really good point, I think it's a side effect of the vocational, creative effort employed in these industries combined with the poor pay that leads to this being a consideration when a character or property goes big time. It might be less of an issue for professional engineers who are properly reimbursed for their widget designs. I'm not sure how, say, a Nintendo employee feels about their creations - was Gunpei Yokoi properly reimbursed for his inventions at /Nintendo, or sis he feel the need to be?
  5. Incidentally, I also see the likes of Josh Burcham, an IDW Transformers artist, always post things like "oh, Hasbro have modelled their new Chromedome toy (or whatever) on my MTMTE version" and it makes me a little sad.
  6. Both Marvel and DC treat the original writers and artists like shite. It's the old 'you did a job on the payroll and got paid for it so you've been reimbursed' attitude to artists who may have invented characters, stories or costumes. A friend of mine who is an animator always says "it sucks but then again, the reach, influence, and financial risk, was taken by the company, and the characters were created on company time. Then again, if I'd designed Peppa Pig on BBC time it'd be a hard blow as Peppa rakes in a billion." Although there was this: https://www.giantfreakinrobot.com/scifi/marvel-screened-guardians-galaxy-rocket-raccoons-creator.html
  7. They don't give a fuck about Stan Lee. Or any of their writers/artists. If they did, they'd share the wealth when they use stories and designs from these people, but they don't. It's sad to see the likes of Declan Shalvey see a screencap and go 'oh, they're using my Moon Knight design' or whatever.
  8. Didn't hugely enjoy the last series but the special last episode was excellent, I thought. Some good laughs and good points. Edit: Also, take the last ep and shove it up Truss, Davis and Johnson's holes.
  9. Dodged a bullet last night then when the wife said 'it might be good' but we decided not to bother.
  10. I don't really like any of the 'modern' films, Rogue One, Solo, TFA, TLJ or ROS. TJL tries to continue some story from the originals and even the prequels. The Abrams films are just utter shit. A remake and a seat-of-the-pants freeform jazz film. Makes me wonder what he saw when he saw the originals - just action? RO and Solo try too hard to fill out unimportant story (the former) or pay homage (the latter). They all, to some extent, feel as irrelevant as the videogame plots.
  11. Yeah, at least the prequels have a genuine intent, whereas the sequels feel calculated and cynical. Particularly the Abrams ones.
  12. Cheers man. It's really great. I preferred it to Dogtown and Z-boys as it goes into more detail on the people.
  13. It's got pretty strong language, even though it's a fairly gentle comedy. Lots of 'fucks'.
  14. Yeah, I agree. It's an absolute shambles of a film.
  15. Yeah, I agree Season 3 is less good. Weirdly, I enjoyed the adults more in Season 3, particularly Tiernan, who I didn't think had much to do in Seasons 1 and 2.
  16. Mullen is the man. His sections in the doc Bones Brigade by Stacey Peralta are mesmerising. Sample quote: Rodney Mullen: Tony Hawk won everything; or close to it. That creates so much more pressure because there's no gratification in winning - there's only upholding something so that you don't lose it. And it is staggering. It usurps the joy of it. It's like a Kafka short story. You, you, you... build something but you can't live in the house because you sit around guarding it. He's an elequent man, and, for my money, an astonishing skateboarder.
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