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  1. The key thing to remember is how unfunny it is.
  2. Just the best timing. That, and "do I hear weding bells?" and this utter genius.
  3. The enforced break will work in their favour as, post Endgame, people were going "how will' they follow this?" and the line-up looked pretty paltry, but now that there's been a drought the exact same line up has people excited again.
  4. No offence to Nelson Muntz and Naked Lunch, but this is the most inaccurately named film ever.
  5. Falling slowly, indeed. Apparently it's a very common thing with him.
  6. West Side Story, although prepare for ballet and opera style singing from one character. The "Cool" section is one-take too. Also, not Once. Don't give any money to Hansard - no one can say why because they've all been silenced - love the old 'they met when she was 13 and then started dating when she was 18' stuff though. During filming, he and Irglová began dating and are still a couple. Said Hansard about his relationship with Irglova: "I had been falling in love with her for a long time, but I kept telling myself she's just a kid"
  7. Whitney in the 80's. Unassailable.
  8. I absolutely understand it, as I pretty much share it. The only time I sat down to listen to John, the first track I heard was Jamaica Jerk-Off and I said "fuck this". In fairness they also made a point about the way he sings with an American twang and I actually think that that's what put me off him for all those years. That and the fact that he seems to be permanently grumpy. PS: Film is excellent.
  9. As someone said on a Chart Music podcast recently, when he was young Elton John felt like music for your parents. And now he still does.
  10. Dinner with Friends Abysmally poor 'comedy' written by someone who can't write or structure a film, not to mention a funny one. Dreadful in every way possible. Oh and Netfilx calls it Dinner with Friends, but it's own title calls it Friendsgiving. 0/5 Edit: Jesus Christ I just looked it up and Christene Taylor is in it. Unrecognisable.
  11. I played for over 100 hours and rarely heard more than stock one liners. I ran/walked a load too, so I don't get this.
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