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  1. Excuse me? No need for name calling. Perhaps you should rethink this.
  2. Dwight Yoakam - Little Sister. Essentially a Sun-style 'chest swell' article.
  3. Imo, Smith is a terrible filmmaker AND an awful fan. The common denominator is very low standards.
  4. All I read was soothing, over-written flowery prose created to arouse in the reader of a certain feeling of superiority and classiness. A pure mood, if ever there was one. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.
  5. That article is literally the written word equivalent of what it is stating the album is.
  6. I've always loved that the Enigma Return to Innocence backbeat is sampled from John Bonham in When the Levee Breaks. Although the Beastie Boys Rhymin' and Stealin' actually improves on it with just two simple scratches.
  7. Kevin Smith bursts into tears at miracle of zebra crossings.
  8. And! and. and. They could do it live: including the harmonies. Phenomenal
  9. And way more than that, George Harrison, Supertramp, Queen, the Beach boys, Swervedriver....the list goes on and on. Edit: And Badfinger.
  10. SO MUCH BETTER. An actual masterpiece.
  11. I bailed after this. Utter shit. Why didn't he arrest him for reckless endangerment after the driving? Utter bollocks.
  12. This, from one of the best-produced and best-recorded albums ever. But the whole album really. Oh, and this. Part 2 is astonishing.
  13. Goddam it. He was so entertaining. Now that was a man that lived hard and still looked pretty good right to the end.
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