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  1. Alex Hirsch is something special. Pity he's just been faffing around for the past few years.
  2. Such a great show - funny, touching, eerie (Bill and the deer's teeth, for example). Fantastic stuff.
  3. As Prof Puzzles says, it has an overture. Disney were well chuffed at getting John Barry for The Black Hole, and, in fairness to him, it's a flippin' brilliant score. By far and away the best thing about the film. The cue "Zero Gravity" is amazing:
  4. There's a by decade feature in there somewhere but it l's everything, tv stuff and all.
  5. Yeah, it's excellent. Only thing that annoyed me was they didn't go back or challenge her about her forcing the guy with the injured back to continue practice when he was weeping in pain. Surely that's an insurance no-no?
  6. Any idea when episodes are released of episodic shows, like The Mandy or the Imagineers Project?
  7. They've done it again. This is smashing. Not sure how they manage melancholy and uplifting at the same time but they seem to have the knack.
  8. That's what it was written for. The TNG theme just borrowed it and sped it up (wisely, i fairness). How Goldsmith didn't get an Oscar for this score I'll never understand.
  9. You can't have Penny Dreadful without Eva Green. Also the first minute fells like LA Noire.
  10. They're 'essential' in the sense that essential oils are.
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