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  1. I thought the house section in Resi 7 was terrifying with headphones at night. The sound design was incredible. The rest less so.
  2. The issue with the Xbox version seems to be that diagonals are more sluggish Quite strange. I've already pre-ordered the Xbox version and want to play it this weekend so I'll just make do and try to tweak the camera options as best I can. I suspect it's one of those things you'll just end up adjusting to quite quickly but it's not ideal. It's annoying as there doesn't seem to be an ideal version. I want both VRR and perfect camera control dammit.
  3. Skyward Sword has a poor reputation and I don't think the reviews are going to be at all kind to it this time around. I'm expecting around 5 million maybe? It just isn't an entry with positive general word of mouth.
  4. The loading difference does seem quite large compared to what we've seen in other games but quick resume means it's a moot point. There's no loading screens in the game itself so it's literally a one time thing at the beginning. The slightly higher average framerate in RT mode and VRR support on Xbox seems more significant.
  5. Opportunity cost though. Even a small team could probably be put to better use than working on a game that is never going to sell a lot. Nobody cares about futuristic racing games anymore. Sadly I don't think it would really broaden their market either. Anyone who currently gives a shit about F-Zero almost certainly already owns a Switch.
  6. I didn't really like whatever that futuristic racer was called that Shinen made
  7. Yeah as much as I would love a new F-Zero it probably wouldn't sell more than a couple of million. Even with the Switch boost that a lot of series are getting (nearly 15 million for Mario Party is ridiculous), it's hard to see how it's worth the time and effort for Nintendo to make an F-Zero when you look at the numbers their other games are pulling in.
  8. You won't catch me disagreeing with that, but I still don't think anyone could have dreamed BOTW would sell 6x what Skyward Sword did and more than double what any previous Zelda game had ever sold.
  9. I think basically everyone's elite version 1 had the rubber grips peeling off eventually. Mine certainly did and the only controller issues I had ever had before that were the rubber sticks peeling on the early dual shock 4 controllers. No issues with my elite 2 and I've had it for nearly a year, touchwood. The build quality from other reports does still seem like it could be better though.
  10. Zelda going from selling around 4 million copies of Skyward Sword to 22 million copies of Breath of the Wild and counting might be the most astonishing success story for me to be honest. Mario Kart being huge has been a given for many years now and Animal Crossing has always been quietly bigger than many people realised. But that rebound for the Zelda series feels nearly unprecedented (and even when it was selling much better than Skyword Sword the games would still usually cap out at around 10 million). I don't think anyone could ever have dreamed BOTW would do that we
  11. It's a bloated, self-indulgent, misguided pile of shit that nearly killed the franchise.
  12. 84 Metacritic at the moment, pretty good. That's a bit below 7 but better than 3 which I think is about what I expected based on the demo.
  13. I pre-ordered Returnal for £55 from Boss Deals on eBay prior to release and I had a fantastic time with it. It's a great game and it deserves better. But if your argument around pricing ends up being 'wait for ebay to run a 20% off promotion and only then preorder it' it's not terribly convincing is it? I still think the idea that Demon's Souls, Returnal and Miles Morales represent a higher quality, more premium experience than last gen games is quite nebulous. Miles Morales is cross-gen and Demon's Souls is a very pretty coat of paint on a decade old game. Returnal is fantastic bu
  14. I do find it amusing that Crichstand repeatedly talks about how Sony is making premium games for the connoisseurs, which is why they deserve a higher price tag, yet the only way he seems able to justify this 'higher quality' label is by referring to their graphics. It's like a supposed movie buff arguing that the cinema ticket for a new Fast and Furious movie should be £20 because it's a better quality and more premium movie.
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