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  1. Majora

    Armando Iannucci's The Death of Stalin

    Yeah I watched about 15 minutes on Prime Video and wasn't enjoying it at all so I stopped. I honestly thought I would love it given the concept, the pedigree of the director and the cast but it literally did nothing for me. I could have given it more time but there is so much stuff I want to watch, if it's boring me after 15 minutes I'm usually pretty brutal nowadays.
  2. Majora

    New Star Soccer 5 (PC/Mac/iOS/Android/Flash)

    On one hand I can completely understand a forumite hitting it big after years of toil and wanting to extract every penny he can in order to set his family up for, potentially, life if this has the same level of success as the first game. I can't really begrudge someone who is, or at least was, just one of us milking the lucrative cash cow. On the other hand it's the antithesis of nearly everything I want in a game, so sadly I have to pass.
  3. I only rotate clockwise when playing Tetris and Lumines too, my brain just can't seem to process potentially rotating them in two directions. I don't think it really makes much difference except maybe when the grid is very full and you're on a fast drop speed.
  4. Majora

    Yoku's Island Express

    I couldn't figure this one out either, it surely has to be related to the exploding slug underneath but you can't suck it up while going down that chute so I have no idea how you suck it up. That said, as much as I enjoyed the game I'm not sure if I have the stamina to 100% it. If the fast travel system was quicker and more comprehensive I probably would but as it stands it just takes too long for me to get around post-game to find the mopping up stuff truly enjoyable. Something for a sequel to address.
  5. Majora

    Monthly Release Dates - July 2018

    I was going to get Captain Toad but the demo left me unsure. Seems a bit simplistic.
  6. Majora

    Ru Paul's Drag Race

    According to people who were at the taping of the finale, Asia's lipsync was even worse than how it was edited. The final edit makes it just looks like a slightly botched/underwhelming reveal of butterflies whereas apparently it took ages after the lipsync for the production staff to sweep up all the dead butterflies on the stage....
  7. Majora

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Microsoft Rewards used to be simple in the 360 days but it's now completely overcomplicated to the point where I don't bother with it. Points and gems and levels and God knows what, I just tune out. Can't be bothering figuring it out for the sake of what's probably a couple of quid per month.
  8. Majora

    Games with Gold for July 2018

    Splinter Cell Conviction is weird, you can tell it morphed from a social stealth game to a more traditional one halfway through development. Some of the levels were clearly designed for the old style of gameplay they ditched, like the theme park level. It's amazing how much detail is in that level but you would never see most of it unless you go off the designed path for no real reason. Some levels just aren't designed around Sam's new abilities, whereas the newer levels clearly are.
  9. Majora

    Nintendo Switch

    Shit level design is still shit level design for 10 quid. I could buy Hollow Knight, by all accounts a lengthy game with excellent level design, for that!
  10. Majora

    Nintendo Switch

    I haven't played Wolfenstein 2 but it was one of those games that reviewed very well but got quite a big backlash when it came out. I've avoided even picking it up on sale for £9.99 because there were so many negative impressions for it.
  11. Majora

    A Lumines Thread

    I'm sure they give you more favourable patterns of blocks on some skins than others, in addition to the speed of falling + clear line changing. Some skins I was killing it with 12x after 12x scores, other skins I could barely string together a couple of squares. Got about 150,000 on my first go, not bad considering I haven't played any Lumines at all for about 6 years. Shinin' is so so good, it's almost a shame it's the first skin given it's the best one.
  12. Majora

    Are games fun?

    They don't have to be fun, in the same way no-one is going to call Schindler's List or Requiem for a Dream enjoyable in the purest sense of the word. Games like Edith Finch or Everybody's Gone to the Rapture aren't primarily there to be fun, and that's fine because they exist to evoke different emotions instead.
  13. Majora

    Xbox Game Pass (Subscription Service)

    Vermintide 2 at launch is a good get. I never bothered with the first one even though it was given away with Games with Gold just because of its age. I'm much more likely to try a multiplayer focused game at launch than 2-3 years down the line, and the Left 4 Dead comparisons intrigue me. Always wanted to give Abzu a shot too so that's a nice bonus.
  14. Majora

    A Lumines Thread

    Heavenly Star is one of mankind's greatest musical achievements, you monster.
  15. Majora

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    This looks brilliant. I was a bit concerned by the trailer that it might be hard to focus on the game with all the visual effects going on around you but watching that gameplay video just assuaged those fears. Day 1.

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