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  1. I enjoyed the first episode a lot more than the second. The scripts for the acting challenges are always dreadful and there's always a few roles where the queens saddled with them just have nothing to work with.
  2. I'm actually with Uncle Nasty on this. If you told me even three years ago that I would most likely be buying the new Xbox over the PS5 at launch I'd laugh heartily, but the reality is that since buying a an Xbox One X a couple of years ago and subscribing to GamePass I've barely touched my PS4. And seeing as I'm paid up on GamePass Ultimate until 2022 now it just seems to make the most sense. It's a great service and I don't have the time to play everything I want to on it anymore. The thing is, as much as I admire Sony's approach to first party exclusives, with a big commitment to new IPs and single player games, in reality I've found most of their first party output underwhelming this generation. They've narrowed their focus tremendously to basically just put out a very particular type of game - the glossy, big budget third party action adventure game with a huge emphasis on narrative, probably a pointless skill tree in there, and a (semi) open world. For the most part they're very safe, very focus-tested feeling games, so expensive that they don't take any major risks in their bid (and need, given the budget) to sell millions. They're the videogame equivalent of a Marvel movie or a Disney live action remake. I'll exclude Bloodborne and The Last Guardian from this but then one is a third party developed game and Team Ico no longer exists so... Compared to MS first party I think they're still the safer bet in terms of output volume and production of a certain type of game but looking at the studios MS have acquired I think they could well be the more interesting bet in terms of genre variety. There's also a chasm between the way MS (and Nintendo) treat Indies and the way Sony do right now. Its become seemingly pretty common knowledge in the industry that Sony doesn't give a rat's ass about promoting Indies anymore, which is a big shame and a far cry from the end of PS3/beginning of PS4. I'm sure I'll pick up a PS5 eventually and I'm definitely looking forward to The Last of Us 2 and Death Stranding, but I've realised over the course of this gen that their output doesn't actually excite me as much as I once thought it did and won't be a determining factor in which next-gen console I plump for first.
  3. Costume Quest 2 is also on GamePass
  4. I gave this a try through Gamepass and got a good week's worth of enjoyment out of it but I think I've had my fill. I could consistently get up to whatever the level is after the second boss (I think the castle) but found it a big difficulty spike and I never felt like I got any better at that level and ultimately can't be bothered replaying the same levels over and over to have another try. It's a bit of a weird one to me because it feels like the most effective tactic is usually just to avoid engaging in combat altogether or to chuck down some traps and a slicer and wait for the enemies to get killed that way, especially in the latter levels when one enemy attack can decimate your health bar. It's a solid game overall though, just stopped feeling like I was making much progression after a while.
  5. Good to see I'm not missing out on anything by giving up on Blair Witch. After a couple of hours running through a samey, boring forest while occasionally dabbling in thrillingly undercooked mechanics like 'pet the dog', 'shine your torch where the dog is looking to kill some twigs' and 'press pause at obvious parts of camcorder footage' I was done.
  6. Had it been about 5 hours or so I would have enjoyed it much more. It didn't need to be as long and laboured as it was.
  7. Same, it just reaches a point where I can't be arsed watching another 15 minute video from him which is all but identical to all the other 100s of videos he's done on the topic and I just stop caring. Let's be honest we all know the talking points before even watching a second of these videos nowadays. You can get all you need from the thumbnail and then imagine the rest of the video was compiled through a random generator of stock Jim phrases and talking points.
  8. Reminder that the offer to get a month of Ultimate Game Pass + 1,500 points is now live: https://account.microsoft.com/rewards/dashboard/ENGB_punchcard_XboxCosmicRescue_pcparent_Sept_2019 It's all pretty straightforward, the only particularly onerous requirements are checking the Rewards app on your Xbox One on ten separate days thoughout the month and searching Bing at least 20 times for 3 of the 4 weeks
  9. Majora

    Xbox Game Pass

    Outer Worlds and Afterparty are coming to Gamepass at the end of October too and they're not even on that list.
  10. Majora

    Playstation Now

    Caveat being they're only on the service for 3 months at which point they get rotated out for a new set of marquee titles so still a less compelling proposition than Gamepass. They're getting closer though. Infamous not being a permanent addition at this point does still feel a bit cheap though actually. It's a 5-6 year old near-launch title.
  11. Majora

    Xbox Game Pass

    It's got to the point with Gamepass where I simply don't have the time to try everything I would like to anymore. Which is a nice problem to have and quite different to how the service was even just 18 months ago.
  12. Beelines are fine for getting around the top of the map but navigating the lower reaches is a pain towards the end. It's the only real glaring flaw though.
  13. I didn't really click with Ori either, I found the combat wishy-washy and the trial and error sections annoying. Although very pretty, I didn't find the game world compelling to explore which is the main reason why I gave up about halfway though. The pull of seeing what a new area looked like or contained wasn't strong enough.
  14. I did enjoy this but I wish the synchronisation between the music and the visuals was tighter. A lot of the time it feels like the music is more of a backdrop rather than being closely linked to what happens on screen. There are moments when they do feel closely linked but they're more fleeting than I'd hope. I still struggle to get the perfect timing down on the Ouendan-esque circles. Still a great overall experience though.
  15. Majora

    Xbox Game Pass

    Get back to us on that later
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