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  1. I'm really interested in 12 Minutes but I feel like it's the kind of game there will be no middle ground for. It's so high concept it'll either knock it out of the park or people will be incredibly disappointed.
  2. It was mainly just that the demo was timed, confined you to one specific area of the mall, and had practically no focus on time management or escort missions. There was a boss fight you could do as I recall but generally the focus was just on exploring, mucking about and trying out all the items. When the actual game came out, people were sharply divided because of how pressured it could feel in comparison. The timer, the expiring quests, all the NPCs you had to save who would die at the drop of a hat...it really turned off some who were sold on the much more laid back demo.
  3. Oh, how could I forget Dead Rising? The early 360 days were great for demos, I don't think we'll ever see so many big games get meaty pre-release demos like we did back then. I must have played that demo so many times experimenting with everything. I actually really liked the full game too even though it wound up being quite a different beast to play than the demo might have led people to believe.
  4. Bioshock has to be the obvious one for me. I remember playing it at about 5am and being totally blown away by the graphics, locations, concept and atmosphere. Then the full game came out and it became apparent that the beginning was basically the best section in the whole game but still, what a way to show the game off.
  5. I absolutely loved Virginia but The Last Stop isn't quite doing it for me thus far. Whether through budgetary constraints or creative decisions, the way Virginia played out entirely in first person without dialogue felt much more unique and clever. The Last Stop is a lot more conventional with its spoken dialogue and QTE interactions but suffers by comparison with similar games that do the same thing with a bigger budget and more polish. I'm going to stick with it, and I really enjoy its depiction of London which feels authentic in a way something like Watch Dogs Legion for all its budget never achieved, but it's not grabbed me yet. It's very on the nose (eg the dialogue from the child about their swimming accomplishments) where Virginia was more subtle.
  6. Prey looks and runs great on the Series consoles now. I don't know if they fixed it but when I played it there was some kind of issue where if you left it running in the background the in-game menus could get really laggy when you resumed the game. Was fixed by hard quitting and restarting the game though.
  7. I also finished this today and thought it was very good on the whole. Maybe not quite in the upper echelon of indie games, simply because I found the art and audio a little stronger than the actual gameplay but it was all very solid and enjoyable. The final two boss fights were excellent also, really elevated the game in the final stretch.
  8. Reviews are all over the shop, Metro gave it 3/10.
  9. Just read on Resetera about how to use the circles on the floor. I'll spoiler this but I highly recommend people read it because otherwise you're going to wait for a power-up that never comes
  10. I think I found micro-stuttering worst in the docks type area and also the woodland area. I agree it's still perfectly playable, just a little irritating. I only really notice it when I'm running through areas with no enemies.
  11. On Series X it feels like there is often some kind of microstutter or frame pacing issue or something. It's worse in some areas than others
  12. I mean, I definitely can't remember everything I passed that you are meant to come back later but I also feel like it will probably take 5-10 minutes at most to scout each area out a second time. I don't think the levels are particularly big in all honesty.
  13. It definitely gets harder, which feels like a no-brainer thing to say about a game but I was finding it pretty easy up to and through the mansion and then as soon as I went into the next area I was dying a lot as there were much more groups of enemies. It's not particularly punishing but you have to focus harder. Agreed on the Bastion comparison, it's the exact game I was thinking of when I was playing it earlier. Also agreed this is a fair bit better though.
  14. Yeah it's a nice touch but still somewhat hard to gauge your progress. When I die to a boss I want to know if I was halfway there or a slither of health away so I can gauge if I really need to more cautious or not next time.
  15. I don't know if you really need a map unless it opens up significantly later on. The levels are pretty linear and compact. There are little optional bits you might want to come back to later but the levels are compact enough and there's enough teleportation points that I haven't found it an issue. Also, Souls games don't have a map etc... I would most like to see health bars for your enemies, or at the very least the bosses. That's my only real gripe so far.
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