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  1. AfromB

    Xbox Game Pass

    I’ve just had a quick go on Cities Skylines. It seems a little too heavy on the micromanaging in style for my tastes. Is there anything similar but a bit more lightweight?
  2. Has anyone ever figured out why downloads on Xbox are so slow? We are lucky enough to have a 1Gb connection here and yet anything that is downloaded on the Xbox takes ages. I think that even the UK version of the Dreamcast was faster than this.
  3. I’ll quite happily take promotion this way. Would I prefer that we finish the season and go up that way? Yes, but going up this way is better than having everything that the team have worked towards for the majority of the season wiped out and being in League 1 again next season instead of the Championship. After one promotion in fifty years I’ll take it anyway that it comes.
  4. There’s stone cold classic game on ITV at the minute. The 87 cup final.
  5. Is anyone else finding it a horrible laggy mess since the update?
  6. They’re out there and you don’t have to dig very far to find them. Although It sounds like we’re all basically agreeing here anyway.
  7. So me pointing out that people are saying it is worse than people actually saying it? There is a world of difference between gallows humour and the type of regressive nonsense that is commonly passed off as football humour.
  8. That is what they’re saying, sort of.
  9. The cross play is making this totally pointless at the minute. Just give us the option to turn off pc players.
  10. I think you’ve misunderstood what they mean. Rivalry is all fine and good, it’s more the whole singing songs about people dying etc. that they’re on about not the odd burst of shit on the Villa. There’s definitely a section of fan that goes too far. As an example, the photographer Kevin Cummins. I follow him on twitter because he’s great at what he does, I grew up looking at his images, but get him onto football and he loses all perspective. Everything, and I mean everything, is a conspiracy against Man City.
  11. Almost two months top of the league now!!! Also, this thing of beauty arrived today. *I’ve no idea why they are the wrong way up. Sorry.
  12. Not as far as I can see. I’m not ruling out the possibility that I’ve missed something really obvious though.
  13. I play it on my Xbox with friends who have it on the PS4. It works fine with console players.
  14. One thing that I have noticed recently is that due to a lot of people now playing warfare there are more pc players in the multiplayer games. It’s getting a little tiresome to be honest, you have little chance of even reacting to them being on screen let alone shooting them before you die yet again.
  15. AfromB

    Xbox Game Pass

    I think that Ace Combat may have some of the worst writing and acting in a game that I’ve ever seen and I’ve only played the first mission.
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