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  1. There's a massive stink in the Substance forums since they announced being acquired by Adobe. I have some sympathy for them because they're doing their best to be transparent but at the same time, under the terms of the buyout it seems they don't actually know a lot of the detail about what Adobe intend to do with them. And there's very few alternatives for what Substance does, Mari doesn't really serve the same market as Painter and I can't think of anything that matches Substance Designer? I'm mostly just annoyed because currently I get a free educational licence and Painter scratches an itch from painting Citadel Miniatures late into the night as a teenager (and more seriously, I want to make human anatomy assets for lecturing with). Free licences isn't really how Adobe do things these days... As an update on how I'm finding the Affinity products, I'm getting on with them fine and they do a good enough job, but on Windows there's no hardware acceleration at all, so a simple blur filter will effectively lock the program at large kernel sizes even with an i9 CPU. Mac has Metal support but there's no timeline announced for OpenGL/Vulkan optimisations, which makes the whole suite a bit of toy compared to Adobe if you ever want to use adjustment layers(!) interactively.
  2. Trying to get the hang of vector stuff with Affinity Designer, but following tutorials for Illustrator and trying to cope without the same toolset, which honestly is starting to highlight why Designer isn't a serious competitor for anyone who'd want to use it professionally (yet).
  3. Early on I liked the whip, you can hold down attack to switch between holy/dark damage, although that does make it a bit annoying for jump cancelled attacks cos it delays the attack to button release.
  4. Finished up now, save for the Thoroughly enjoyed it, not quite to SotN levels but definitely up there with the DS Castlevanias. Looking forward to seeing what DLC comes, co-op sounds interesting and more characters would be great. I do kind of regret not experimenting more with the souls and weapons, but as people have said, there are just some clear bests like the painting shield and floaty head summon. I didn't find any weapon that was better than the and its upgrade, just because of the range and none of the stats seem to matter enough to be better than stacking luck at every opportunity. Which is all fine for a first playthrough and I'll look forward to mixing it up a bit more on another attempt some time. Maybe after revisiting the DS games.
  5. I was going to wait until this was like £5 in a Steam sale because I still haven't finished Hollow Knight, but you guys talked me into it and I'm glad you did Immediately feels like a comfortable blend of SotN and the best of the DS Castlevanias, all very familiar. The shortcut loadout switching is so welcome, really makes it easy to experiment with new gear and souls and I might even try and pay attention to all the damage/resistance types if it's that easy to exploit. I kind of agree that it's a bit overwhelming with all the game systems, as quick as they're dumped on you, although now I'm really enjoying having a bunch of different goals I can jump between. Crafting could be improved, a bit too much fiddly menuing but it's not so bad as to be tedious.
  6. Yup, this. Saw it was a few pennies on Steam and remembered seeing it on AGDQ at some point. It's great fun but quite tricky in a it's-totally-my-fault kinda way. Playing on PC I'd definitely recommend grabbing the CRT shaders for Reshade and using something like CRT-Lottes to knock the edges off the pixel art a bit.
  7. I should take a look at Capture One, seems to be the top choice for people looking for something that isn't Lightroom, although I'd need to get better with my camera before I had a good enough excuse! Is there anything that makes it particularly good or different?
  8. Recently I've found I'm having more reasons to want to use things like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, InDesign and of course Photoshop for professional use and obviously pirating is right out if I'm not just retouching family photos or whatever for my own purposes. I qualify for educational pricing for the forseeable future but that's still endless renting of software with no end in sight. So, I was wondering how everyone was managing with/without the Adobe in various ways? What's replaceable? And what isn't? I've just gone all in on Affinity software, starting with a "what the hell, it's only £40" for Affinity Photo, then trying the Publisher beta which rapidly turned into a special beta tester discount. Then why not, should get Designer too to complete the suite, right? And aside from the ridiculously competitive pricing, the software itself is really good. Lots of well thought out features (high-pass filtering in Photo is a real highlight), copious video tutorials on their website, official learn-by-doing workbooks for every tool and a surprising number of high quality guides on youtube too. I've got some conferences coming up and I'll be doing a lot with the Affinity suite for producing quality research posters, slidedecks that aren't awful and that kind of thing. That got me to wondering what else was out there. Affinity Photo doesn't do raw collection management so I gave Darktable and RawTherapee a shot and I think I might actually prefer RawTherapee to Lightroom. Which is great, because it's free! I also found out Google still offer the Nik Collection for creative photo processing at the free version before it got sold on to DxO (who also offer a free version). DaVinci Resolve has managed to fill the gap for both Premiere Pro and After Effects, while at the same time having just phenomenal colour grading tools. And it's free (unless you want denoising and hardware accelerated encoding and a few other sort of essential things...). I'm not sure you could honestly replace After Effects but Resolve comes with Fusion built in, which serves just fine for particle effects, 3d titling, keying, motion tracking and other stuff. I definitely love the node graph workflow over having a massive layer stack. Full pro version is a little pricey for casual use, but if you like to own software it seems like a really solid option. I haven't tried Krita yet, but I have played around with Autodesk Sketchbook which is sort of free for everyone and it's got a lovely brush engine and some clever workflow design. I've got it on my Surface Pro for doodling, turning on the symmetry tool to bash in some linework and then going to town colouring is really relaxing So yeah, what else is out there? Have you tried out the alternatives to Adobe for professional or home use and what did you think of it?
  9. Youtube has started recommending me the final insult - A Feast For Video Essayists. It's going to take months to convince the algorithm I'm not interested in this kind of low effort deconstruction.
  10. Apologies if this was posted already but this is a great interview with the script writers that gives answers to things like what the rules were meant to be for multiple timelines, what thought went into making the second Soul Stone scene narratively satisfying and why smart Hulk sort of comes out of nowhere. Too much good information to call all of it out, just definitely worth a watch even at an hour long.
  11. I thought it was going to be them both going over the ledge and it being revealed the soulstone only demands the act of sacrifice, not a death, so they would both survive. Which would be a nice way to make the scene more different from Thanos' version. Given what we saw, I half wonder if they shot a version that way in advance of contract negotiations with Scarlett Johansson that maybe ruled it out.
  12. Was there anything to rule out Rogers time travelling to be at that point where he knew he could pass on the shield (or that was the "right" moment to do it, as Falcon hesistates to accept)? They must've given him a full brace of Pym particles to take all the stones back where they belong, with a few spare for things going wrong. No one knows how long the supersoldier serum extends life, he could've come back from the future for all we're told, although it's a bit suspect that there's no hint of that in the dialogue, so I'm probably just inventing excuses for the writing there.
  13. Ahh, that's a shame although better they take some time to get it right after what Fox did for F4. There are plenty of mega-evil godlike things to take Thanos' place as the main villain so maybe better not to try and guess what's being hinted at!
  14. As everyone seems to be arguing about time paradoxes after the film dedicates an entire scene to "please don't think too hard about this stuff", am I going crazy or did the Ancient One warn about the lack of Infinity Stones not just for keeping time linear, but keeping away big chaotic entities? The stones are gone and Disney/Marvel are heavily rumoured to have a Fantastic Four film in pre-production. Just saying, some planets are going to get eaten. Actually was a little disappointed when Captain Marvel shows up for Tony, because for a few seconds I was hoping it'd be the Silver Surfer.
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