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  1. Apologies if this was posted already but this is a great interview with the script writers that gives answers to things like what the rules were meant to be for multiple timelines, what thought went into making the second Soul Stone scene narratively satisfying and why smart Hulk sort of comes out of nowhere. Too much good information to call all of it out, just definitely worth a watch even at an hour long.
  2. I thought it was going to be them both going over the ledge and it being revealed the soulstone only demands the act of sacrifice, not a death, so they would both survive. Which would be a nice way to make the scene more different from Thanos' version. Given what we saw, I half wonder if they shot a version that way in advance of contract negotiations with Scarlett Johansson that maybe ruled it out.
  3. Was there anything to rule out Rogers time travelling to be at that point where he knew he could pass on the shield (or that was the "right" moment to do it, as Falcon hesistates to accept)? They must've given him a full brace of Pym particles to take all the stones back where they belong, with a few spare for things going wrong. No one knows how long the supersoldier serum extends life, he could've come back from the future for all we're told, although it's a bit suspect that there's no hint of that in the dialogue, so I'm probably just inventing excuses for the writing there.
  4. Ahh, that's a shame although better they take some time to get it right after what Fox did for F4. There are plenty of mega-evil godlike things to take Thanos' place as the main villain so maybe better not to try and guess what's being hinted at!
  5. As everyone seems to be arguing about time paradoxes after the film dedicates an entire scene to "please don't think too hard about this stuff", am I going crazy or did the Ancient One warn about the lack of Infinity Stones not just for keeping time linear, but keeping away big chaotic entities? The stones are gone and Disney/Marvel are heavily rumoured to have a Fantastic Four film in pre-production. Just saying, some planets are going to get eaten. Actually was a little disappointed when Captain Marvel shows up for Tony, because for a few seconds I was hoping it'd be the Silver Surfer.
  6. I've got to wondering if it's worth selling on my launch day Vive in advance of the Index launch, bit dubious if anyone would even want it given the advances in the displays and ergonomics of headsets (plus the quality issues that HTC seem to have had). What would you do if you knew you were going to pick up an Index at some point?
  7. SuperNashwan

    Magic The Gathering Arena

    Still playing this and since the new set trailer has become MTG's most viewed video ever, thought it was worth posting here! All very Chris Metzen level Saturday morning cartoon stuff (if you've been following the lore enough to even know what's going on here) but the new set is quite a departure in design, so that's exciting. Should also say, the latest patch has significantly revamped the new player experience, so it should be much easier to transition out of the tutorial into versus play, rather than being dumped straight into it and expecting to lose a lot against more refined decks. I can definitely confirm you can get to play a tier 1 deck relatively quickly as free-to-play as I set up a second account, which I built a white weenie deck on, but could've easily been mono blue tempo or RDW instead (all very competitive decks). I hate the new cosmetics though, the parallax effect is so poorly implemented, it's incredibly lazy compared to e.g. DOTA2 where each item is entirely new art (modelling, texturing, animation, effects).
  8. SuperNashwan

    Discuss the future of game graphics

    Nvidia are showing off an update to the Quake 2 pathtracing project at GDC, running on Vulkan on an RTX card I think it looks much more impressive than the version Digital Foundry covered a while back, now it has updated PBR textures and simulated sky/time of day. Nvidia also announced that raytracing will be supported on Pascal and Turing cards, running two or three times slower as on RTX cards, for whatever that's worth.
  9. SuperNashwan

    Auto Chess (a mod for DOTA 2)

    I wouldn't be surprised if Valve bought this outright, but it's probably a bit more complicated with the developers in China and the recent failure of Artifact. It looks interesting enough that I reinstalled DOTA2 to have a go, but I haven't found time for it yet as I'm still obsessing over MTG Arena. The race is on to see which AAA dev clones it first. My money is on Blizzard, they have the closest fit for existing IP, but EA could easily find something that works too. It's clearly well suited to mobile play so it could be at least as big as battle royale as a faddish genre.
  10. SuperNashwan

    Magic The Gathering Arena

    New expansion set is out, you can use the code "PlayAllegiance" for three booster packs. The MTGA subreddit are putting together a half-decent beginners guide too, so it's slightly less intimidating to get into. Also the new patch has brought nice things like you can't open duplicates of rarer cards in boosters until you have all of a set now. Think I'm gonna play a bunch of sealed for cards from the new set, really liking the look of collosal gates and ooze at the moment, although I'm guessing some new variant of mono red or a tweaked golgari midrange is going to be the thing for ranked ladder.
  11. SuperNashwan

    Magic The Gathering Arena

    Still playing this, surprised there's not more chat here on it because it's really damn good. I'd only dipped into Magic before with the first Duels game on Xbox Live, then bounced off of Hearthstone's shallowness, but MTGA has really grabbed me. Direct challenge is a great addition to let you play with mates, I had a fun evening clashing janky decks with a friend while chatting on Discord, almost like a proper paper match. Just went 6 wins out of 7 in my first quick draft format, which evens the playing field massively for free-to-play players, because everyone drafts a 40 card deck by opening booster packs, doesn't matter how much you've spent in the shop. You get to keep the cards you choose afterwards too, along with your rewards from winning games, so I picked up quite a boost to my library. Been watching lots of streamers' youtube highlights too, will link a few below worth watching if you're interested in how the game plays
  12. SuperNashwan

    Magic The Gathering Arena

    Been playing this for a couple of weeks after whinging to some mates about the state Artifact was coming out in and they put me on to it. It's a shame the client is Unity because it runs pretty poorly on my Surface Pro, but otherwise it's very nicely put together, even though there's clearly still a lot of work to do. Was a bit frustrating losing to merfolk decks stacked with rares until unlocking the good dual colour decks, but now I've got a slightly tweaked white/black vampire deck that seems to see a lot of early concedes when some synergy hits the board. Use "PlayRavnica" to get 3 free booster packs, and you can also trawl through some old streams on Twitch for another one time code for a pack (took me a few attempts to get one that was unused). Overall it feels quite generous so far with free cards and I've not spent gold on any drafts yet.

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