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  1. Yeah some good points there. I think our owner does have money but he is being very careful about how it's spent because he doesn't want to saddle the club with debt and is painfully aware of our recent history in that regard. I think he very much has a long time vision for the club and isn't expecting us to steamroller our way to the PL in a few seasons. He's a realist and although he's happy to spend money on the squad where it's needed, he's not overcommitting for the aforementioned reasons. And I think that's smart. Also, both him and his son Eric (who is a director) have been nothing but passionate and supportive from the word go. It's a bit of a shock for Pompey fans but I think we're pleased to finally have an owner who has his head screwed on and is an astute businessman and not like the succession of bloody crooks we had in the late 2000s who completely screwed the club into the ground to the point where we very, very nearly ceased to exist because of the ridiculous level of debt we had. The Inland Revenue issued a winding up order against the club for unpaid taxes and it was only a last minute reprieve that saved us.
  2. Much needed win for Pompey tonight over Fleetwood. Still in touch of the playoffs but our injury issues will make putting a consistent run together difficult. The problem is being able to field the same lineup in consecutive matches. I've said it before but I'll be happy with a Top 10 finish this season. Everything else is a bonus.
  3. Your form continues to be incredible @neoELITE and I can see you cementing a playoff place before much longer. Bradford and Charlton are far from secure fighting for that 6th place spot. I know there's a long way to go but you'be just overtaken us and to be honest, I'm getting a bit annoyed with how inconsistent Pompey's form is. We win a game away from home in the last minute a few days earlier and you think we'd kick on from there. We were unlucky against Blackburn but you have to take your chances. "Win one, lose one" has been the story of our season really and the inconsistency is exactly why I don't think we'll make the playoffs. I think we will finish Top 10, probably but that's about it. In other news, this is exactly the quality of owner we used to have. Sulaiman Al Fahim, a man who has just been jailed for 5 years for stealing £5 million from his wife to fund the purchase of Pompey in 2009! http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43055733
  4. Getting a bit ahead of yourself aren't you? Seriously though, impressive result beating Shrewsbury away. They are a very good side and beat us twice this season, comfortably both times. I can see you getting near or roundabout the playoff positions seeing as you seem to have completely turned your season around in the space of about 2 months. Was relieved Pompey finally ended our bad run yesterday. Conor Chaplin nicking the winning goal right at the death was a brilliant feeling. I think we would be firmly in the playoff positions if we hadn't been unlucky with the injuries we've had.
  5. Yeah that makes sense actually. In other news, our loan goalkeeper Stephen Henderson is out for the season..after 1 match. Fucking great!
  6. It's a matter of perception though isn't it and, more importantly, the type of board you have at the club. My club (Portsmouth) haven't won in 5 games but there is absolutely zero chance of our manager being fired for it. Partly because it's our first season back in League 1 and it's expected to be a consolidation season. I guess expectations at Bradford are that the manager is expected to deliver promotion and because they are now 13 points off the automatic places, he's not in a position to do so, or the board have lost confidence in his ability to do so. I still think managers are show the trap door far too quickly and it seems more prevalent in the football league than anywhere else. Look how many managers Leeds and Notts Forest have been through in the last 5-10 years. Shows how heavily a team's former reputation contributes towards expectations, which is ridiculous when you think about it because it's not always dealing with the reality of where the club is at this specific point in time.
  7. Apparently Kyle Bennett has left Portsmouth by "mutual consent". He was one of our prominent first team players last season and started well in League 1 but just fell down the pecking order since Matty Kennedy and O'Keefe arrived. Also I'm not surprised KJ as let him go as he tends to favour hard working players and, to put it mildy, Bennett is pretty lazy at times. He's such a frustrating player because he had so much promise as a teenager but just seems happy to coast along wasting his talent. At first I was a bit surprised by this but the more I think about it, the more I think it's best he moves on. Probably a good buy for a decent club in League 2 or a team who needs a League 1 squad player. https://t.co/RhtPNTme9p
  8. Tennis

    Yeah, when I said he'd declined it was more trying to highlight how maybe he'd physically gotten a notch or two slower - but even that's debatable now! When he had that barren slam spell after 2012, he started to look like he wasn't quite mentally engaged in some matches. But then, of course you're right, 2017 his form and mental strength really took a massive turn upwards. Plus, like you say, he's improved his serve and his backhand is firing again. It is incredible how he's won 3 of the last 5 slams.But then you think of how much experience he has just being in slam finals compared to other players. It surely gives him a mental edge that must be difficult for his opponent. Only a handful of players in the last 10 years have actually gotten to slam finals. And Murray showed how hard it was to actually break through and win one. It took him quite a few attempts before he won the US Open. I really don't think we will see another player like Federer for a long, long time. There certainly doesn't seem to be anyone coming through who shows enormous promise. Mind you, I don't really follow tennis as closely as I used to.
  9. Tennis

    The fact that he can keep doing it at 36 is incredible. He really is a tennis phenomenon. I doubt we will ever see anyone come close to achieving what he has in the sport in a very long time. I honestly thought Rafa would catch up a few years ago but injuries took their toll on him. Federer has looked after himself incredibly well and extended his career (mostly by playing a lot less tournaments) way past the point of most other tennis professionals. I'm surprised none of the new breed have been able to step up and challenge. I expected at least a few of the slams to have a new winner. Mind you, Federer is so good, that he's making a mockery of the fact that in most sports your core skills decline when you get into your 30s. Sure, Federer has declined but he's still good enough to beat the rest of the field - even if he is helped by both Murray and Djokovic's absence.
  10. Bit harsh isn't it? You're in 10th place not languishing in the relegation zone. Plus if you're unlucky with injuries then there's only so much a manager can do as he's relying on second string players and youth prospects to make a difference. Having said that..losing to Bury would probably push any board over the edge. They are the worst team in League 1 by some distance.
  11. I used to go to Fratton Park with a guy who was really nice, laid back and easy going in everyday life...that is until he got into the stadium and the match started. He would then spend the entire 90 minutes screaming like a homicidal lunatic, whether we were winning or losing. This was in the family section of the South stand as well. Adults would shake their heads at him and children would just look at him in a puzzled way. I would just sit there cringing. I only went a couple of times. Couldn't take it more than that. Anyway, I wasn't surprised we lost to Rotherham yesterday. We've got a few injuries right now and some fans seem to think the owners have got a bottomless pit of money and should just keep financing replacements or loan deals. They need to get a grip. However, I'm not convinced by KJ deciding to go really defensive for the last 15 mins. Why not try to win the match? I think it invites trouble and lo and behold we concede in injury time. Still, we're doing better than I thought this season and if the strikers can start firing again (Pitman missed a sitter yesterday) then we'll be in or around the playoffs come the season end I still believe.
  12. Tennis

    Great to see Edmund through. I always liked his game as well. He obviously has a powerful forehand but he seems to have worked a lot on his serve with his new coach and it's paying dividends. His serve is vastly improved now. This Kyrgios v Dimitrov match is too close to call right now. I have a feeling Dimitrov might edge it though.
  13. That's sad to hear. I hope his treatment is successful and he's on the road to recovery soon. Big match for you today at home to the league leaders. I'm kind of hoping you can wipe the smug smile off Paul Cook's face by beating them
  14. Horizon Zero Dawn

    I platinumed this game a couple of days ago. Normally hunting trophies or achievements in games is something that I wouldn't bother with but I loved almost everything about Horizon Zero Dawn - the whole experience of playing it was a real joy. I just love being in that world. I think it takes what the Witcher 3 did in terms of creating a strong environmental narrative and builds on it to an even more immersive degree, so you really want to seek out every small curio that offers a window into the world as it used to be. Plus shooting robot dinosaurs with a bow and arrow never gets old. After completing the main quest in The Frozen Wilds I went back to mop up the remaining trophies in the main game. Some of the hunting trials were a bit of a pain to get a Blazing sun on (I'm looking at you Sleight of Crate - goddamn crab machines!) but it was all worth it in the end. Fabulous game and easily my game of the year for 2017.
  15. Cranberries lead singer Dolores O'Riordan dead :(

    Horrible news. I remember listening to their debut album in my first year of college. It was part of the soundtrack of my memories of that time in the early 90s. She had an amazing voice, so beautiful and poignant at times.

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