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  1. stefcha

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Just watched this, enjoyable fluff that left me with a smile on my face throughout. It all felt Solo enough without anything of particular consequence ever happening and I was actually alright with that. Doubt I'll remember much about it by next week, but more than happy to have watched it. Ehrenreich was more than decent, I was expecting a lot worse.
  2. stefcha

    Sous Vide

    I agree, good steak it's a waste of time and effort to sous vide and there are many more, better uses you can put the setup to. For cooking steak, I always do how Neil Rankin suggests in here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Low-Slow-How-Cook-Meat/dp/1785030876 Which, despite the title, pretty much says the same for steaks in that its best cooked in a pan hot and fast, moving and turning. It does get a few mins in a very low oven at the end to finish but that's it, never had one less than perfect.
  3. stefcha

    PS4 Pro

    Repressed memories of that Dreamcast drive are likely to blame for going digital only as and where possible, this gen is the first time I've been able to go 100% digital throughout and it's great It'll be a joyous day when the handful of 360/PS3 physical games I've got are finally played and moved on. It'll just be bloody Wii U stuff left then, damn those high digital prices, lack of storage and timeless replayability
  4. stefcha

    PS4 Pro

    It's possible, there has been a change in model numbers from the release ones (7116 from 7000, or something like that) and apparently there are two different fan makes in use as well, it's annoying things like this are still so variable even this far into a console's life. Mind you, I even sent back my first X because the fan was noisy so it's not like premium stuff can't have the occasional problem, but at least I knew that should be near silent. Problem I have here is there's no consensus on whether the Pro should be quiet or not in the first place, and I hate that uncertainty.
  5. stefcha

    PS4 Pro

    You're not lost at all, that's precisely it. I've already got all the games, but my recently inherited PS4 is not long for this world and it'll need replacing with... I dunno, I'm scared to choose in case it inadvertently kicks off World War 3 now.
  6. stefcha

    PS4 Pro

    What? It's just something I take into consideration that I happen to find pretty important. Games are also important, they're why I own a PS4. Jesus Christ, why does everything have to be so binary?
  7. stefcha

    PS4 Pro

    More or less, yeah. I wouldn't call it mediocre as such, but it's a shame it's not better - size and noise have bugged me since PS3/360, at least with respect of being able to make a decision to do something about it. God knows how I ever put up with the Dreamcast, I guess that's one example of the games winning out plus there was no choice of notable hardware revisions. This one is literally the the only post I've negged, as far as I can tell, so god knows where you dragged that from. I tried to explain why I thought you were coming across the way you did - I'm certainly not trying say "ha, obviously you do care!" at all, just that it read as if others shouldn't care because you don't, for one thing - so you've seriously got the wrong end of the stick about all of it.
  8. stefcha

    PS4 Pro

    No, I said I'd pay for something well built and silent. Here I can get that (slim) or go the other way (pro) for better looking games and at some point one factor has to outweigh the other but given I don't have them both to hand I rely on peoples experiences, yet things seem pretty variable. It's just weird that there's even a decision to have to make, if the Pro was actually amazingly designed then it wouldn't even be a question. And I know you and others don't care about it, but I do
  9. stefcha

    PS4 Pro

    When you keep responding just to say how much you don't care, that's how it comes across; as if others shouldn't be talking about it, and they shouldn't care either. I couldn't give a fuck about getting you into anything to be honest, like I said I'm just interested in people's experiences and you sounded like you had quite a good one and I'm sorry I've got you in such a huff about it all.
  10. stefcha

    PS4 Pro

    No I haven't. Ultimately I'm weighing up whether it's worth getting a Pro or a Slim, and I value people's experiences in making that decision. You're being a bit over-sensitive about it all.
  11. stefcha

    PS4 Pro

    I was asking a serious question about the games! You said you couldn't imagine being able to go back, and some people seem to be saying things like God of War is hugely improved I was interested to know why as it'll affect what I ultimately buy. It's all well and good saying "well I'm fine so I don't see why someone else should be taking issue with anything" but it's also pretty daft in itself to just dismiss everyone because of that.
  12. stefcha

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Well, not everything on PSX was 3D but even then some have aged better than others. FFT is still great, Valkyrie Profile and os on. 3D, Vagrant Story still stands up as it kind of made the most of angular character design and for whatever reason the texturing suits the whole atmosphere. There's quite a few I still enjoy. Although, a point worth making is that these all look good and are playable on Vita. The 3D stuff probably will be more shit solely by virtue of being on today's gargantuan screens with all the hidden jank and clever tricks (if they actually bothered to use any) being right in your face.
  13. stefcha

    PS4 Pro

    Me. I literally just said all that, it was the entire point. I buy into consoles late in their life, and when I do I don't expect to have to compromise (too much). I think the existence of the X annoys me about the PS4 Pro because I think they could have done a whole lot better with it. I expect the Pro to be, even with its extra power, the best hardware iteration of the PS4 but in a fair few ways it sounds like it isn't and so to get the best gaming experience I have to put up with some shit I wouldn't get if I went for the lesser gaming experience. It's irritating to have to even consider it.
  14. stefcha

    PS4 Pro

    Having checked, Yakuza 0 too! Didn't even realise I'd bought that one, but now I'm fearful of screen tearing. It's coming back to me know, think I finished Ratchet & Clank, was going to free some space to install Bloodborne but I played a bit of the NG+ mode to piss around with the weaponry and it died (again) just as I was about to get that achievement for a huge cog multiplier and I haven't turned the piece of shit back on since
  15. stefcha

    PS4 Pro

    Just realised I bought that a couple of weeks back and haven't installed it yet

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