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  1. It might be real as in they've made some, but it doesn't fit FA guidelines so I can't see it actually being how it actually ends up. http://handbook.fapublications.com/#!/book/30/chapter/s2699-kit-and-advertising-regulations/content?section=s2702-c-sponsor-designations People talking about it though, job done.
  2. PaddyPower FC, sponsored by Huddersfield Town.
  3. I'm trying to decide at what point my daughter wouldn't find the still excellent Dark Crystal a bit nightmare inducing. Beyond that, Blazing Saddles which she'll definitely need to be several years older to understand.
  4. The thought of Lewis Dunk and Harry Maguire going for over £100m for the pair is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read. Transfers have been getting a bit silly for a while, but shit like this is literally insane to the point I'm struggling to comprehend even the potential reality of it.
  5. I've also been playing this. It's one hell of a tedious grind, that's for sure. Got to keep L10 in order to see what the troop upgrades offer... and they're really shite. Costs a whole lot of food and you need to feed in loads of other units to have the slightest effect. Bit of a disappointment, that. Plus all my characters are average at best, and it's going to take a long time to get a barracks up to a level high enough to get decent characters. Not sure how much longer I'll keep going, but it works as an occasional distraction.
  6. stefcha


    Nails gone. About to start on the fingers. I'm supposed to be doing a BBQ!
  7. stefcha


    Goosebumps. Almost feel sick.
  8. stefcha


    This is nuts. No break points against all match (according to Henman), yet 2 sets to 1 down. Hope he gets the 4th! And then the 5th.
  9. stefcha


    Say what? Federer remains an absolutely wonderful tennis player. Easily the best ever. Some of those shots
  10. "few empty seats, but not many" followed by a pan round the ground showing shit loads of empty seats
  11. stefcha


    Halep was very, very good, but then Williams was poor and I don't think the former forced the latter. Bad time to be playing so often into the net or beyond the line so much.
  12. Prototype (360) One of those B list games I bought for 360 a few years back, never got round to it. It's pretty janky in look and imprecise in control, but it was actually really good for the most part. The traversal, especially after getting a couple of powerups, is absolutely brilliant, the sheer freedom of it is a joy and makes Crackdown 3 seem a bit grounded in comparison. Revels in being a videogame. It did start to outstay its welcome though which eventually made it a bit of a chore to actually finish, and there were a couple of absolutely ridiculous difficulty spikes. Plus, despite having finished it, I've still no idea what actually happened at Penn station and why really, because the story was complete bollocks and a decent amount of it seemed to lie in the memory web you had to tie together that I couldn't be arsed with. Not bad, though.
  13. Just been looking at what I own on FX3, on the Steam version I've got 58 tables and on the Xbox/Windows version I've got 59 67 tables, but out of those only 26 are owned on both systems. Does that mean I've got 99 distinct tables? It's a right mess, whatever.
  14. Just do what I do, and buy tables for the lot! Then play none of them.
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