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  1. Back on tonight, hopefully the funniest thing since Boris got the virus.
  2. Felt the same although I kept at it. I'd say you need to persevere to chapter 3 before it gets going, and even then you might not like it.
  3. Three in quick succession, mainly because the last two were welcomingly short! Xbox One - Assassin's Creed Unity Christ, coming to this after Black Flag, which kind of felt like AC lite and as much as I enjoyed it wished it felt a bit more Assassin's Creed, was a massive chore. Ubisoft at it's worst, making as usual a wonderfully realised area - which is what kept me with it - but loading it with shit and, bafflingly, removing any bits that might have been useful from prior games but would have fit perfectly (hiring thugs, or prostitutes to hide you). The narrative made even less sense than usual and ultimately it was a pretty linear path from start to end. Still, it was only like 95p or something. Xbox One - Titanfall 2 Almost jumped into AC Origins, went for this. Owned it for years, the starter level always worried me I'd need to be better than I was so never ventured beyond. Turned out to be one of the best games I've ever played, utterly brilliant, unlike the above a continually enjoyable videogame being exactly that in the best way possible. Effect and Cause was an incredible highlight. Looked absolutely stunning throughout to boot. Xbox One - Pikuniku What is this? Like a whimsical cross between Dizzy and Yoku's Island Express, but without the pinball or something, and some good, silly writing. A bit slight, and despite finishing it I don't know if I've actually finished it despite carrying on and doing everything I could see that was possible to do I'd only filled up 2/3 of the hat inventory. But I think I saw the lot, maybe the rest is locked in co-op or something. Which consists of my daughter booting me around the level and being unco-operative until it descends into a meltdown and we switch it off. Good stuff, I think.
  4. stefcha

    Titanfall 2

    Just played this off the back of a fairly begrudging playthrough of Assassin's Creed Unity. And it was absolutely AMAZING. I'd only ever played the intro time trial run through and didn't like how crap I was it and thought I wouldn't get on with the main game as a result, but how wrong I was. Enthralling and exhilarating.
  5. But then, some of us support Everton.
  6. At the rate things are going next week a villa defender will head the ball away and find they've given away a penalty for handball. Farcical. It's not even subjective, surely. VAR is great, our attempt to make use of it is like some massive pisstake.
  7. Yeah, I saw that and it reads like the very definition of half-arsed. Thing is, if it flops it'll be "well, people clearly aren't interested in this sort of game any more" rather than "shit, people realised we've totally phoned it in for a quick nostalgia based cash grab". Mind you I've not even tried the demo yet so maybe I'll hold on the hyperbole for now.
  8. I honestly can't tell if you're putting in the effort to do this on purpose or not. Well done, I guess!
  9. As long as you go for one for their £4-£5 ones and don't spunk £30-£100 on one advertised with "oxygen free copper wire for minimal data loss" that are an utter pisstake, yeah, I guess.
  10. I had (still have) a mid-to-high end Panasonic plasma, and it's fantastic. Despite that, I bought a mid-to-high end LG 4k HDR TV, and watching the intro to Guardians of the Galaxy 2 absolutely blew me away in comparison. But I didn't like the backlighting, so I replaced it with an LG 4k HDR OLED and it blew me away again, to an extent I really wasn't expecting. There's more to it than 4k alone, HDR definitely makes a difference for example and more games will be making more use of that I assume, but even non-HDR material is absolutely superb and it's genuinely affected how I watch TV. It's not guaranteed to be as minor a change as you seem to think it can only be, basically.
  11. The game we've been waiting for all these years. Covers the funding aspect as well.
  12. There's some examples on here, not the best but if you drag the slider left and right over the HUD icons on the bottom right you should be able to see they're clearly (ok, slightly) sharper, so it does have an effect. https://www.windowscentral.com/xbox-one-x-supersampling If you've got an Xbox One, download the Insects demo and that allows you to see the effect on the fly (haha! ok, it's a ladybird, I know) and I thought it was pretty impressive even on a 1080p screen, albeit subtle. The other thing is the games are more likely to be rendered well above 1080p to start with, whereas a lot of current games aren't even rendered in full HD (whether running at a set sub-full HD resolution, or some sort of dynamic resolution that only sometimes reaches full HD) and actually end up being upscaled as a result, so you'd have the benefit of a consistent 1080p picture on top.
  13. Yet if you're paying a quid a unit for a bunch of 1m HDMI leads shipped form China, you're probably more likely to get one that is rated incorrectly or broken aren't you. You only need to pay a couple of quid more, but you can reduce those odds. We're both saying pretty much the same thing, that only came about because someone else made a daft comment in the first place....
  14. @gooner4life That's pretty much literally what I said edit: Just checked, my most expensive ever HDMI cable was £9.74. For a 10m one, and it's perfect (for the rare use it gets, it was when I was trying to test something years ago with the PC and the TV and couldn't be arsed moving the PC to where the TV was).
  15. Not quite the case; some are better than others but it's only the really cheap generic stuff that can be a bit dodgy - especially the longer the cable - and of course you can still get cheap generic stuff that's really very good. But yeah, anyone spending a fortune (where "fortune" = over five to ten quid) expecting a better, more vibrant picture or some such bollocks clearly has a screw loose. If that's what you want, just get an LG OLED to start with.
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