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  1. I think I wish they'd not done the 'skip 6 months later' bit at the end of the prologue and let you actually build yourself up into the main story a bit more. I think it would have been fantastic, and then allowed the game to breathe a little bit more than I think it does.
  2. So, a tale of two tech purchases today. Got the official charge thing for the X today - and it's fucking shite. I love the way there's no way to tell now when the thing is fully charged without turning on the console. I kind of appreciate the fact they give you a stupidly long USB cable, but it doesn't have the little charge light on it now, so frankly it's a whole load of bollocks. However, even this wouldn't be so bad had the battery not been fucked to begin with. It works. I mean, I bunged it in, and the thing started. But it doesn't charge. It tried to for about 10
  3. JoeK

    Xbox Game Pass

    There are moments when I think this about my beloved PC, but then I see something cool elsewhere and realise that I am hopelessly addicted to gaming, and if something takes my fancy (which it inevitably does...all the time) I'll buy a new piece of tech to get my fix. Most of the time during a gen I'll happily trade in one machine to pick up another, only to do the same later on down the line. I pretend it's a lease-hold situation. The 360/PS3 gen was the worst for that. I went through a whole lot of consoles that gen! I love it, and I suspect I always will.
  4. The X is well worth the premium over the S for me. I absolutely love it, and this is from a predominantly PC-gaming orientation. Even had I not now got a 4k tv, I'd still pay the higher price, as - for me at least - the extra horse power is considerably more noticeable than I'd thought it was going to be when the S was originally announced. Also, whenever I look at it on the shelf I put up, I pretend I'm David, staring at the monolith. It's great.
  5. I have a huge man-crush for Tom Selleck. I think he's always been great, and the stuff he's done on TV in his later years is well worth checking out (his Jesse Stone stuff is genuinely enjoyable stuff). However, Harrison Ford will always and forever be Indiana Jones, and that's all there is to it
  6. I kinda liked this one really. I’ll never be a massive Nintendo fan (despite owning most of their machines at one time or another!), but there was a nice enough variety of games here. BotW2 looks wonderful though, and should there actually be a Switch 4k release one day then I’ll be there day one to play this and the first one.
  7. Yeah, it's what I noticed really - it was my own stupid fault. I saw a game cheap on disc and I really should have known better. It was the first physical game I've bought in years. And now, after buying it again on digital it's gone from cheap to well over full price
  8. Thank you, it does indeed work. The thought of redownloading 100gb of data would be a right pain in the preverbials. Goes off to download something else because he's got a new toy and wants to check it all out...
  9. Possibly a very stupid question, but there we go. So, I have a disc version of a game installed on the Series X. If I buy a digital version of the thing, does it get treated as a whole new 'thing' and try to install it again, or will it just see the installed parts of the disc version and just adapt to fill in whatever gaps it needs to, to work okay?
  10. That's a good call. Forgot about that way of doing things. So, I could actually cheap out even more and just bung an old mechanical harddrive into an enclosure and that'd work okay too I guess?
  11. Are expansion storage drives hot-swappable on the Xbox? Whilst I can see no way in god I'd have multiple ones of those fancy Seagate drives, after watching the 1tb of the thing full up alarmingly quickly I'm thinking I need some extra space in there.
  12. They certainly don’t need a show but it would have been nice PR if Sony did have show. Plus stop people from thinking Sony look on their customers with colossal amounts of distain and hate. I mean, I know all these companies just want my money, but at least Microsoft are tickling my balls whilst doing it.
  13. Everything looks great on it! Yup, 30fps and all that, but I can live with that really - also, the thing's worth it to have a 4k version of Red Dead Redemption. So many titles from the 360 era have aged so gracefully.
  14. Yay! Series X arrived this morning . I put up a dinky little shelf, and now there's a corner of my 'office' (it's what I call it, others may refute this somewhat, but screw 'em), and I'm now installing... Gears of War 2 Yup. Fuck all the haters
  15. Their ratio of shit/hit is weighing down ever more heavily on the shit at the moment
  16. Y'see, watching the trailer again, I thought it looked great. There's a lot of little graphical details that you don't pick up on on first watch. I like the more 'cartoony' style of the thing. Honestly, I'm still enormously excited to play another Halo game. I'm an absolute nerd for the whole story and all the daft crap that they've made up. It's gonna be great fun, have faith you miserable buggers. If you want to feel depressed and sad, just watch the Square/Enix show to see just how bad things can be.
  17. Square put everyone on furlough, but then forgot to send them dev kits to actually do any work on. That was absolutely the worst conference I've seen. Honestly, why did they even bother. Terrible.
  18. Platinum playing around with the nVidia filters then. I mean...literally switching on the 'painterly' filter is not an original graphical style and will make the game fucking annoying to play. Oh god, I want to switch all this off, yet I'm glued to the screen...it's like an episode of Best of the Worst.
  19. Oh fucking hell, this is pretty fucking bad stuff. GotG outstayed its welcome by at least 15 minutes, and now all this crap.
  20. I kind of liked the look of that. It's nice that there's enough of a difference in the character models not to get that really shite effect that Avengers had.
  21. Thought it was a good show. Loads of stuff there that I'm looking forward to really. Although, the irony being that the ones that really impressed me were that 2d bladerunner-esque game, and 12 minutes. Both of which look absolutely incredible, but don't scream 'moar power' I guess.
  22. Horizon looks wonderful indeed. Not really into driving games especially, but it'd be rude not to give it a go on GP.
  23. It's probably the finest opening track of any show ever, as far as I'm concerned.
  24. The original didn’t either. I’m fairly sure they knew that anything they produce that isn’t GTA is not going to do as well. Obviously this is all in the context of all their games doing very, very well compared to pretty much any other games devs out there I guess.
  25. You never know with R* though. I mean, I'm still amazed they never bothered to bring out RDR on PC. They never do what you *think* they're going to do...or at least never in a time-frame that makes sense.
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