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  1. JoeK

    Outer Wilds

    Death feels very much similar as Darkest Dungeon to me. Obviously very different games, but both you have to kind of embrace your demise, get back out there and keep on plugging away. For some reason I find it a very addictive gameplay loop. Yet, I found that made something like Bloodborne completely impenetrable for me! God knows what goes on in my mind!
  2. Well, on my tv it looks wonderful:
  3. Nah, don't wait - unless something absolutely miraculous happens, it isn't going to be out anytime soon.
  4. I think it makes perfect sense to release older PS4 exclusives on PC to be honest. My life would be pretty complete if they ever decided to put the Uncharted games onto PC...although that might well be pushing things somewhat.
  5. I think out of all devs out there, CDPR have earned the right to take as long as they fucking well want with their games. The amount of gaming pleasure they've given me over the years dwarfs anything else I've played I think.
  6. I will always, always be in for more Mass Effect. I find them endlessly replayable and effectively replaced Star Wars as my go-to Science fiction fix. This is where Bioware come up with an announcement saying something like: "We've been working on them since Mass Effect 3. Everything we've released recently has been done by Bioware Scunthorpe... We don't use them anymore".
  7. Quite honestly, I'd prefer it to be as innocuous as possible due to it most likely being a stealth purchase and no-one must ever know about my inability to stop spending huge amounts of money on games machinery. It's one of the reasons I pay vast sums of cash for PC upgrades...I'm still running a 486sx-25mhz in that case and no-one can prove otherwise.
  8. Seconded. Despite the similarities to the others it's got its own distinct feel to it too whilst keeping the general combat and gameplay style. It also has a great tale to tell too.
  9. That bit was fine, it was just the shock of seeing the Statue of Liberty stuck in the sand that really caused me to give up. Damn, dirty apes.
  10. Looks great, although I'm not entirely sure whether I wanted to see Doom Guy's actual face through the helmet. I kind of liked it being hidden in these ones. Either that or they should have made it all pixel-y like the original Doom
  11. Oh you were the only one. It's just that no-one else could stomach any more of your moaning about it .
  12. Well, there was probably around 100 of the things at my local Smiths, so I bought three lots. Will make for some great test practise, and possibly do some up to sell at a later date. Admittedly, I said exactly the same thing when I bought both the 40k and AoS big boxsets and never touched them, but I'm sure at least one of the figures might get a brush mark on it
  13. The Night Circus by Emily Morgenstern. It's absolutely wonderful. I get a whole lot of Neil Gaiman vibes in the writing.
  14. Foolish man. Behold...all the turquoise in the world....
  15. JoeK


    It's fantastic. I never quite understood all of what I was seeing, but it's very clever - the transition bits especially.
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