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  1. I'm the first person to quit out of games due to them being too bloody nerve-shredding for me. But honestly, this seems to have gone the other way, and is so tame it's a pretty disappointing. They've given the game more of an expansive feel, but it's made the thing feel a little boring to me really. It's a smashing looking game, and - as I said in a previous post - Lady D and her daughters are really good characters. Just feel like Capcom have really decided to go the way of getting more bums on seats by watering everything down a bit. It's got more than enough to keep
  2. Lady D and her daughters are wonderfully, wonderfully well done. I can see why Capcom wanted to make ‘em the main leads in the promotional lead up.
  3. To be honest, the overall voicework is...odd. Unless it’s somehow explained later on, I have an absolute failure to understand why everyone’s speaking in various american accents and it all but destroys the atmosphere for me. A game set in Europe should be enjoying the campest ‘I vant your blud’ accents. It’s absolutely bizarre.
  4. Just wait, you’ll find plenty of fucking appalling voice acting sooner or later. 7 felt tremendously ‘nope’, whilst this feels very much like a ‘Carry on Resi’ compared to that. The story is pretty hopeless too, so very much in the vein of all the other ones though
  5. Better bloody mean they'll be releasing the first one on PC too, mind. It's terribly upsetting that I've got the damn thing on Playstation (had it for ages), but no machine to play it on
  6. Said it before and I'll say it again and again - the RE:Engine is an absolutely wonderful thing. Hugely scaleable, able to give you fantastic detail and can be used in pretty much any type of game you can find. Can't wait to see the new Monster Hunter game on new consoles/PC too. It's fabulous.
  7. The voiceover work in the Yakuza games is absolutely wonderful. Most of the time I find japanese vocal work pretty awful to my decadent western ears, but there’s some sort of lyrical majesty going on in these games where everyone hams it up so mich it becomes something beautiful.
  8. This just in: History's Greatest Monster revealed as Witcher-hating forumite! More news as we get it...
  9. I wouldn't worry unduly about this. Demos are notoriously shitty on PC most of the time, and unless something really off happened, I have no doubt that it'll run considerably better when the final game comes out . (Typed by someone with the same specs as you )
  10. I swear, no games create characters as wonderful as a Yakuza game does. Nothing in these games should work from a traditional story-telling point of view, but everything does! Even early on, this could be the best Yakuza game yet!
  11. Well, that's a long old walkthrough watched - not often I do that sort of thing, but I have a feeling that it'll be the closest I get to ever completing the game! Be very interesting to see what people's thoughts are about the story as a whole later on in this thread!
  12. I bet my left bollock that Sony will look into film/TV options for this. Strong woman in the lead, mystery and lots of shooting stuff. It'd probably flop, but I'd rather like to see it.
  13. Well, this is a bit good isn't it? Absolutely loving it so far. Haven't really done much yet, but it feels great to play a new (ish...new to me anyway ) Yakuza game. Like putting on a new season of your favourite TV show.
  14. Joy unbound. Yakuza 7 has tipped under the £30-mark, so I was duty-bound to purchase . Obviously, I'm never legally-bound to adhere to this £30 level, and indeed very rarely do but I do like to pretend I'm being cautious with my money on occasion... snigger.
  15. I think you should! It doesn't have quite as many whacky adventures, but the ones it does have are pretty damn good too!
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