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  1. As far as I’m aware they never had a remaster, but they all run perfectly well anyway, so not an issue. Well, aside from some odd occasions when the physx stuff goes wonky. Which was never patched correctly in Asylum or City. But they’re rare and don’t last long.
  2. PayPal has been a good friend to me over the years. It's hidden away so many indiscretions.
  3. The default argument I use every time someone’s jaw drops when I tell them of my latest upgrade is that out of everything I use at home my PC is the thing that I use most. Games are a big part of it, but it’s my work machine, it’s my help with all the other hobbies I do (music, art, design etc) and it’s my gateway to the world. Obviously, not a huge amount of that is completely true, but it works pretty well in justifying things to certain parties without causing the arguments to last too long.
  4. It had a fair bit - but really only on the longer blades of grass (the stuff you could hide on I think). It had swaying and all that stuff, but not that much more that your character actually caused the stuff to react to.
  5. I'm not saying they're new, I'm just talking about the Decima engine here. The fact that we're getting more of this stuff reads to me like it's a considerably more updated version of the one they used for the PS4 version of the game, and I'm going to assume this will carry on to the PS5 version. It wasn't some sort of wry observation I was making on 'wow, the leaves are moving about all over the place' being some sort of new thing, because I'm not a fucking moron
  6. I think the interesting bits are how they're showing more deformable foliage in this version. Feels like a decent preview of what to expect from Horizon 2 on the PS5 really.
  7. I always thought the shallowness was part of the schtick to be honest! I loved it, but it's a cold, dead thing compared to the wonder of RDR2 for me
  8. I think that's as good an explanation as anything really. I mean, one can just exaggerate conditions and extremes for the purpose of the fantastical plot and it works perfectly well for me. But I don't know how well fungus does in colder weather other than I guess if there's some sort of heat being generated in the host bodies then it would probably be fine? It's something that doesn't bother me too much, but it's fun discussing these things
  9. For those who think Gustavo Santaolalla's tunes are just as lovely in this as they were in the original, here's a little mini-concert he did: Infact, I rather like the way in LoU2 his music isn't used in the same way, which is great. Just enough of his stuff in there to remind you of things, but having that really contrasting stuff for most of it worked well I thought.
  10. Considering the size of that bastard bastard thing in the hospital at ground zero, my mind’s racing to imagine how big some of these things could get if they fast forwarded the series forward a couple of decades. I don’t necessarily want them to actually do some sort of awful godzilla fungus zombie, but I like to ponder how the fungus would progress! Although, the early scenes with Abby escaping the hoard in the snow was properly terrifying for me! I was shouting lots of obscenities at the screen, so a full on hoard using the PS5 chops would be rather special too!
  11. Honestly, if they allow me to play some of the PS4 exclusives at 60 FPS 'zippy' mode then that'll be good enough for me to start with. Since repurchasing the PS4 I've been busy mopping up loads of stuff that I missed and probably half of those I've yet to touch!
  12. I believe I spent £600 to get a sodding imported Xbox and Halo :p . Got my money's-worth though, that's for sure
  13. For me, Uncharted 4 wrapped up Nate's tale wonderfully well and the more times I've played it the more I've enjoyed it. Lost Legacy was absolutely brilliant though - would be more than happy to have more adventures with Chloe, or maybe some tales of a younger Sullivan!
  14. And done. The ending was almost as good as the first one for me, but unlike the first where I had absolutely no desire to have a sequel, this one makes me absolutely intrigued to see another tale in this pretty depressing world! It's been a thoroughly outstanding journey though and one that has once again left me emotionally drained - which I think is a good thing occasionally.
  15. Yup, me too. I’m always rather thankful I was a kid when the ZX81 and Spectrum were around. Everything they did seemed like magic to me at the time, and the feeling has never really left me.
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