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  1. Yup, it’s one of my all-time faves too. Really looking forward to the sequel...I was slightly worried about the move to 3d, but the trailer looked fantastic, so will be picking it up as soon as it releases.
  2. Well, both Bob and Mario were serial rapists of vegetables, so all good I guess.
  3. It'll certainly be interesting to see how many cancellations there will be if the AMD cards do prove to be competitive!
  4. Well, if it's implemented into Xbox Series X/S and PS5 then that won't be an issue at all. It'll just depend on how good it is.
  5. Y'see this is what happens if you don't spend every waking hour in this thread - we've covered all this aaaaaaages ago
  6. We can start talking about cable sleeves if you want more excitement I guess...
  7. They have! I have one in a box just waiting to be fitted on top of a new new Ryzen cpu as and when Incan get one!
  8. Also...power. Might not be an issue with a 3070, but if you’re running a 1080 with something like a 600w PSU you probably need to be looking at upgrading that too.
  9. Well, I'm not surprised given the rather inept way the company has gone about the current situation really. They've at least realised that if they launched a 20gb version before most people got their 'inferior' ones then the sheer amount of vitriol that would be poured on them would be fairly extreme!
  10. Probably not as bad, but I'd imagine there'll still be shortages of some sort. Having said that, CPUs aren't as intrinsically sexy as GPUs, so who knows. I have funds in my account for a 5950x though, just in case. I fully anticipate not getting anything major until next year...
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