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  1. I also think it insults the audience's intelligence. When you go off to investigate a whole colony that's vanished, you know something pretty bad has happened - even if you had never even heard of the first film. Actually, even if you somehow came into Aliens thirty minutes after the sodding thing started. Aliens is a great film - I think it's fantastic, but it's more or less the beginning of when you start to see the seeds of Cameron's fondness for bloat in his movies. He's a good film-maker, but he's not got much of an ability to resist filling his stuff out with unnecessary fat.
  2. I still think it's one of the very worst films I've ever seen in my life. It genuinely upsets me when I think of how much money was spent on the fucking thing, only for it to be the piece of shite it ended up being. I get so unnecessarily worked up about it when I think about it. I don't understand how anyone involved in making this thing think it was in any way, shape or form a good idea. Edit (because I'm still annoyed ) : Alien works because it's the very definition of only giving the audience what they need to build up suspense and excitement in any given situation. Nothing wasted. Every shot is important to the overall movie. It is one of the very best pieces of movie-making you will ever find. It has literally the most basic fucking plot you'll ever see and that's all you needed. Aliens pretty much offers the same trick, although I'm not a fan of the director's cut at all, and think the theatrical release is by far the better movie. Still, it's a paper-thin plot but it's again all you need. Everything to come is trying to offer an audience something that was absolutely no needed. It's like all these big franchises - they think the audience wants to know all the little details about who the aliens are, and why the aliens exist and what the fuck is going on with Weyland etc etc. And - to be fair - I thought I wanted to know these things as well. But you don't really. Because what you think of in your mind is waaaay better than the end result. Always. Despite both Prometheus and Covenant looking beautiful (and whatever else I might think of the films, they are very pretty films), they have completely killed off any interest I had in any other continuation with the series. 'Careful what you wish for' - never a more apt saying when it comes to the Alien franchise.
  3. I think it's real difficult to appreciate the differences unless you see the things side by side most of the time. The Series X version looks great. However, the more you play the PC version with all the bells and whistles on, and spend time just wandering around the city taking time to catch it all, you start to notice just how impressive the lighting and the reflections are. This snap I took ages ago looks pretty naff... Until you realise that everything you're looking at is a reflection. And there are multiple reflections of reflections in it too. It's bonkers. It is absolutely something which you'll not notice whilst shooting and jumping and generally getting on with the main game, but in those moments when you slow down...sheesh, it's pretty impressive!
  4. I’m genuinely amazed it’s coming to the Switch! I would have thought the sheer amount of computational gubbins going on under the hood of the game would have made it near impossible to implement properly. But, I think if any game was made for a system, then this and a switch is pretty much a perfect pairing.
  5. These people upset me an awful lot. He's like the worst possible backseat driver there could be - offering technically correct reasoning and arguments on how one should drive, whilst admitting he's never had a driving lesson in his life. I can't stand it. I mean, I can't stand the vast majority of painting tutorials on you-tube anyway, because one of fundamental joys I get from doing this thing is just splashing things about a bit and working out what works and what doesn't for myself. The one piece of advice I've ever stood by and give out to anyone starting is to drybrush everything, all of the time. It's just the best thing ever to watch someone go from painting a base colour on something and then see the thing come to life with a vigorous brush movements.
  6. They're definitely not my favourite denizens of the world, but that's a good thing really. There's a nice variety of life going on . Although, the Casaanii will always remain my top picks - love them a lot.
  7. Back to Red Dead 2 for me. It has a hold on me that very few other games have done. In fact, I think only Half-Life 2 and Witcher 3 have gripped me so much. Doesn't matter how many times I play through sections of it, I always see something new. I think it's one of the only games where I've been genuinely captivated by certain performances of the characters. The bit very early on where Arthur has a little 'chat' with Jimmy Brooks stands out - it's just a fantastic piece of acting, whatever the genre. Anyway, off to meet some Chilloneans on Mary's behalf once again...
  8. Has the dock got a thunderbolt connection? If it does, then the idea of using an externally housed GPU would be a fairly cool option.
  9. I didn't like Evil-lyn's voice particularly. I know who was doing it, but it didn't seem to gel with the visuals for me.
  10. I really enjoyed it. It’s very much feels like a kid’s tale that adults can enjoy as well and that’s as it should be I think. Think the only thing that I’m not keen on is having Hamill doing the voice of Skeletor. Any time he does an evil voice, it’s basically Joker.
  11. Same voice actress as in the game Edit - Ignore me! I'm an idiot. It's not who I thought it was at all, and now I feel inadequate.
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