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  1. Great news everyone! Just landed in New York.
  2. I have setup the US account but it doesn’t show an active Switch Online account. Boooo
  3. Me too, although 3:45 to NYC. Itching for some LTTP...
  4. Why are you all still talking about this ridiculous render? Christ.
  5. Well done chaps. Still an absolutely terrible name though.
  6. If they unlock 60fps for the One X in September then I’ll switch platforms. Looking to offload PS stuff now that next gen is so close.
  7. What’s the cheapest 128gb sd card for using bleemsynch on my new £8 PlayStation? yes, I used the £8 voucher to buy mine...
  8. Or Panther for the 65xe.
  9. Oh, thought it was SMS, screw your Nintendo.
  10. I'm going to have to spend $999 on a stand for my new telly to to enjoy this to the max, aren't I.
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