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  1. Mr Ben

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Been playing this the past month or so. Really enjoying it, what with all the exploration and secrets hidden away everywhere. My only gripe is that it rains too damn often, meaning I cant climb when I want to - I speculated that Ganon has the power to control the weather, just to prevent Link getting anywhere
  2. I wouldnt mind seeing an origin story for the Jedi/Sith, or of the Force in general. There was a planned set of books called Alien Exodus detailing some of this, but they never got made, instead being released online instead. I read the entire story online years ago, but cant find the original now, only this wookiepedia page.
  3. TWAB TLDR - No buffs, exotic or otherwise, and no announced plans to change any existing content outside leveling and Eververse items.
  4. The replacement perk its getting is rubbish though. Its effectively a rally barricade built into the gun. Thats it. I'd rather it got triple tap or something similar. Edit: Coolguys video is a good watch. "Nerfing Orpheus Rigs doesnt make the Mechaneers Tricksleeves a go to now". Todays/Tonights TWAB has to have news on some upcoming buffs to exotics. Badly.
  5. Personally, the only exotic I felt needed a nerf is Skull, as its ridiculous you can lob a nova bomb at a group of 4 red bar enemies, kill them, and get your super back. Shards of Galanor is nowhere near that level, as you wont get a super back at all, and Ursa's needs the full firepower of one of the tanks shooting you in Zero Hour to get a super back - thats a full arc bombardment, and the rail gun at the same time, if anyones wondering. If only a few enemies shoot you, you're lucky to get a quarter of your bar back, if that. With regards to Whisper, If heavy ammo was plentiful then it'd have lots of competition. As it is, it barely drops, hence you feel forced to use Whisper in most boss encounters due to ammo constraints. Thats without taking stomp mechanics into consideration. They shouldnt have put it in the game as it was after D1's Black Hammer/Spindle shenanigans, but here we are. They better have some good news (exotic buffs) lined up for one of the upcoming TWABS, as well as rebalancing activities that were balanced around these exotics (Reckoning T3 bridge instantly comes to mind - try that without wells, tethers or bubbles!), or there'll be more problems ahead for Bungie. Possibly Osiris level ones.
  6. Edit: He so should have had some dialogue at the end at least!
  7. This was so important, it got dropped after the episode it was in!
  8. Nope. It was one of the bigger "wtf?" moments for me during the episode, as it didnt make any sense how that happened. I think Jon was as surprised as the audience.
  9. Drogon the past 2 episodes: Also, Bran never warged into a Dragon, ever! - Rubbish. Season needs to be remade!!
  10. That thumbnail makes it look like Dany is having a fit
  11. Yeah I struggled in Reckoning with anything other than my Warlock, purely because the random warlocks I team up with are all the wrong spec for the bridge encounter, which is the main issue in Reckoning T2/3 - Bungie needs to change the encounter post Opulence or no-one will ever play the damn thing after these nerfs - whereas at least some Titans had the brains to go bubble. Hunters werent the issue most of the time, and were tether specced, fair play. Theres no excuse to not buff the other armour exotics though. @redbloodcel is correct. They really are utter trash, and I never see anyone using them. The same goes for a lot of the exotc weapons from Y1 now, thinking about it. How often do you see anyone use Sunshot now? Graviton Lance? Sweet Business? Never is the answer, despite them getting catalysts that made them seem amazing at the time. Not so much now. Of all the weapon nerfs, I'm more annoyed by the change to Lord of Wolves, as I only started using it late this season, and it is the Lord of Shotguns at this point, admittedly. I hope the flat damage boost they're supposedly adding makes up for the 20% damage nerf, or it will be the most short lived "buff" an exotic gun has had in Destiny I think, especially one that was trash prior. I also like how they nerf Whisper, when the main draw of the weapon is its infinite ammo, but dont address the massive issue that is the lack of heavy ammo drops, even when wearing heavy ammo finder! Like, fix the fucking perk for crying out loud before nerfing the one heavy that bypasses the problem. But dont forget to buy our tat from the Bungie store!! This sweet TR3-VR shirt could be yours!!!

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