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  1. "I must go, my planet needs me!"
  2. Gladd just listened to a clip of himself going nuts (swearing and such while doing the Niobe Labs puzzle) that someone posted on Deej's twitter. He's asking the guy to take it down, and now he's stunned its on the front page of reddit as well
  3. However even Deej agrees with the community:
  4. Exotic ghost as well. Right I want that, so we're doing it Sunday Edit: TWAB's up. Class changes (supers mostly) - this is long! Coming on January 29: Competitive Matchmaking change: Iron Banner and Valor Bonus Begins: January 15, 2019 Ends: January 22, 2019
  5. The Black Armoury key mould is bugged and you cant get another one for a different character from Ada after picking one up already (if you delete it, only that character can re-obtain it from her). Clearly a bug, but considering one of the quest chains is to do Shattered Throne (which is this week) so its a time gated quest, a fair few people on reddit and bungies forums are a bit pissed, as the rare bounty (another part of the quest chain) wont drop for some of our characters (my Titan for example) so were trying on another character. This forge/event/quest seems to be plagued with issues at this point. Not a good week for Bungie.
  6. Nah, the hand cannon is Gofannon as well as the sniper. I know, because I've grinded them enough The sniper is definitely the Japanese weapon though, as is the bow and the sword I believe, so I think you may be right, and they need the other weapons maybe. The thing is the auto rifle and the hand cannon have never been used in the previous forges to see symbols, but who knows?
  7. Never say that. Osiris was utter drivel. Worst Destiny content by a country mile, raid lair could not save it. Its proper shite. I would never take that over anything that has come since that, and neither should anyone paying for content. There's a reason the majority of the playerbase quit the game, and Osiris was the icing on the already shitty cake. If those people hadnt quit, you'd still be playing Destiny 2 as it was at launch, and there'd be no mysteries, no secrets, no powerful weapons, just boring content with shit-tier writing, and you'd still be shooting double primaries with all the "good" guns in one slot.
  8. As I said last night, nutter. 3 hours sleep he's had prior to this
  9. I completed it on 3 platforms, thats how great a game it is in my opinion - PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. I now own it on PS4 as well (not had the time to play it again, yet). Its not that hard a game until you get to Bitterblack Isle really, where it goes all Dark Souls almost, as a lot of the new enemies there can be balls to the wall bastard hard. Its the combat, how you can interact with the various monsters (throwing goblins off a cliff never gets old) and the multiple different ways you can approach an encounter that make the game great, coupled with its rpg elements - melee, and its various styles, the different bow types, or sorcery, some of which may take a while to cast but the effects are devastating: The online only sequel is supposed to be grindy as hell, and likely nowhere near as good as this game btw, so I wish Capcom would do a proper sequel someday. Maybe with it releasing on Switch now, so all the current generation of consoles and PC has access to it, it may happen. Fingers crossed.
  10. Called it. Dont think I'll be getting this version though, as I still havent played the PS4 one, despite buying it
  11. Get your clan raid engram boys! New (old now) raid beat
  12. Mr Ben

    Greatest Videogame Tune

    The remastered Corridors of Time is still amazing. How can anyone list Persona 5 soundtracks without Keeper of Lust?!? Cant not have Kuze's theme in here: The original Witcher ending theme: Skies of Arcadia's Delphinus', where the music changes subtly when you travel to the different areas: Just realised these are all from mostly RPG's I do tend to play those more than anything else (except Destiny these days anyway).
  13. The Hive have found their final shape. And its a bat, apparently.
  14. Meant to comment on this, as the original Destiny trailer has a small clip of "you know who" which is now relevant

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