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  1. I've not really found much use for that. Too slow, doesnt do much more damage, and can be blocked anyway. Has anyone found any use for the "Vault Over" skill? It says it can be used to get behind enemies that have had their posture broken, but I cant see the use of that, as if their posture is broken, they can be deathblow'd anyway
  2. So same as LeChuck then See above He also didnt know about the prosthetic skills. Fair play he got pretty far without both those pieces of knowledge.
  3. Mr Ben

    Destiny 2

    Drifter soundboard someone made over on reddit: Woo!
  4. I had issues with the camera losing the lock on last night during a extremeley hectic, and agile, boss fight (LB). Needless to say it was quite frustrating, mainly as this would never have happened prior to DS3, the only other game From put out with the same issue as far as I can tell (Aldrich and Nameless King). Beat the boss finally, but I was on edge whether the camera would act up again the whole fight. Seems to be an issue with how fast the boss is, coupled with it getting "stuck" on the objects in the area.
  5. I did that as well, and the enemies seemed easier there for me. Some nice stuff there too, which has helped me loads.
  6. Mr Ben

    Destiny 2

    Finished the Allegiance quest on my Warlock just now (sided with the Vanguard). The lore is pretty decent, and you learn a fair bit about the Drifter, finally. Other than the Allegiance quest and the nine (Xur's bounty) each weekend though, there's only really Gambit Prime and Reckoning this season. Hopefully the next season wont be like this, but then it does have a raid, so there's that at least. Shame it seems to be on the Leviathan again though. Hopefully we get to kill the fat robot frog for good this time.
  7. Mr Ben


  8. Hate to say it, but I've been tempted to trade in Anthem for this
  9. Mr Ben

    Destiny 2

    I've got enough to play without adding yet another game on top of that.
  10. Mr Ben

    Destiny 2

    On Tuesday Patch Hotfix should be out, and with it powerful drops should become powerful again (and not just be +1 before hitting 690 power). Just play what you want until then I guess.
  11. Mr Ben

    Destiny 2

    Hmm, decided to give this a whirl tonight as I'm taking a break from Anthem for a bit. Dont like what they've done to powerful drops only being +1 over your current light right from the outset (650). Apparently only Prime engrams and a few other sparse sources give higher than that, right up to 695 ish. There's no real urgency to get to 700 this season, but this is definitely an artificial grind for the sake of stretching out content, and most of it is old content at that. Almost feels like your wasting your time doing 3 strikes for a grand total of +1 to your max power for example. This post seems spot on though, as I had the Chaperone reward on my Warlock, so picked it up, and it was +3, so seems accurate: Apparently the +1/+6 for the black armory weapon frame is for the first frame and then the second, so if thats correct, you should make sure your lowest power weapon slot is the second frame to be completed.
  12. Mr Ben

    Destiny 2

    The Whisper nerf is a bit overboard when the total ammo without reserves went from 20 to 9 in one patch. Should have been 15 to make it more bearable. Machine guns damage should have been left as it was, but I kind of agree with the ammo change as it was possible to carry a lot of it. The fact you have to play Gambit Prime is a bit shit though to be able to do any of the other content. All the allegiance quest stuff (and Thorn) is also stuff we've done to death - play more gambit, more strikes, more crucible. Where are the missions? The secrets? The Whisper quest was the most loved secret and yet there's been nothing like it since! Same with Shattered Throne. As it stands the Season of the Forge, while grindy as hell, had more reason to play than Drifter as it had a raid. In Drifter there doesnt seem to be any need to get to 700 power outside of maybe Iron Banner and tier 3 of Reckoning, and even with the latter I'm not sure it needs max power. I suspect the playerbase is/will be quite low this season, due in no small part to the lack of "new" content, a raid and the release of competition - Division 2 mainly, but also just other games (even single player ones). Bungie had to have known this though, as it was all over Reddit prior to Season of the Drifter's release.
  13. Mr Ben

    Destiny 2

    Surprised there's been no mention of the Allegiance quest, or the Thorn quest in here at all. Both went live today.
  14. I thought this was great, and all the 90's music was stuff I used to play in my car back in the 90's, so spot on. Also having the Streetfighter 2 arcade cabinet in there was brilliant.
  15. Mr Ben

    Destiny 2

    Glad Its not just me that thinks this season is a bit meh: I dont usually like Houndish's vids, but to be fair this ones pretty spot on.

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