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  1. Looks like its going to be part of the Spiderman universe (and possibly MCU) with Spiderman on the wall with "Murderer" graffiti'd across it, as well as Adrian Toomes there at the end (The Vulture).
  2. That is odd with regards to the frame rate. I didnt have any frame rate issues, but that was back in 2016'ish and probably a different OS. I completed it, despite the obviously old graphics, combat system and the like, as I really enjoyed the atmosphere (the music is amazing, and helps massively) and the story, as well as the fact it helps to introduce you to the world a lot better than Witcher 2 I found, where I was thrown into the deep end not knowing a damn thing back in the Xbox 360 days. The story does get better, and is a lot more complicated than it looks initially, and ties in with the later Witchers nicely, so its worth sticking with it if you can.
  3. Did you use GoG.com to get the game files? I never had any issues with the main story missions when I got it from there, and they have a help forum for each game that helps bugs get squished.
  4. We all know Yakuza 0 is the bees knees when it comes to Yakuza games, but Kiwami 2 comes very close, both in terms of combat and music - the following plays during the final bouncer mission, so some may not have even heard it (due to the unlock requirements), which is a massive shame. Then there's the Amon theme. Not much need be said here. A rock hard boss requires a great theme song, and Kiwami 2 delivers
  5. The bit with the welsh bloke always cracks me up: "And then what happened?" "....he died" "Ehhhh he's fine!"
  6. Ah yes, I remember reading about that, but I keep forgetting about the French company. Glad Witcher 2 did so well, even though when I first played it I had no clue what was going on, who anyone was, or what the world was like, but I was definitely hooked, so when I saw it was out on PC, I instantly got the original, W2 and then of course 3. The save importing feature was what made me stick with PC over going to PS4 when Witcher 3 released, and I'm so glad I did. Yeah, I dont class the "online" game as a sequel either, having looked into it, and its grindy as fuck apparently. Not interested in that at all. We need a proper sequel to the best action rpg of all time, and I'm not downplaying the Witcher games by saying that either, as they are very different games.
  7. I played it back in 2016 or whatever it was before Witcher 3 came out so I could experience the whole story. I didnt use any mods as fas as I remember, and got it from good old games (gog.com) as their install just worked perfectly and I had no issues with it at all. You have to realise the combat will be clunky as its a really old game, and the visuals arent that great either, but the atmosphere and music is amazing. Its up there with the other 2 Witcher games for sure in those regards, and the story was damn good too. The intro is also something you'll instantly recognise if you watched the netflix show recently - they obviously watched this cutscene a lot to get a certain fight as accurate as possible. Dont be put off by the visuals, there's a solid game under there, which sadly never got remade on console or even as a remaster of some kind (I wish CDPR would do so at some point, as it really needs it).
  8. I was going to lower the difficulty, but then noticed there was no setting for it, and also when you lose enough it prompts you if you want to lower the difficulty, but I think its only temporary, and will go back to normal at some point. I could be wrong, but you need to lose a lot for that to even happen annoyingly. I got the War God Talisman unlocked last night, which should allow me to destroy most enemies going forward (unlimited heat actions, regardless of heat bar or not). Decided I'm having that after seeing a video of someone just destroy some of the bosses using it, and I was like, wtf? You can just spam the faceplant heat action and they die in like 4 or so of them! Its something at least that should make the last leg a bit more entertaining.
  9. I think my biggest problem is playing Kiwami 2 beforehand, where the combat was actually as enjoyable as in Zero. I was really disappointed in Kiwami 1, where I couldnt really use Beast mode as the enemies just blocked all the time, rendering the entire fighting style useless. Kiwami 2 was like a breath of fresh air, despite only having the 1 style, and by the end of the game Kiryu is practically a god, being able to become invincible in heat mode for example. Then we go to 3, and....jeez, Kiryu is a complete wuss, only able to tickle enemies into submission, even with heat actions! No idea why Sega didnt adjust the damage output of heat abilities at least, as anyone can see its just plain bad, and makes heat actions feel a bit pointless. Add the turtling enemies to this, and its not pretty. If it wasnt for Komaki Parry, and juggling enemies in the back, I'd probably be screwed.
  10. Currently playing through Yakuza 3, and boy the combat is bad. It feels kind of Kiwami 1 bad, but it may actually be worse. All down to the constant turtling that the enemies are doing, which is just plain tedious. Was enjoying the game until the boss' started doing this, and then the mini-bosses as well. It may be due to levelling up so much? I dunno, but it still feels pretty bad. Please tell me 4 fixes this!
  11. The Uncharted Collection is a pretty amazing "freebie". Goat Simulator? Ehhhh. Never played it, and was never that interested in ever trying. Definitely grabbing the former, despite owning it previously.
  12. They could do the Yuuzhan Vong, but I suspect they wont, though it would make for a darker Star Wars series of films I suspect, given the source material. Would also make Palpatine's plan for the Empire make more sense, as it would make it seem like he knew about them, and was planning for it.
  13. I (foolishily) did it on all 3 characters. All I got out of it was an arc helmet for my Titan, which I admittedly needed, that I couldnt get decent stats for anywhere else. Iron Banner is proper rubbish atm as you cant actually get good games with people not playing the objectives and just going for kills with certain weapons, camping heavy, then just quitting if they get their kills done, or dont get the heavy at all in the match. Also the amount of bugs/glitches/exploits happening on almost a daily basis is pretty laughable. Apparently theres an exploit right now with the card shuffle exotic emote that makes most of your character see through, and works in pvp. I mean, does any testing actually happen at Bungie? I dunno why I'm asking, as clearly it doesnt.
  14. If I didnt have too many other games to play, I'd be diving right back into playing The Witcher 1 on PC right now. I hear this has re-ignited (thanks to the Switch version as well) interest in the games again. CDPR must be raking it in.
  15. Just got back from seeing it. Not as bad as I thought it would be, but it wasnt amazing either. My mate turned to me as that scene near the end with Rey and Ren happened and guessed what would happen next, and said "fucking rubbish". We both facepalmed as it unfolded as he had said it would Other than that, not too bad really. I suppose.
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