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  1. Pretty much stagnant. The biggest numbers are on Master Chief Collection. Halo 5 has a relatively small population. Everyone is just waiting for Halo Infinite to drop in the hope it puts Halo back on the map and as popular as the COD’s/Apex/Fornite/Valorant games.
  2. Ikaruga. Always get to the same area only to die. Watch a YouTube video of some godlike gamer and decide, ain’t nobody time for that!
  3. TommyG

    It Takes Two

    Played another few hours with the Mrs tonight. It just gets better and better with the level design and co-op creativity. Graphics on the PS5 are stunning too. Great game
  4. TommyG

    It Takes Two

    Really enjoying this with the Mrs. Some fun puzzles and a decent difficulty curve. Co-op fun/10
  5. Eat your mushrooms, even if you don’t like them
  6. Amazing news about GOW. I’ve never played it until I got the PS5 and I’m slowing making my way through it. It’s already great at 60fps!
  7. Do we know the answer to this question yet... Xbox series X or PS5?
  8. Shroud is playing it on twitch right now.
  9. Can anyone recommend me a decent direct drive make? I had everything fanatec back in the day but sold it all and now want to get back into racing (PC, PS5, Xbox SX)
  10. Ahh that’s a shame I thought I’d stumbled across a cheaper alternative with a 10 star review
  11. I noticed this product won an award on avforums. Is it the same thing as the more expensive Ambilight you’re all using? https://www.avforums.com/reviews/medialight-mk2-flex-tv-bias-lighting-review.18026
  12. I’m in the LG OLED CX club of no other tv is worthy of playing games on
  13. I’m going to play God of War for the first time on the PS5 tonight. One question, performance mode or resolution mode?
  14. I hope this new tradition of posting new consoles and pets continues for all of time...
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