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  1. Gathering Storm contains all the gameplay changes from Rise and Fall, it's just missing the new civs and wonders, so if you just want to buy an expansion that's the one. It's what I did recently until I ended up upgrading to the platinum version anyway. I've also gone back to this recently and sunk many hours into it. Saying that, you can get a steam key for the Platinum version from CD Keys for £26.99 which is everything apart from the new Frontier pass.
  2. Crofty was really good on the radio, always wanted him to move to TV. Now I'd be happy for him to go back to radio and maybe he'd become decent again as James Allen did. Might just be radio is a better place for commentary, often prefer it for football. I just find him tiring to listen to with the constant shouting and at times seems like he's not actually paying attention to what's going on.
  3. JPR


    and that was pre-nerf as well, non of this easy stuff afterwards.
  4. JPR


    I'm not sure how quickly you can do it now, I've seen some saying they've done most of the story in 45 days others saying 400 odd hours, which would make for a very busy 45 days. If you want to go for the original experience call it a year or two and lots of time sat staring at the screen waiting for things to happen, bonus points if you find yourself at 4am trying to get a Japanese player to come and help you finish a mission. I'd assume at the very least you could get Chains of Promathia done in that time which is absolutely worth it. Obviously it's different now as it can be done solo but it was the best time gaming I've had, loved the story, the zones, music and the challenge of it all and sharing it with a group from start to finish. Even if you can't get everything done it's a great world to explore, some beautiful zones with wonderful music. The Blue Gartr is still going and has some useful guides, quickstart and Returning to Vana'diel but still useful for new players. CoP, best expansion, best songs.
  5. The briefest of glimpses but at least it's still going.
  6. Congratulations on your win and all the hard work, here's your <insert Corprate sponsor> <insert country> trophy that could be from anywhere.
  7. JPR


    Somebody still remembers me! Currently a return home campaign going on so I've spent the weekend back in Vana'diel, well minus the hours sorting out macro scripts so no difference there. Amazing how solo friendly it is now. Trusts give me party members whenever I need, I can get an xp/hr solo that I couldn't dream of in the past, already level 81. Some welcome QoL improvements as well, being able to warp between homepoints and call mounts makes life much easier. It's been fun visiting some of the old spots, tempted to pick up the complete edition and sub for a month to finally finish the story. Just like old times. After years of slaughter I've finally made friends with a crab.
  8. See what you mean now, there's only the option to buy the upgrade for myself. Because they've turned the normal version into a personalised bundle for the definitive version you can't gift it via Steam.
  9. Yes, add it to the cart, then when you go to the cart there will be an option to buy it as a gift.
  10. The Starter Edition (base game only) is currently free on PSN until May 26th, comes with 30 days playtime. If you don't have the PS4 version registered to your account, you can add it and also get the 30 days, but you need a PS4 to do it.
  11. Bring back V12s, add some carbon fibre spikes and we might have something here.
  12. Will be closed and that was the most interesting thing, what's left to talk about after that. Cement factories might be closed though which would be a slight plus.
  13. Things are bad enough as it is, let's not start inflicting things like Valencia on the public again.
  14. One more thing, to add to the convolution, for levelling crafters/gathers, don't forget Grand Company Supply and Provisioning. It's a great source of xp, at lower levels you can often get two or three levels per turn in with HQ items. I found it a good way to level multiple things together, would often gather my raw materials and then use multiple crafts to process them for the main craft. It's always worth checking the mogboard for the items as below 50 they're often pretty cheap even HQs. Post 50 things start to get expensive to buy, but usually not too bad to buy materials and craft, can also help find items to craft and gather for profit. Not sure where it is in the other cities but in New Gridania:
  15. That's for something different, what you want is the action collect, turn that on before you start fishing then what you catch will be a collectible. One other thing is collectibles also have different levels, the appraiser will show the minimum rating needed. When you catch something it will tell you it's rating and ask if you want collect it as a collectible. When you're sorted I'd start with the custom deliveries, they give bigger rewards and a good xp source.
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