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  1. The worst thing is…THIS COULD HAVE WORKED! Okay, maybe not entirely turning it into Ballykissangel With Tricorders, but it would have been better than the reheated Liu Cixin story we got. Not everything has to be "the universe will end because poorly-rendered metal tentacles are coming through a hole".
  2. Bulleit is probably also a viable option. Maker's is a wheat-based bourbon, so it'll be sweeter; Bulleit will be spicier due to the rye content. (other great options would be Wild Turkey 101 or Four Roses Single Barrel, both of which I think are readily available in the UK)
  3. I'm viewing this as karmic payback for their years-long crackdown on using gaming GPUs in server hardware.
  4. Elite: quite dull, actually. *avoids brickbats*
  5. No kryptonite in OG Superman (it came from a radio adaptation a few years later). As for 'where's the longevity', I'd suggest that over 80 years of stories suggests there's some mileage in him, even if Snyder doesn't understand the concept one little bit. (ALL! STAR! SUPERMAN!)
  6. Seconding this…though for bonus points, this was my first exposure to LSH, and I started with issues #25-30. Total madness. (Ordered the omni despite owning 1-38 because it's really really good…you just have to hang in there ;). And look, issue #5 was a big deal at the time…but must be 100% impenetrable to new readers these days)
  7. An idle thought I had the other day: does Comcast now own the Spectrum ROM code?
  8. Of course he can - he can issue copyright strikes against them and YouTube will honour those strikes. The person who has the strike issued against them has to appeal. Now, it's likely that a manual review will see the striked video put back up, but Andrews (or any other IP owner) can pursue a DMCA claim that will need to be fought against, incurring financial burden on the person fighting it. Simply saying 'fair use' doesn't mean you're going to win, even with just review footage. This is all DMCA 101…
  9. They were required to post it as terms of the agreement, I believe?
  10. Long-standing member of World of Stuart (ah, halcyon days…at least before Stu went completely off the rails), part of the Be Excellent To Each Other forum, and also a retro YouTuber for the past few years.
  11. So I've been dancing around this today, but you work for a company that is literally an existential threat to WoS (archive.org is a separate matter as it's protected by US Copyright Law in ways that WoS will never be). You'll forgive me if I don't entirely see eye-to-eye that monetisation is a good thing overall.
  12. Which brings us back to point 3: is all this worth it for fucking Horace? Who himself stars in a blatant rip-off of Konami's copyright? Simply because you have the right to do a thing doesn't mean you have to actually do it. Octav1us' videos were not going to harm sales or the viability of a long-moribund character, so why go through all this trouble?
  13. And yet, where was Namco's copyright strike for Ms. Pac-Man's regular inclusion, eh?
  14. In this instance, though, it produces incentives for people to hoover up old IP and insist on removing code from established archives. Plus the recent large injections of cash into the Speccy retroscene have caused huge splits in the community. So I'm not really convinced it's great.
  15. Is money a good thing? The idea that there's gold in there potentially threatens repositories like WoS/Spectrum Computing as people stripmine old IPs.
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