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  1. So, there's just a *touch* of difference here in terms of budget and such, but a good companion piece to this is an old BBC dramatization of the Oz Trial back in 1970s UK:
  2. Ah, that really sucks about Ruegger and the others not being involved.
  3. If you can get hold of it in the UK, the Bulleit Blenders Select (likely a mix of contract-distilled Four Roses and Jim Beam bourbon) is a good upgrade. Wild Turkey's Rare Breed is amazing - probably the best bourbon in its price class - definitely worth a try. It's a bit stronger than Bulleit, mind you (116 proof versus 90).
  4. You'll can also note that Keith Boak, director of Rose / Aliens of London / World War Three (the first filming block of 2005) has never directed an episode of Who since.
  5. I actually have a bit of a soft spot for the Muppets From Space / It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie / Wizard of Oz era. Pepe continues to be great in all of them, and they're just totally bizarre - the CGI dancing chicken in Oz and well, bouncer Beaker:
  6. I *did* win an Egon Fright Features toy from that release! Except in the meantime, my birthday came around and I ended up with two. I'm so sorry.
  7. As somebody who was on the WEF back in the day, this is not that much of a surprise. There was a rumour floating around of a webcam transcript that somebody put up between their girlfriend and Ellis which pretty much touched on the same bases as the stories coming out yesterday.
  8. One thing has always puzzled me - were Speedlock, Alcatraz, et al, really any good at preventing copying? Or did my dad just have a very good hifi setup? Because I never ever had a problem with my tape-tape copying, no matter what the game was…
  9. *googles* Well, I guess carting my toastrack across the Atlantic was not just a bit of nostalgia…
  10. The Amiga Format review mentioned the injury time bug too - so you’re probably right that it got patched out along the way http://amr.abime.net/review_3328. I like to think that Amiga Action gave it 73% in a moment of self-awareness.
  11. The worst thing is…THIS COULD HAVE WORKED! Okay, maybe not entirely turning it into Ballykissangel With Tricorders, but it would have been better than the reheated Liu Cixin story we got. Not everything has to be "the universe will end because poorly-rendered metal tentacles are coming through a hole".
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